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Artificial Hrass for football fields


GST products are voted best artificial grass for football fields. They create durable and safe surfaces for players of any caliber. No matter the conditions or climate, GST synthetic turf can withstand excessive use, risk-free. We also provide third-party insurance upon request for a risk-free investment!

Synthetic grass for soccer fields


GST synthetic turf provides excellent drainage no matter the conditions! From floods to accidental water issues, GST fields stand up to the pressure. From professional soccer fields to youth venues, our turf is the perfect choice for your sporting application based on its durability and quality.

Fake Grass for softball fields


Keeping the player safe! GST synthetic grass provides a safe and consistent surface for softball. Want the safest environment for any field and to keep playing the game without interruptions? Try our sport field turf; it passes the test! It is the only way to keep your players healthy and injury-free.

Artificial grass for rugby fields


Keep your rugby field in perfect condition with a soft, durable, and stable under excessive pressure artificial turf. A comfortable, safe, and chemical-free field reduces risks of injury and health-problems and creates a playable environment to satisfy the most capricious players.

Synthetic grass for lacrosse fields


Improving the premier surfaces to make them last not just through the season, but up to 10-15 years, makes more sense if you are in the Lacrosse sport industry. GST artificial field products make it possible to add to the life-span of your turf significantly and reduce the risk of injuries.

Fake grass for the field hockey

Field Hockey

While an ongoing issue in Field Hockey is whether or not to wear googles, a proper field surface is critical for the ball to roll without unnatural tension. Choosing a high quality synthetic turf make the field more playable and creates a safer surface for players to fall and roll.

Synthetic Putting Greens

Putting Greens

Successfully managed putting greens are associated with speed. The GST Putting Green Series provides resilience, smoothness, and firmness that contributes to overall green speed. It gives up to 15 green speed with infill and 9-10 without. Reducing golf course management and maintenance, our putting greens are the number one choice of any professional golfer.

Artificial grass for tennis courts

Tennis Courts

Our advanced synthetic turf provides long-lasting and safe surface options that eliminates maintenance, constant repairs, and cracking associated with standard acrylic courts. It reduces stress on knees and joints, the risk of concussion from accidental falls, provides shock absorption, and creates a lead-free, natural surface for tennis tournaments.

Synthetic grass for baseball


Creating a baseball field that fits regulations can lead to issues if choosing the turf is not done with extra care. Our synthetic products are built to make the field last longer than any other artificial grass products, due to their high durability, drainage, and capacity to handle excess traffic in extreme weather conditions.

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