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Artificial Grass Laws & HOA

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We have the best artificial grass on the market. All the HOAs who have review process for artificial grass approvals should have our products on their approved list. We haven’t heard or experienced any of the denials of our products by any HOAs nationwide. If you ever have issues with your particular HOA, please feel free to reach us by email (at [email protected]) so we will help to provide all necessary documents and certificates to you or your HOA, thanks.


We haven’t heard any HOA has specific regulations for indoor decorations unless Building structure related. The best approach to your question is to reach out to your HOA directly and ask about it. Again, I will be very surprised that any HOA will have regulars on indoor artificial grass installations. Please let us know if you have any other questions by phone, email or this online form:


As far as I am aware that most of HOA won’t bother to regulate artificial grass installations. Some more restricted HOA might have some rules or regulations for your front yard landscaping, but I haven’t heard any cases that HOA regulate homeowners’ backyards. For state of California which is considered the most regulated among the entire nation, previous governor Jerry Brown has singed a las to prohibit HOA from restricting artificial grass installations. Artificial grass is considered as drought tolerant landscaping options, therefore it is encouraged to be installed with government rebates incentives. Similar incentive programs are also offered in many other states.

Regardless, I will recommend you to double check with your own HOA to find out details. Should you need any further help such as products eligibility or other documents, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form:


It depends and can be different from state to state. As far as I am aware of that HOAs in most of the states are careless about restrictions on artificial grass if the installations to be in the backyard. Some of the HOAs might have rules for front yard artificial grass installations, but in state of California, it is illegal for HOA to restrict artificial grass as it is considered as drought tolerated landscaping and California Law prevents HOAs to set any of their own rules to stop drought tolerated landscaping. I haven't heard HOAs in any other states not to accept artificial turf, but the best approach will be for you to fill out this online form, and we will help you to find out more information regarding this matter, or you can reach out to your HOA to see if there is any specific rules they might have toward artificial grass.


This is a tough question, as we are very familiar with HOAs rules in state of California, but not necessarily all other HOAs throughout the the country. Most of HOAs are very strict with the front appearance of the houses in the community, and can be easy with backyards: so it will be a good idea for you to find out more detailed information and requirements from your HOA, and you can always feel free to send us those requirements at info! and we will be very happy to help you to provide necessary information and answer any questions from HOA. In cases that we have our service team in your area, we can even visit your HOA at their meetings to present our company and products.


Well HOAs are different from one to another. Some of the HOAs have less strict rules. In California, most of the HOAs are ok with artificial grass installations in the backyard without much of information needed. When it comes to the front yard, some HOAs can be more serious about what kind of artificial grass you put in. You can always download all the necessary information for HOAs to review at this link:

And keep mind that it is not legal for the HOAs to decide that you can't install artificial grass in your property! Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law for water conservation in 2015: Assembly Bill 2104. Here is the news link for the bill:


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