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There are several ways of making artificial grass products, the most popular methods is “tufting” and most of our turf products are tufted. We also use “knitted” technology to make turf products and such method provide a fully permeated backing and hence named “flo-rite-through”. However, due to the high cost of such production and size limitations, we have not been actively prosecuting knitted products in recent years. All our our tufted turf products have great drainage capacities, on average, our artificial grass product can drain 50-100 inches per hour which can handle more than 5 times of the downpour from a category 5 hurricane. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, by phone/ 877 796 8873 or by email: [email protected], thank you.


Geotextile is an alternative name for artificial grass backings, it is more of general term referring to textile sheeting type which can be made of many different type of materials. In artificial turf industry, we tend to be more specific by simply naming the materials of such geotextile, foe an example namely polypropylene. Please let us know by phone (877 796 8873) or email ([email protected]) if you have any further questions, thank you.


Silica sands are measured by mesh sizes, the bigger the mesh number the smaller of the sands in diameters individually. By that said, the #60 mesh sands are finer than #30 by half of the particle size. We recommend to use different sized sands for different type of artificial grass applications. In general, #16-20 mesh sands to be used for most landscape turf products, either #30 or #60 mesh sands to be used for putting greens as the fibers on putting green products are very tight and the smaller the particles the easiler to be brushed in. If you have any other questions specifically related to your project, please contact us by phone: 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], or simply fill out this online form:, thank you.


The main benefit of lower faceweight is the cost: the lower the faceweight, the less materials being used and the cost will be relatively lower. On the other hand, one of the key goals of manufacturing artificial grass is to make it as realistic as possible, by that said, it is not necessarily true that the heavier the faceweight, the better the product: the better product should be a perfect combination of decent faceweight and realistic. 

Please feel free to contact us via phone: 877 796 8873 or email: [email protected] if you have any further questions, thank you.


I have a detailed answer to your question in one of my previous postings, please visit this link: Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you.


Our shockpad for artificial grass application is made of combination of PE (Polypropylene) and POE (Polyolefin elastomers) through a forming process. So the product looks like “foam” with drainage cutouts and offer a great way to provide cushioning for turf. Our shockpad products come in with different roll sizes with a set width of 5’ at 10’, 25’ and 200’ length that suitable for various sized applications. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have more information or samples, you can reach us by phone: 877 796 8873 or email: [email protected] or this online form, thanks:


Polypropylene and Nylon resins are both raw materials can be used for making artificial grass. I wouldn’t make comments on the differences between these two materials themselves here, rather, I will briefly explain the differences of the artificial grass products made by Polypropylene and Nylon:

1. Products made of Polypropylene are bit softer and more flexible and less expensive in both raw materials cost and manufacturing cost. 

2. Products made of Nylon are more durable, and resist much higher heat with higher cost on both raw materials and manufacturing. Besides being hard/coarse which make it less acceptable to substitute real grass, another main advantage of Nylon turf is that the blades are porous which means colors and smells can be absorbed with no way to remove.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions by phone: 877 796 8873, or email: [email protected], thank you.


Woven backing artificial grass products were made by a manufacturing process name “knitted” which is a very old way of producing carpet or turf products with very low efficiency and production output. Almost all of our current turf products are “tufted” instead of “knitted” due to above reasons, and we have discontinued our knitted turf products (or woven backing products) about three years ago and they are not currently available, however, there still might be some old information on some reference pages of our website that hasn’t been taken down yet. If you have any other questions, please call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at: [email protected], thank you.


As the artificial grass manufacturer, we do not offer onsite testings ourselves, however we can help you to make arrangement on such inquiry. Please fill out this online form with you detailed contact and project information and one of our experts will reach out to you to help you further, thank you:


In my opinion, face weight of artificial grass products matters regardless the application. The face weight of an artificial grass product is one of the key specifications showing how much materials used: the higher the faceweight, the more of the materials and more dense and tends to be last longer which is a simple interpretation of law of physics. However, artificial grass should not be all amount faceweight, it should be a balance of faceweight, realistic look and feel and cost: we call such a balanced combination “value”. We guarantee that our artificial grass products offers the best value on the market, even products lower faceweight will last you a long time to meet the most stringent application requirements. 

For any further questions, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], or fill out this online form to get a quote, thank you:


We don’t offer any of the bulk products that used for artificial grass sub base. People normally get such bulk products from local landscape products suppliers. As far as I know that some installers use the top soil for the top layer of the turf sub base buildup which goes underneath the turf. The typical sub base installation has two layers: drain rock and decomposed granite or sometimes top soil which needs to be coarse enough for drainage purpose, too fine of the top soil can be too dense to drain water properly. 

Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions by phone (877 796 8873), or email ([email protected]) or simply fill out this online form, thank you:


Most of our artificial grass fibers are engineered to certain shapes which help to reflect sunlight and reduce the heat absorption. Among all our turf products, I will say the “W” or “M” shaped fibers will do a little better job to reflect the lights in my opinion. You will fins such fiber profiles in products such as our WBlade series, Riviera Monterey series, Double W series, Premium M series and Full Recycle series. To learn more details about these products, please visit this link:

Please let us know if you have any other questions by phone (877 796 8873) or email ([email protected]), or fill out this online form:


You are perfectly right about the flammability testing: our artificial grass is not flammable! Each test goes through 8 steps and our turf won’t catch on fire on any step and rated “excellent”. You can find the details of our testing on this link:

By clicking on each product, all testing date will show up. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email ([email protected]) if you have any further questions.


In my opinion, the density of artificial grass always matters regardless you are first time buyer or not. It is one of the key factors of turf which indicates the amount of raw materials used and resilience level: it is simply the law of physics that the thicker of the product, the more resilience you will get. However, we have engineered our products to be at the best possible level that achieving the resilience or durability yet still not to waste much of the materials. By that said, people might not notice much of the difference when choosing our products with different density if no close attentions paid on them. Our S Blade series have the perfect density level, and you are definitely looking at one of the best artificial grass on the market. Honestly, you won’t need to know much about the densities if SBlade is the product lines you consider, you will be enjoy any product on this series for a very long time.

Please let us know if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


We have a previous post of answers for the definition of Dtex of artificial grass, please visit this link for details:

As far as how the Dtex will be a factor for your decision making to choose an artificial grass product, this is the general plain rule of thumb for you: the higher the Dtex, the thicker the fiber. So if you would like your artificial grass to be thicker which means more materials and heavier and therefore should be more expensive, you will want to go with higher Dtex, vice versa. 

Please do not hesitate to call or email us or fill out this form if you have any further questions:


Artificial grass is made by different production batches, each production batch is being referred as “dyelot” in the industry term. Even though all formulas are the same, exact same product can be slightly differently in color shade from production to production: this is the nature of making artificial grass which is exactly the same for carpet. People won’t be able to notice the difference from different production batches (or dyelots) until they put them next to each other. Therefore, it is extremely important to order the same dyelot of products for the same project especially when you have to piece turf together. However, if your projects are apart from each other, you can surely use different dyelots: for an example, you can use one dyelot for you back yard and another dyelot for your front yard.

Please let us know if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


Global Syn-Turf is the company to pioneer engineered blades technology on the market! As you can see that we name our majority of products with the blade names. Ever since we introduced engineered blades, we have enjoyed a huge success with these revolutionary products, then like everything else, people started to copy and there are counterfeits on the market, but nothing is comparable to the real solid originals. What is engineered blade? We make the yarns in different shapes instead of simple flat and here are some key benefits of engineered blades:

1. They are more resilient, durable than flat fibers so your artificial grass lifespan get prolonged.

2. Engineered blades stands up better and less likely to be matted down easily. Even it gets matted down eventually, but much more longer before flat fibers do.

3. Shinny plastic looking has been a problem for artificial grass from day one of its birth, engineered blades reflecting light from different angles to make the overall appearance much more realistic.

You can find all our product lineups from this link and you will notice that all of our products come in with engineered blades, simply the best you can find on the market:


This is a really good question and also technical! The Dtex is a measuring unit from the textile industry, it is the direct measurement of the yarn’s linear density by grams (0.035 oz) per 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). By that said, the higher the Dtex number the thicker of the yarns used for artificial grass, and therefore, it can be more expensive as more materials being used. High dtex yarns have higher standard requirements for manufacturing equipment and also make it not more difficult to produce turf with lower hourly outputs which can also be considered for higher production costs. 

There is no absolute industrial standard for Dtex values for artificial grass overall, manufacturers can make whatever type of yarns at their wish, but for consumers it is always good to have the knowledge about such technical terms and make good purchasing decisions. There are a lot of really cheap low Dtex products out on the market now days especially on the internet, the prices can be very attractive, but they barely made to be even grass in my opinion, nothing but green colored thin yarn be put together: I guess you get what you are paying for in such cases. Global Sy-Turf is the tip artificial grass manufacturer in the world, all our products designed and made to last a long time. In term of Dtex, measured by each stitch (which normally consists of 20 strings of individual yarns), our product’s Dtex starts from 9000 up to 18000! Law of physics, the thicker of the material, the better of the resilience and durability: it is all about quality! More importantly, even with the best products in the industry, our pricing is also extremely competitive through our distributors and dealers nationwide. Of course, it is a combination of different technical values to make a superior product and the Dtex valve of the yarns is just one of those contributes.

We offer free consultations on all artificial grass related questions and concerns, simply let us know by phone, email or this online form:


The stitch counts for artificial grass is a technical term which measures how many stitches of fibers per square meter: such term only apply for turf that made by using tufting machines. The more of the stitch counts of an artificial grass, the thicker is the product, meaning more fibers. The stitch count is determined by the gauge and stitch rates of the grass: the gauge the distance between the two rolls of stitching lines next to each other, very common gauges are 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4”; the stitch rate is how many stitches per 4”, normally starting at 10 go all the way to 20 on regular grass and to 40 for artificial putting greens. So the higher of the stitch count, the closer the fibers which make the artificial fuller, thicker (or more dense). While it not necessarily more expensive for higher stitch count products if the fiber being short. In another word, the combination of higher stitch count and taller fibers will definitely be using more materials and slower to make which certainly make such product more expensive. 

Please feel free to reach out to us for any other questions or concerns by phone, email or this online form, we are here to help:


It depends on the type of artificial grass, the weight a full roll can be different. Artificial grass face weight determines the weight of a full roll, the higher of the face weight on a type of grass, the heavier of a roll will be. In general, artificial grass is bulky and heavy: they come in mostly at 15’ width and 75’ or 100’ in length, and our artificial grass face weight averaged from 35 oz to 100 oz per square yard. By that said, the roll weight of a typical full roll of turf ranges from 700 lbs to 1100 lbs. You definitely will need lifting equipment or strong manpower to handle them. We can provide all the weight information on any roll sizes of your request, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or simply fill out this online form for any questions regards to your artificial grass interests, thank you:


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