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Artifical Grass For Pets

Artifical Grass For Pets

GST unique technologies make our artificial grass for pets become the number ONE choice for individual dog owners, animal lovers, commercial shelters, pet stores and adoption centers.

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Artificial Grass Commercial and Residential Landscape

Commercial & Residential

Are you considering artificial grass for your next commercial project? Or, have you ever thought of turning your lawn into luxurious, water-saving, environmentally friendly paradise? GST’s state-of-the-art products will exceed your expectations.

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Artificial Grass for Playgrounds and Sports

Playgrounds & Sports

Our solutions for playgrounds and sports include special series of artificial grass that certified and tested specifically for high-wear and tear purposes to provide safest and the most realistic looking artificial grass on the market.

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Why GST synthetic turf is the #1 choice of professional athletes
Factors such as this are the motivating reasons behind the GST synthetic turf solutions are setting the standard with innovative technologies specifically developed to guarantee the health and safety of its players. If you combine the practical applications, maintained smoothness, and consistent padding, with the health and safety benefits the cost of the synthetic turf installation goes from expenditure to investment.
FreshCut Scent Artificial Grass

FreshCut Scent

Love the smell of freshly cut grass? With our new FreshCut technology you can experience a sensation of comfort and beauty while enjoying the benefits of a perfectly manicured, gorgeously looking, zero maintenance lawn.

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KoolMax Technology Artificial Grass

KoolMax Technology

GST KoolMax Technology is the latest innovation in the artificial grass industry. During hot summer days when most synthetic turf lawns get overheated, products empowered by KoolMax technologies will stay 15 degrees cooler on average.

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Flo-Rite-Thru Technology Artificial Grass

Flo-Rite-Thru Technology

As a viable solution for pet owners, special requirements of a pet's turf must be met. GST's Flo-Rite-Thru technology brings a whole new paradigm to the world of our hairy friends while keeping a beautiful, maintenance-free lawn to be proud of.

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Global Syn-Turf, Inc. regional centers in USA bring artificial grass close to your home. We are the manufacturer and supplier of the synthetic turf with the largest inventory in the United States. Our manufacturing facilities are currently producing 80,000,000 square feet of synthetic turf products which are being sold to over 60 countries around the world.
Did you know that all GST artificial grass products are eco-friendly and 100% lead-free? They have been tested by the world-renown independent laboratories. We have performed vigorous UV, wear and tear tests on our products to meet the highest standards of synthetic turf industry.
Global Syn-Turf, Inc.

Why Artificial Grass from GST?

  • Partner directly with the manufacturer
  • Huge Manufacturing Capacity
  • Largest Inventory in USA
  • Unique GST Technologies
  • Best Warranties/Insurance in the Industry

GST News and Galleries

Another day, another win for "fake grass"

The University of Kentucky's plan to move to a synthetic playing surface

The British Open Has Started!

The British Open has started with a burst of intensity from the competitors. Rory Mcllroy currently leads at the number one spot in the leaderboard with six birdies and a total score of -6.

Germany wins the 2014 world cup!

Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in the world cup finals! Many viewers thought that Messi would ensure a win for Argentina. The game was exciting to watch. The artificial grass field was a vibrant green color and made the game very amusing to watch.
Artificial Grass | Artificial Grass Business Booming In North Texas!

Artificial Grass Business Booming In North Texas!

Companies that manufacture or install artificial lawns are experiencing a boom in business, due to the drought-like conditions and watering restrictions in many North Texas cities. But the synthetic lawns today aren't the same plastic AstroTurf made popular in the 1970s.
Artificial Grass | California drought worsening: New water restrictions carry penalty of up to $500

California drought worsening: New water restrictions carry penalty of up to $500

As California imposed its first-ever statewide rules to punish water wasters, a new survey showed why state officials say the drastic measures are needed: Californians actually increased their water use amid the worst drought in decades.
Artificial Grass | What is a Dog Run?

What is a Dog Run?

Whether you have a whole pack of poodles or just one dog, dog runs are useful and your hairy friends will enjoy playing and running around in them.
Artificial Grass | Bernhard Langer - The Record Breaker

Bernhard Langer - The Record Breaker

Bernhard Langer received first place in the Senior Open Golf Championship! Global Syn-Turf congratulates him on not only receiving first place, but also breaking over fifteen records as well! Langer's 13 stroke winning margin over his rival Colin Montgomerie was enough to obtain the troph
Artificial Grass | Skyrocketing Water Costs Make Homeowners Switch to Artificial Grass

Skyrocketing Water Costs Make Homeowners Switch to Artificial Grass

A surprisingly high number (80%) of U.S. households have a private lawn. The collective cost on our daily lives is significant. Consumers as a whole annually spend around $40 billion per year to maintain and improve their yard, and the growth accelerates as the U.S. population matures.
Artificial Grass | Artificial Grass Installation in Austin, Texas

Artificial Grass Installation in Austin, Texas

Artificial Grass Installation in Austin, Texas.  Another happy synthetic grass customer!  When you decide to go synthetic turf it will be the smartest and best decision of your life!