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Pet Turf

Global Syn-Turf takes pets and their needs very seriously. Our specially designed Pet Turf Series offers pet owners top-quality turf that is perfect for pets and pet areas of all sizes. Each option is chosen to provide pet owners with exactly what they need for their pet’s preferences and needs. Pet Turf is the perfect alternative surface for pet runs, small deck areas, and sprawling backyards. Made from the finest quality materials, GST synthetic turf is lead-free and durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and rough animal play. GST Pet Turf Series takes into consideration the following important factors when designing turf: the size of the pet, the size of the installation area, the amount of time the pet spends (or will spend) in the designated area, digging and chewing resiliency, escape contingencies, aesthetic preferences of the owner and pet, and finally the overall variety of artificial grass choices. GST guarantees that all pets will have a safe place to explore, play and do their business in the peace of their own designated area.

Each Pet Turf Series turf features Flo-Rite-Thru Technology to efficiently drain water and pet waste to eliminate foul odors and make sure that liquid does not pool on the surface. Puddles of water or urine promote insect breeding and bacteria that can harm pets and pet owners. Flo-Rite-Thru technology is 100% permeable so no matter if it is small amounts of pet liquid or raging seasonal weather there are never messy puddles in your yard. GST artificial grass will also drastically minimize the allergens in your yard that affect the health of you and your pets. Natural grass pollen, pesky insects, and unwanted chemical fertilizers and pesticides will no longer pose hazards to your daily life.

Low maintenance, cost effective synthetic turf adds effortless beauty and value to any home or landscape. Whether a large dog park or small apartment deck, your pets deserve the best quality turf that won’t fray, tear, or pose any hazardous threat to their health. GST takes great pride in the environmentally friendly artificial grass. We strive to create a turf that is not only safe for your pets but safe for other animals and wildlife as well. The problems of trying to maintain a lush, healthy lawn when pets and other animals are invariably digging up grass and creating patchy brown areas can cause homeowners to give up on well-maintained, beautiful landscaping. Also, equipment such as lawn mowers and weed-whackers can be frightening for pets who do not understand what they are or why they are so loud. The benefits installing synthetic turf has on home aesthetics, and the environment is very clear. GST Pet Turf Series will stay green and lush year round and synthetic turf decreases the amount of money spent on excessive lawn watering. Global Syn-Turf Pet Grass Series offers lead-free synthetic turf that is safe for everyone to enjoy. These low maintenance turf options ensure that you can enjoy more time playing with your pet rather than cleaning up after them or unproductively trying to maintain your patchy yard.

Pet Turf

Pet Turf

Emerald Green/Olive Green with Brown/Green thatching.
Pile Height: 1 1/8". Face weight: 50 oz.yd2

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