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Artificial Grass Terminology

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There are two components for artificial grass backing: 

1. Primary backing: this is the cloth that artificial grass fibers to be tufted onto. We use polypropylene primary backings for all of our turf products. More importantly, we use two layers of such materials to enhance the stabilities and durabilities of our products. 

2. Secondary backing: Once turf being tufted onto the primary backing, all fibers are loosely attached, in order to secure them from falling out or been pulling out, we use polyurethane glue to glue the fibers onto the primary backing. Polyurethane glues are very ideal for this application, as it will not react to moistures and have great binding power to hold fibers in place for years to come.

Dtex stands for Decitex, a term in textile industry for measuring yarns, the unit measures how many grams per 10000 meters, so it refers to mass or weight of the grass yarn. If all grass fibers are visually similar in size, the higher of the DTex number of a grass yarn, the heavier and densier it is. For an example, if the Dtex for a grass is 8000, it means the weight of a single piece of yarn at a length of 10000 meters weighs 8000 grams.

Artificial grass engineered blades are the invention of Global Syn-Turf! We are the first manufacturer to bring engineered blades into the market: That is why we have named a lot of our products with the names of the blades, such as S Blade, U blade, W Blade and etc. 

Instead of having the artificial grass blades flat, we have made them into different shapes, to name a few as "S", "W", "U", double "W", double "S", "Hollow" and etc., once blades being made with different shapes, we call them "Engineered". 

What are the benefits of engineered blades?

1. Engineered blades reflect light differently than a regular flat blade: instead of reflecting lights from a flat surface, engineered blades reflect lights from a line or a point. Visually, the overall appearance of the lawn will be less "shinny" and more realistic. And the turf itself will absorb less heat so it won't get as hot as a flat fiber!

2. Engineered blades will help the turf to stand up better! law of physics: imagine how a straw can stand up batter than a flat sheet! The trick is how to make these artificial grass with engineered blades but still provide excellent feels to the touch which Global Syn-Turf's engineers have done a great job with. Our engineered blades are the very original in the marketplace, and still the best your can find!


The face weight (or pile weight) is the weight of the turf pile per square yard measured in ounces. It should not be confused with the total weight as it includes the weight of the backing. Face weight is used to determine the turf durability.


Gauge is the distance between the yarns of synthetic turf. Technically, it indicates the number of needles per inch across the width of the tufting machine. Gauge is referred to density. The higher this number, the denser the grass.


Pile height is the height of the synthetic turf blade in inches from the backing to the tip. In specifications, the pile height can be given in fractions of an inch, for example, 3/4'', or in decimal fractions of an inch, for example, 2.625 inches. Synthetic turf pile height ranges from 0.5 inches for gold putting greens to 2.625 for landscape application. Longer, thicker grass looks more lush and natural.


Stitches count refers to the number of stitches per square meter. To calculate the stitch count, multiply the turf gauge by the number of stitches per meter. For example, if the turf gauge is 3/8 and the stitch rate is 14/10, 105 by 140 equals 14,700 stitches per square meter.


Stitch Rate is the number of stitches per inch in the length of synthetic turf. For example, the stitch rate of 14/10, means there are 14 stitches in 10cm.

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