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Artificial Grass Maintenance

What is your question?

Just like carpet leftovers, depending on the sizes of the leftovers, you can cut the artificial grass into a door mat or mat for your patio area. Or simply roll them up and store them away for future possibilities. If for any reason you need to replace a small section of your turf, you will always have it to use. Again, like carpet, sometimes people ruined their carpet by accident, and they can cut out the ruined area and use leftovers to patch it up. 


In your situation, the only solution is to tint your windows. There are specially made window tinting products from certain reputable companies such as 3M which dramatically cut down the reflecting and minimizing the heat transferring. Window tinting companies who offer such products will provide a guarantee for not melting artificial grass. To have your windows tinted you will kill two birds with one stone: provide better insulation for your house, and not to reflect and melt your artificial turf.


If regular garden hose rinsing or grease remove doesn't work, I will suggest you to get either aerosol refrigerant to spray on the area and then scrape them off; or you can use dry ice on the area and then scrape off. Either candy or gum, when they got cold to certain point, they will lose their viscosity.


Yes, you can as long as the moss killer you are using is not abrasive. Artificial grass fibers are non porous and with a super smooth surface, typically moss won’t even grow on the fibers, but they might find ways in between the fibers or within the regular sand infills. If you have moss growing concerns, I will recommend you to use antimicrobial infills so you will not have to worry about even cleaning off the moss as the chances of moss growing on your artificial grass will be dramatically reduced. Here is the link for our antimicrobial infill product:

Again if you will ever have to use moss killers, please make sure to read instructions carefully and avoid moss killing products that is abrasive.


Getting rid of the smells by vinegar, yes, actually using vinegar will be the least expensive way to get rid of smells from artificial grass. But I am not sure if vinegar will do the cleaning part of the job rather than deodorizing. To clean, you can always use mild soap or detergent, spray with garden hose.


No, absolutely not! You never want to put artificial grass in a washing machine to clean it. 

When it comes to cleaning the artificial grass and it is a very small piece, you can always rinse it off by using a garden hose outside along with mild soap, or to take it into a big utility sink and rinse it off from the faucet along with soap or detergent. 


You sure can! All you need is a razor blade (preferably carpet knife) and a pair of scissors. Artificial grass can be cut into almost any shapes, when cutting them, you will need to be careful not to cut into the stitches as the fibers might get loose, try to cut around the stitches possible. If cutting into the stitches can't be avoid, no worries as long as you know that fibers will fall out, normally losing some stitches won't affect the overall appearance of the turf at all, just seeing some fibers falling off can be a bit annoying. You can always give us call to discuss your applications with our expert team and we can guide you through, we will be very glad to help!


We haven't experienced any issues with slugs going on artificial grass. Overall, the artificial grass doesn't provide any living conditions for pest or slugs. Artificial turf is made of Polyethylene and Polypropylene, or plastic. Such products provide no living environment for slugs to live with. Even though artificial grass surfaces always have infills in them, the infills are either sands or mineral particles which don't provide living conditions for slugs either. So I don't think slugs will live on artificial grass surfaces.

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There are couple of ways of deodorizing urine smells from fake grass, always use a garden hose to spray rinsing the grass with a attached bottle of vinegar, this probably the cheapest way for deodorizing. Or, you can use our Pet Odor Neutralizer, this product is designed to get rid of smells effectively and come in with a garden hose attachment already, simply attach it and spray, you will not only get rid of the smell, but also have a scent of freshly lawn cut. To find out more details on our Pet Odor Neutralizer, please check out this link:


You can get a garden hose attached bottle and fill it with vinegar to spray rinsing the artificial grass to sanitize. Or you can have sanitizer filled into a garden hose attached bottle to spray and sanitize the turf. As you can see that the best way of sanitizing artificial grass is to use garden hose spraying.


Not sure about your question, using a lot of water on artificial grass? You don’t need to use water on artificial turf unless you are talking about to use water spray cleaning the artificial lawn, in any case, I don’t see any good logic or reasons that you have to use a lot of water on your grass.

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No, chlorine won’t damage artificial grass. However you need be aware that chemical and water residues can stick onto grass fibers and create calcium buildups and after certain time period, the turf might start looking whitish: the reality is that nothing wrong with the artificial grass but chlorine residues and water calciums got built up on the grass fibers. When such issues occur, you can use calcium cleaners to rub off these buildups.


It might if you leave the piece completely loose on the concrete. We always recommend to somehow secure the grass into the solid surfaces regardless a permanent or temporary applications before any usages. For permanent installations of turf onto concrete surface, you will need to use turf flies and 1/4” trowel and you need to make sure all edges have full contact with both glue and turf and concrete. For temporary installation, we recommend you to use strong double sided carpet tapes or Velcro along the edges to avoid any tripping hazards.


Yes you can. Please use spray paint on artificial grass sport fields all the time. You need to make sure to choose paint that not harmful and can stick onto plastic surface.


It depends what caused the wrinkles. Most of the wrinkle issued caused by improper installations, to completely get rid of the wrinkles you will need to have your installer to pretty much reinstall the turf by provide solid and secure edging anchors, and stretch the turf correctly and add sufficient infills. If installations not done properly, you might see wrinkles during certain time of the day or during certain month of the year: this is because the turf is moving (expanding and contracting) along with temperature changes. Such movements can be minimized by secured lawn edges, proper stretching and sufficient infills. 


The cigarette will melt the grass fiber, but the grass won't catch on fire. Keep in mind that a lit cigarette can be as hot as more than 1100 degrees F, it will melt or burn anything! So you will need to be careful not to throw lit cigarette onto artificial grass, even though most of the time people don't even notice the melt if not to look closely.


Artificial grass can be installed in any kind of weather conditions, and will hold up really well even bing snowed on. We have our turf all over the county, and we have never had any complains about our grass not holding up to snows. Want to see how the turf looks like in snow? check out this picture:


It depends on the temperature after the rain, if in a warm summer day, the artificial grass will dry up very quickly, especially when there’s some actions on it. In cold weather, it might take a bit longer for the grass to get completely dry. So it is really difficult for me to get any exact timing as the answer will be very different from various temperature conditions.


Technically yes. In this case, you can treat the artificial grass the same as real grass. Reality is that you either blow off or broom off the snows from artificial grass rather than using rock salt unless you have to. The rock salt itself won't damage the artificial grass.


Once a while, you might need to fluff your artificial grass. Here are some basic ways to do that:

1. You can use a turf rake to fluff up your grass. Here is the link for the turf groomer available from Global Syn-Turf-Turf:

2. You can use a regular bristle (more rigid type) push brooms. See an example on this page:

3. You can garden hose or power washer to fluff fake grass as well.

4. Ultimately, you can have your installer or professionals to use a power broom to fluff your artificial grass lawn. Most installers use power brooms at their installations.


A trampoline won't ruin artificial grass, as a matter of fact, a lot of backyard and playground designs have incorporated trampolines with artificial grass and such applications work out great. Here is an example of such application:

We would recommend the followings when having trampoline on artificial grass:

1. Make sure the entire area is big enough

2. You will need to install lawn pads underneath the artificial grass. our lawn pads come in with 3 thickness: 3/4", 1-1/4" and 2-1/2", the thicker of the pads, the better of fall ratings: if you use 2-1/2" thickness lawn pads under the grass, the fall rating is 8 ft., in another word, technically people won't get hurt if fall from 8' height onto the surface. Here is the link for our lawn pads:


It is very easy to remove debris from artificial grass lawns, here are some of my suggestions: 

You can use garden brooms or rakes to remove leaves or light items.

You can use garden hose to rinse off dust or clean off the grass.

You can use blowers to blow items off the lawn, exactly the same way as your landscapers blowing debris off real grass lawns.

You also can use power washers to power spray the turf: an ultimate cleaning solution!

Keep in mind that when you are using your garden hose to rinse off the artificial grass, you can always attach detergent or pet neutralizer to better clean the turf or get rid of pet urine odors.


Sure you can, if you have a chance to browse our galleries, a lot of our artificial grass lawn installations with furnitures on them and they look awesome. I would always remind people that just like carpet, you put furnitures on them for a while, and when you remove them, you will see the marks, so be aware of that artificial turf will be pressed down by the weight of your lawn furniture after a while.


We recommend you to use the rake design for turf, here is the link to the product:

However, if your local stores don't carry this particular product, no need to worry, we have found that most of the leave rakes will work on artificial turf if they work on real lawns. From the installation standpoint, you can always use any regular bristle wide push brooms as well. 


Well, it is not "shedding", there could be two possibilities here:

1. There might be a problem with your artificial grass' anti-UV function. Artificial grass will start to deteriorate if it's UV protection breaks down. This happens when products are not made with proper anti UV additives ingredient. Our products' formula is all tested and proved to be the best on the market as far as anti-UV concerns. When turf starts deteriorating, fibers will break off and you will get "shedding" issues.

2. The artificial grass' tuft bind is not strong enough. The tuft bind is a terminology we use in the industry which refers to how strong the turf glues holding the fibers onto its backing. Turf made with weak tuft bind will have issues of loose fibers and make you think of "shedding". Our products are all made with very strong tuft bind at an average above 45 newton. You can find detailed tuft bind information on each product on this link:


All our artificial grass products are designed and manufactured with excellent drainage capacity, average from 50 inches per hour and up. As we have mentioned in previous postings, should the bases of artificial grass be built properly, our grass can handle the downpour of a hurricane without a problem. You can find the permeability testing report for each of our product from this link:


It is very easy to remove bird poop from the artificial lawn. All you need to do is to use your garden hose to spray them off, pretty much the same way you would remove them on a real grass lawn. 


It depends. Most of artificial lawns require very minimum cleaning if at all. Some of installations of front yard, the grass looks great after several years without any cleaning as traffics are light and not much usages. A lot of artificial lawns actually serve the aesthetic look and design, and not being used as much, so cleaning will be very minimum. As far as cleaning concerns, people normally use blowers and garden hoses, if for a small section, rakes can be used not only to remove articles on the lawn, but also to help standing up the turf. For more details regarding cleaning, please visit this link, under each product, you can find a Maintenance Guide:


You don't have to, one of the key benefits of having artificial grass is to save water. However, from time to time you would like to clean your artificial lawn, it is ok to hose down the grass. 

At the time of installation, most people chose to cap off the sprinklers for the lawn areas as they are no longer needed, occasionally, homeowners chose to leave the sprinklers so they can manually turn them on to rinse off dirt on artificial grass lawn: this idea might sounds good at the time but reality is they never turn on those sprinklers again!


Weed can grow almost anywhere, however, it is very rare for weed to grow on top of artificial grass as the turf surface itself won't have the inhabitants for weeds. Most of our artificial grass designed with drainage holes, sometimes weeds will find their way to grow through the drainage holes also along the edges of the grass, in any case, it won't be nearly as bad as weeds growing in the real lawns. Even though weeds grow through the turf or on the edges, they are very spotty and never in a massive way. Couple things we can do to prevent and dealign with the weeds: 

1. Install a layer of weed barrier under the turf at the installation. You can find details here:

2. Use weed killers to get rid of them or simply pull them out.

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You can use any regular weed killer such as Roundup: just make sure to use mask when using chemicals such as Roundup, it won't hurt the artificial grass, but such weed killers might be harmful for human, so to avoid inhaling or skin contacting of Roundups while using it to kill weeds. It is very interesting that we find more and more people tends to leave the weeds alone as they sometimes present more overall "realistic lawn" look.


Absolutely! Some experienced installers have power washer as their standard installation equipment, after they install the turf and add infills, they will do a power wash on the finished product, not only to clean up the artificial lawn, but also to "brush up" the blades. Being experienced, they will not spray the infills out of turf, mainly power wash the grass fibers.

During the regular use of artificial grass and if you feel like cleaning, you can always use regular garden hose to spray. If power wash, just be a bit careful not to spray the infills out of the turf. 


It is not a good idea to vacuum artificial grass, instead, I will suggest you to use a blower to blow off stuff on the turf. Most of the fake grass installations will have infills in them, so when you use a vacuum, even though it won't damage the turf, but you will likely to suck out the infills. By using a blower, you can get rid of floating stuff on the lawn and you can always rinse things off the grass fiber if you need to have a deeper clean on your grass. 


Normally artificial grass holds up very well, and no need to clean it unless it gets to the point you would like to clean it. I have seen artificial lawns not being cleaned for years and still look great. However, it doesn't mean you don't clean the turf at all if you want to. Cleaning turf can be easy, you can simply use the garden hose to rinse off the turf, or power wash it. You also can use a soap bottle that attached to the garden hose to "wash" the turf first, then use water to rinse it off. If you use a power washer, you want to be careful not to get infills powered out of the turf, one of the cool things you can do when using power washer: you can get the fibers up standing nicely! We do have a simple artificial turf maintenance sheet you can find on this link:


Yes, you can! It is very common that weeds grow at the outer edge of synthetic grass, the interesting fact is that many people leave those small weeds alone, as such weeds make the entire artificial lawn look more realistic!


Areas that have been "matting down/twisting" are not manufacturing related. Such "matting down/twisting" issue shall be caused by usage, traffic or other unknown external forces. Most of our artificial grass products are with engineered blades which provide excellent resiliency. However, like any PE products, the enhanced can absolutely prolong the time frame of fibers "standing up", but depends on usage and traffic, certain areas will lay down sooner than less used and lighter traffic areas. It is always a good idea to rake or brush up the laying down areas when you start seeing it so the fibers won't build up their "memories" for laying down. Sometimes, adding more infills will help as well.


Thanks for your question. The short answer is yes. However, I assume your concern is if fire drops on the turf, what will happen, correct? 

Our artificial grass product is not flammable, you can find such information on this link:

However, I would like to remind you that even though our artificial turf won't catch on flame, but high heat and fire will burn and melt the products. So you will need to be careful while doing BBQ so charcoal or flames or high heat elements won't drop on the turf. 


First of all, you will need to find out exactly what areas: it is very common that turf near sprinkler sprays or other source of waters start change colors after a while: water residues do build up on the turf fibers which "change" the color to "whitish".

Second, how to determine the color change is a water residue build-up? Simply pull out a piece of fiber, scrap it by using your finger tips, the whitish buildup should come right off. 

Can you clean the water residues off? Yes, by using regular non-abrasive cleaners. However, if the sources not being removed, the buildup will come back.

Also, the turf can look whitish if they are matted down which is a purely directional visual reflection and has nothing to do with the turf.


The color of our turf is intrinsic and bleach should not hurt the turf, however, it is always best to test a small area. 


Technically you can. However, the roundup won't be as effective if it can't get through the turf backing to kill the roots. You can pull out the weeds and spray the roundup at the hole where the weeds come through: hose it off if the roundup gets on the turf.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, thank you.


Clean up the surface from debris with leafblowers or rake. Hose off pet waste. To remove any spillage, use regular cleaner, rag or brush, and then rinse with water.

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