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Our artificial grass is designed and manufactured to be pet friendly Which means it is safe for pets to play on with no harm, however the turf never should be pulled, chewed or eaten! Artificial grass is made of plastic and wil cause harm to your rabbits if he/she eats it. Unfortunately, in your situation, you should remove the turf from the cage and avoid it to be eaten. Please let us know if you have any other questions by phone or email: [email protected]


Our artificial grass is designed and manufactured for all kind of dogs, small or large. Our turf is very pet friendly with excellent drainage capacities to make the urine flow through quickly and easily. However, none of the artificial grass products on today’s market meant to be dug, chewed on or swallowed by the dogs. So handling the big dog’s play and traffics without any problems, you won’t want to have your dog to dig, tear, chew or eat artificial grass. Such issues are not often, as most of the dogs don’t have such behaviors on artificial grass, but it is still a good idea for people to keep a close eye on the do’s especially right after the artificial grass being freshly installed, and train the dogs properly if you notice him/her with the above mentioned issues.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions by phone, email ([email protected]) or this online form:


All our artificial grass is pet friendly and free of any harmful ingredients. You can use any of artificial turf for your pets to play on without a problem. We design and make our pet turf to be a bit short with stiffer blades to handle bigger dog activities, even though all our regular artificial grass has already superior drainage systems, Pet Turf doubles that. In my personal opinion, if your application to be a dedicate pet area, you should go with Pet Turf, if your application to be a general lawn area with your pets and human using it, you can go with any of our products without a concern. All our artificial grass has gone through the same testing processes and you can find all these testing results from this link under each individual product:

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form for any further questions:


Our artificial grass products are odorless, when you first get the product, there might be the “new product” smell very much like new car, but will be gone pretty soon. You can have a peace of mind having our artificial grass for your pets to play on. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


Well, this is really a tough question even though the answer can be obvious and easy. Please understand that as the manufacturer of artificial grass, we are not responsible for human or pets to chew or eat our products. This is like any other products on the market such as furniture which are not meant for eating. Our artificial turf is designed and made perfectly safe for human and pets to walk or play on, but not meant for chewing and eating. You will need to make sure to train your pets not to chew, eat or swallow artificial grass. I will recommend you to check things out if your pets accidentally swallow any artificial grass and showing symptoms of discomfort or sickness. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions by phone, email or this online form:


Our artificial grass is absolutely safe for human and your pets, it won’t be a problem for your pets to play on it all day long. One caution I always give to all pet owners is that even though the artificial grass is perfectly safe to be walked and played on, they are made of plastic resins an not meant for chewing or eating or swallowing by people or pets. So if you would leave your pets playing on the artificial grass surface for a long time, please make sure that they won’t chew or eat artificial grass. Fur any further questions or concerns, please call, email or fill out this online form:


I don’t think dog will ruin any artificial grass as they are all designed to be pet friendly. However, for artificial grass putting greens, you will need to be careful with the dogs on it for the following reasons:

1. Artificial grass putting greens are designed for golf putting, a rather dedicated surface to simulate the real putting greens which has functions of ball speed, smoothness and consistencies. For dogs to play on it, especially when dogs are digging or chewing on it, it might destroy the original functions of a putting greens. I don’t see any issues for dog walking on it though, which is the same as normal human traffic.

2. It won’t be a good idea for dog to do their business on an artificial grass putting green surface either. Even though all our putting greens have drain holes, but to keep the it hygienic and clean is equally important for the purpose of having a putting green.

3. Larger dogs with big and sharp nails can catch on the fibers of artificial grass putting greens which can cause the inconsistency of ball movements once fibers been tore. This is also echo my previous point.

We have the best artificial putting greens on the market, and offer free consultations, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or fill out this online form for any further questions or concerns:


Our artificial grass is safe for all animals and human. We have to acknowledge that majority of homeowners’ artificial grass applications are for dogs, but it doesn’t mean the turf is not ideal for any other animals or pets. Given the fact of certain pets can be big and destructive, more secured installations might be necessary. Many people have different type of pets, I will recommend owners of pets other than dogs or cats to reach out to our experts for further instructions before making any commitments. When contacting us by phone, email or this online form:, please provide us with some details about your pets and your project, so we can better assist you on the best artificial grass choice along with installation instructions.


This is a great question! Artificial grass is as clean as you can get for your pets to play on. Our artificial turf surface has no dirt or soil associated with which provide an excellent playing surface for your pets. Actually the pets applications is one of the main advantages artificial grass offers. Not like real grass which can get really dirty, messy or muddy with rains or water, artificial turf will never have that problem, you can literally have your pets play on the turf in the rain or right afterward, the surface might get a bit wet from the residues on the turf blades, but at least the surface will be clean and free of mud. 

I can't think of anything else will give you the benefits to your pets than artificial grass, you should feel free to have it installed and you will be happy when you see how much your pets enjoy it. We offer free consultations, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or fill out this online form:


This a good question! Here are the main advantages of Pet Grass besides it is specially designed for pets:

1. Pet Turf has excellent drainage capacities, 2-4 times more than regular artificial grass which ensures dog urines drain through the turf quickly and completely.

2. We design Pet Turf to be shorter than regular artificial grass so make it easier to clean up any droppings and rinse off, also reduce the chances of dogs to chew or pull.

3. We use one of most durable fibers to make Pet Turf the strongest possible given the fact of your dogs play and do their business on it. 

There are more to it, but the above are the main advantages for our Pet Turf artificial grass. You can always feel free to reach us via phone, email or fill out the online form to get connected with one of our experts for your further questions or concerns:


Technically you can, however, using baking soda on large areas of artificial grass might not be your best practical option. I assume that you have an outdoor installation, if so, using garden hose along with an attached bottle filled with vinegar and spray down the smelly areas, and you are set! Using vinegar is probably the most inexpensive way for the dog urine solutions. If your budget permits, you can always choose our Pet Odor Neutralizer, it will not only get rid of the smell, but also give off a fresh grass cut scent which is very pleasant. To find out more on our Pet Odor Neutralizer, please visit this link:

We are here to help, if you have any other questions or concerns, you can always reach us via phone, email or filling up this online form:


You got a good question. As we all know that some dogs tends to have bad habit to chew and dig on things such as furnitures, carpet, dirt and etc.. Artificial grass itself won't prevent your dogs from digging, and I definitely worry about the fact of your turf being damaged by your dog or it can hurt your dog if he chews or eat the grass. Even though our artificial grass is designed and made with excellent pull strength, but if your dog keep at it, the turf will get damaged. The only suggestion I have for you is to train your dog not to dig or chew or eat the artificial grass at this point. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach to us directly via phone, email or online form:

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Our artificial grass is perfect for your dog run, it is safe, clean and requires minimum maintenance! The dog run areas normally is small, and I can't imagine dog owners to leave dog on dirt, or plant a small part of real grass for dog runs given the fact of water it and maintain it: You have your dogs on it after you water the real grass as when it is wet, it is muddy and messy; for such a small area, you still need to bring in your big lawn mower to cut the grass periodically: what a hassle! If you ever forgot to keep up with the grass, it will grow tall and messy making it so difficult to pick up dog's droppings. Artificial grass will eliminate all the above issues if you use it for dog run: you always have the green area for your dog, easy to clean and pick up dog's poos, and simply garden hose off when you need to really clean it. To get rid of smells, you can use vinegar or our Pet Deodorant that you can find on this link:

Another tip is that when you are installing your dog run with artificial grass, use our zeolite infills which can help neutralize the dog urine smells from time to time. Here is the link:

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In my opinion, all of our artificial grass products are suitable for dogs, you can use any type of our turf products for you lawn applications which will be good for your dog to play on. If you want something specifically for dogs, Pet Turf will be the best choice as it is designed and manufactured with just pets in mind: far superior permeability for dog urine, shorter yet durable fibers which makes it easy to clean off and harder for dogs to pull. If installed with zeolite infills, you will have less worries about getting bad smells. Here are the links for our Pet Turf and Zeolite infills:

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If your installation was done properly to start with, it will be difficult for your dog to ruin the grass that easily. It also depend on how big is your dog. A big powerful dog can tore up almost anything. When the installation was done correctly with nails every 4-6 inches apart along the perimeters of your turf, your grass should be very securely affixed to the ground. However, if your dog keep pulling on it consistently, I am afraid that the edges will getting loose up and eventually fail. So the only way I can think of is to train your dog not to pull the artificial grass, not to chew and not to eat it. 


Technically you can use artificial grass for kitty litter, the product won't hurt and not harmful, but I doubt it will work well for your cat. It is very natural for dogs to do their business on grassy surface, it might not true for cats, I personally think the traditional kitty litter will work better, this is just my own opinion.


I personally don't know if anyone has used artificial grass for chicken nesting boxes, but technically you can use it. Our artificial grass is designed and manufactured with harm to human and animals and is safe for applications around animals. 


Artificial grass is made of polyethylene and polypropylene materials, and the fibers are not porous, so the dog urine won’t be absorbed into the fibers therefore turf won’t be discolored or faded by dog urine, there might be residues on the grass surface which can be easily rinsed off leaving the colors in good state. 


I have never seen artificial grass applications for fish tanks, this is truly an interesting and unique question. It is obvious that you can use artificial turf outside the tank, but to use it inside a fish tank, we are not sure about it and at this point, we won't recommend you to use it inside the fish tank only because we haven't done any testings for this application and won't know how soaking the turf inside a fish tank will affect the fishes inside.


Artificial grass is made of plastic, which is not something animals or pests would enjoy. So the answer is no. I haven't experienced any cases of our artificial grass being eaten by rabbit or any other animals. 


All our artificial grass products have gone through rigorous wear and tear testings before we bring them onto the market. The test method we use is "Lisport", and most of our products last more than 10,000 cycle or more. Therefore, our turf is very durable and can handle dog activities without a problem. However, the word "digger" is a concern in your questions, even though our products are durable to handle regular traffic and activities, but it is not meant for "digging" or "chewing" or "eating". I think you will need to train your dog for not to do such things on any artificial grass or any surfaces as abusive behaviors such as digging will damage the artificial grass.

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You sure can. Our artificial grass products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it will be very ideal to have it for an aquarium as it functions well even gets a bit wet. When installing turf indoors permanently, you can use regular turf glues: 

for secure and stable results. Depends on the traffic, you can choose any products of your preferences by visiting to our product page: If your installation to be temporary, you can use double sided carpet tapes or velcro to secure the artificial turf down on the sub floor.

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Gophers won't be likely to destroy the artificial grass, but can definitely cause damages and ruin the installations: In areas where gophers is a known issue, we recommend installers to use gopher wires as a layer of installation underneath the grass. Not often that gophers will get through the turf itself, but they will dig out holes under ground and create lumps and dents on the artificial lawn surface which will make your grass looks bad. I haven't heard any cases of gophers come through the turf, but I do see issues of gophers' activities under ground create terrible looks on artificial lawn surfaces. When installing the gopher wires, you would like to put it before you are building your sub bases to prevent gophers from going into the sub bases. For more details and how to install gopher wires with artificial grass, please go to this link:

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Technically speaking, all of our artificial turf products are good with pets. We design and manufacture turf products with pets in mind! All fibers are strong and resilient and most of drainage designs can can handle dog urine effectively. Just to name a product would be easy: Pet Turf. This is a product with shorter blades, which make it easy to clean up and a bit difficult for dog to pull and chew on. The shape of the fiber is "U": one of most durable engineered blade design, drainage on this turf is superb for urine discharge. If installed with zeolite infills, nothing can go wrong with this product for your pets. Here are the links for Pet Turf and Zeolite infills:


It might but rarely. Our artificial turf is designed to drain exceptionally well, sometimes the dog urine residues can stay and might have smell to it especially in hot dry weather conditions. If it is ever the case, you can easily take care of by spray with vinegar or our Pet Odor Neutralizer:


In reality, we don't come across dog smell issues as often. Our artificial grass drains so well, and if installations were done properly, the dog smell situations can be minimized early. Here are some suggestions I have to prevent, minimize and get rid of dog smells:

1. At the installation, use Zeolite as artificial turf infill, some people even go extra miles by putting a layer of Zeolite underneath the turf. Zeofill serves as an agent to neutralize urine odors, you can find the details regarding this product here:

2. Use a hose garden attached bottle filled with vinegar and spray down the smelly areas, or

3. Use our Pet Odor Neutralizer to attach onto a garden hose to spray down the smelly areas, this product will not only get rid the dog smell, but also provide a fresh cut lawn scent. Here is the link:


Absolutely! One of the best benefits of artificial grass is that it is perfect for dogs to play on and do their business on. All of our turf products have excellent drainage capabilities and great for dogs, a lot of our end users are dog owners and they all see how great the turf system works for their loved ones. We also offer products to help with dog pee such as zeolite infills which can absorb or neutralize the urine smell, here is the link for detailed information on this product:

Also, we offer product to use with your garden hose spray on to the turf to get rid of urine smell and give you fresh new cut lawn smell, here is the link for our Pet Odor Neutralizer:

People also often ask what should I do if dogs poo on the grass, the answer is simple: pick it up as you do on the natural grass, you can rinse off the turf should you need to clean it.


This is a pet training question. So dogs tend to dig on certain surfaces including both artificial turf and real grass. Even though we make our products at high tuft bond: the strength of hold the turf fibers in place is very high, at an average of 8 newtons, but with consistent digging and pulling, turf's integrity will become weaker over time. More importantly, no one would want the dogs to chew or eat artificial grass regardless of the fact of our turf product is 100% safe for humans and animals. We design and manufacture our turf to be safe for people and pets to contact and play on, but not to chew, eat, digest and swallow. Like any other safe products out there, safety does not refer to be damaged by external force and abuse. So the suggestion is to train your dogs not to pull, dig or eat turf. I personally have a German Shepard, I have to train him before he stops messing up with the turf. 


Yes, Pet Turf will be our top recommendation for your application! This artificial grass come in with special design fiber forming a "U" shape which is very durable and help the flow of dog's urine as well. Being an unique fiber design, this turf also looks natural as its "U" shaped blades reflect light differently than a flat surface. Most impartially, this Pet Turf has a great drainage system, it drains more than 12 feet of water per hour! Besides durability and drainage, we have made this product short and dense which not only make it easy on your dogs' feet, but also make extreme easy when it comes to clean it. We recommend to use our deodorizer to spray down the area whenever necessary, you can fined the details on the spray product by clinking on this link:

Simply attach it to a regular garden hose, and spray! It gives a fresh lawn smell and sweep away the dog smells!


The urine will flow right through the turf, exactly as it does on natural grass. 


Hi Linda! Thank you for your question. No need to use any chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach, or high acid or alkaline chemicals on synthetic turf. Just rinse it with water. To neutralize smells, you can use Pet Odor Neutralizer. It's a live liquid enzyme, non-toxic, has over 150 billion microorganisms per gallon and quickly dissolves odors/bacteria. Pre-wet surface; shake the bottle well before use. Attach the nozzle to the water house, and rinse the surface; it dilutes 2 oz per gallon of water.  

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