Artificial Grass Specifications (Specs)

Architect & Design Library: Explore our comprehensive collection by clicking on each product. Access and download detailed specifications, certifications, CAD drawings, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), warranty information, and installation guides. Also available are care and maintenance instructions to ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your selections. This library is your one-stop resource for all necessary documentation and insights into our product range, crafted to assist in informed decision-making and seamless project execution.

All Natural-75
C Blade-92
Cashmere 40
Cashmere 52
Cashmere 70
Cool Blue Hollow Lime
Cool Blue Hollow Olive
Double S-72
Double W-85
Emerald-92 Stemgrass
Full Recycle-60
Full Recycle-91
High Sierra
Natural Blend
Olive-92 Stemgrass
Pet Turf
Premium M Blade-60
Premium M Blade-80
Pro Putt-44
Putt-46 BiColor
Putt-60 Bicolor
Riviera Monterey-50
Riviera Monterey-65
Riviera Monterey-84
S Blade 50
S Blade-66
S Blade-90
S Blade-90 Green on Green
Sierra Pro-70
Sierra Super 94
Star Grass-35
Super Natural 60
Super Natural 80
Super Natural LITE
Trainers Turf-63
Trainers Turf-63 Black
Trainers Turf-63 Blue
Trainers Turf-63 Terracotta (d)
Trainers Turf-63 White
U Blade-60
U Blade-80
Ultra Real
W Blade-60
W Blade-80


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