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Global Syn-Turf is the leading manufacturer and supplier in the artificial grass industry in Maryland. We offer exclusive, top quality synthetic turf, cutting-edge technologies, durability and the best, 15 years guarantee on all our products. From our warehouses in Maryland, we can deliver products faster than any other supplier of synthetic grass.

Global Syn-Turf is not a one-size-fits-all synthetic turf company. We’ll help you create a plan for your residential or commercial project that works for your timeframe, budget, and design needs.

Ever since we rolled out the first Global Syn-Turf artificial grass, we've built quality into every product we make. We continue that tradition today with revolutionary product innovation, award-winning design, and a talented team dedicated to outstanding service. We're proud to lead the industry as a trusted brand in alternative landscaping products in Maryland.

We're dedicated to running our business in the best way we can, and to make a positive impact in our communities in Maryland. It's all part of our mission to create innovative products that make life better… and to bring you the best lawn possible.

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Synthetic Lawn Installation in Maryland

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As far as artificial grass lawns go, East Coast and Midwest is at least five years behind west coast, and the rest of the country is even further behind. Why? The western states are either in a desert zone, like Arizona and Nevada, or in a drought, like California. Drought and desert climate have been the main driving force of the artificial lawns market in western states. On the east coast along with the rest of the country, to a lot of synthetic lawn installation companies, it is all about educating and informing individuals and the public of what is available. Most just do not know, mind sets on the east coast goes back to grand-mother's front porch products, just do not know unless you are in the industry. Companies need to inform their staff, rather than sales, educate and inform the sale with be the by-product. The market potential for artificial lawns is huge and the sky is the limit on the opportunities.

Water conservation can be a concern in many east coast states and anywhere else. Climate changes like longer and colder winters and the fact of ground water being contaminated in a futile attempt to keep fragile natural grass alive and gas powered mowers putting out more carbon monoxide than our automobiles, our uninformed consuming public needs to listen and take heed to what synthetic grass can do to help our environment with demonstrative Green Benefits and beautification of landscape as a real solution. Leading artificial grass manufacturers, like Global Syn-Turf, Inc. has been very passionate about their amazing products and continue to educate the uninformed media and general public at every opportunity. The company believes the artificial grass industry will continue its growth at a rapid pace nationwide for a number of reasons, the time element regarding maintenance, the flexibility of the product range particularly where there are access or climate-related issues and the fact that once it's down you have 'instant green' - surely a factor for a lot of folks in these busy times.

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Pet Grass Installation in Maryland

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More than eighty percent of people who are interested in artificial grass are dog owners! Why? Most dogs will have an area in the yard that they choose to use when they relieve themselves, which will ruin the nature grass and creating ugly looking brown spots, before synthetic grass, there is almost no real solutions for this problem. In general, artificial turf drains well and pet messes can be cleaned up easily. Leading artificial grass manufacturers like Global Syn-Turf,Inc., has developed petgrass with unique features such as a knitted flow-through backing, durable blades and antimicrobial protection. Such premium products have become the ideal surfacing option for kennels, dog boarding and pet facilities, dog parks, and vet clinics, both indoors and out. Most of the professional petgrass installers will suggest to use organic and environmentally safe Zeofill on to the artificial grass as the urine neutralizer which will minimize the dog odor naturally. Dont worry if you have a pet odor problem, attach your garden hose to Synthetic Grass Pet Odor Neutralizer bottle and spray, the smell will be gone! Such products are available through such artificial grass companies as Global Syn-Turf, Inc..

To keep your pet's area clean and odor-free, a properly installed under-drain system is very critical. A proper base system should be about 3-4 inches: 2 - 2 inches of drain rock, compact to 90% and 1 11/2 inches of either class II road base or decomposed granite compact to 90%.

Such base surface should be as level as possible with a slight grade for optimal drainage. "We all love our dogs, provide them with the best: low maintenance and long lasting artificial grass!" David Maronic, Vice President of Global Syn-Turf, Inc. made the comments at a home show in Orange County, California.

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Putting Greens in Maryland

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Recently, artificial putting greens have been accommodated by lots of professional golfers within their own back yards. Bernhard Langer, the two time master winners, is among the latest golf stars to have putting greens and synthetic grass . "Bernhard never imagine that I was able to have the manicure appearance of golf green here right in my back yard!"

Compare that with a mean of $8-$12 per square foot for a routine artificial turf yard, and a backyard putting green looks like an excellent deal really given the use you will get from it.

When designed with originality and a spirit of enjoyment, a backyard putting green may be a popular gathering spot for family and friends to appreciate one another's business and the joy of the outside for a long time in the future. The answer is completely! These are two major kinds of artificial putting greens in the marketplace, the entirely in filled slitfilm kind will receive chip short pants and putting speed the same as actual greens and the non directional monofilament putting greens while installed and infilled correctly will attain a speed range of 12-15 ft.

Synthetic Grass in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Synthetic Grass in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Golf Practice Greens in New York City, New York
Golf Practice Greens in New York City, New York
Golf Putting Greens Installation in New York
Golf Putting Greens Installation in New York
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Synthetic Turf For Recreational Areas in Maryland

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Artificial Grass for Playgrounds
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Community parks and playgrounds made of synthetic grass provide accessible, versatile play surfaces for its youth and people of all ages and abilities. Many public spaces are turning to synthetic grass for appealing water-saving landscape solutions that reduce operating and maintenance expenditures. Applications for recreational synthetic grass include: parklands and playgrounds, municipalities, highway medians, airport grounds, closed landfills, golf courses, tennis courts, and more. Endorsed for use with canines by the American Kennel Club, artificial grass can also be successfully used, when combined with a regular grooming routine, for public and private dog parks. Grooming would include normal "pet owner duties" including removing debris and refreshing the surfaces, with cleaning agents, from time to time.

New York Citys Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) has become increasingly reliant on synthetic turf as a replacement for asphalt and natural grass athletic fields across the city. Through the installation of the new generation of synthetic turf, DPR seeks to increase community access to fields as well as to solve the maintenance challenges of grass and the aesthetic and safety problems associated with asphalt. This surface offers all-weather playability and lower maintenance costs than grass. Since 1997, the NYC Department of Parks has been installing artificial turf extensively throughout the parks system. As of 2007, 118 artificial turf installations were completed and an additional 91 under construction!

Artificial Grass Installation in Washington D.C.
Artificial Grass Installation in Washington D.C.
Artificial Grass Installation in Rochester, New York
Artificial Grass Installation in Rochester, New York
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Synthetic Turf For Sports Fields in Maryland

Global Syn-Turf is an exclusive artificial grass partner of San Francisco 49ers.

Artificial Grass for Sport Fields
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Synthetic turf is more durable than natural turf and can be used without the rest periods that natural turf requires to keep the turf healthy. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR) estimates that on an annual basis, permitted use (hours per year) for synthetic turf athletic fields is 28 percent higher than for natural grass fields. The maintenance costs of synthetic turf will vary depending on the field's use and design, but are typically estimated to be lower than the maintenance costs of natural turf. Natural turf requires regular mowing, fertilizer application, pest control and possibly watering. Synthetic turf requires replacing infill materials, repairing seams and removing weeds and moss. Specialized equipment, which may or may not be included in the field's purchase price, is required for these activities.

When it comes to the artificial grass fields installations, most of installers have been using crumb rubber along with silica sands as the main infills. The blades of sport field synthetic grass products are at least 2-1/4" tall which provide enough room for infills. The purpose of having infills in sport fields is to provide enough cushioning for the fields thus to reduce the risks of body injuries. Crumb rubber and sand mix can serve such purpose very well. Crumb rubber is produced by grinding used tires. Steel and fiber tire components are removed during the process and the rubber pellets are sorted by size. Pellet sizes ranging from about one-sixteenth to one-quarter inch in diameter are used on synthetic turf. Crumb rubber is typically applied at a rate of two to three pounds per square foot of field surface. Studies have been conducted by the California Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to assess the potential for ingestion exposure to the chemicals in crumb rubber by children playing on synthetic turf. Both studies concluded that health risks to children resulting from the ingestion of crumb rubber are low.

However, there are still a lot people don't like the idea to use the crumb rubber in synthetic grass sport fields, it can get real hot to levels of discomfort, plus the rubber will get on people's body and travel on and off the field. Many parents have complained that their kids were covered with black rubbers after playing on the fields. Again, even though the available information on crumb rubber and crumb rubber infilled turf fields indicates that ingestion, dermal or inhalation exposures to chemicals in or released from crumb rubber do not pose a significant public health concern, leading synthetic grass companies such as Global Syn-Turf, Inc. has been working on new technologies and systems to get rid of the rubbers and take the synthetic grass sport fields applications to a new "All Green" level.

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Synthetic Turf Infills and Accessories in Maryland

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Infills for Synthetic Turf Installation
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Most of artificial grass requires infills which to be installed onto the grass between blades to help the blades of grass stand up and also hold the turf down. It also protects the grass backing from ultraviolet rays which could eventually cause damage and void warranties. Some artificial grass infill options are ZeoFill, Green sand, Copper slag, Silica Sand and/or Rubber. Among all, ZeoFill is the #1 choice for synthetic turf infill for pet owners and playgrounds. Dog owners with artificial grass lawns have been struggled with urine smells for years.. Even though some leading turf manufacturers such as Global Syn-Turf, Inc. has made antimicrobial pet turf to resist the bacterial ammonia from adhering to the turf fibers, but regular infills would still hold ammonia urine resulting in a great deal of smell. Many people are trying to water down their turf once a week to get rid of the smell but never worked properly because water from a hose does not have enough force to push bacteria deep into the ground. ZeoFill is made out of a natural resource from the earth which is a negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure that absorbs the urine like a magnet and prevents the ammonia from forming a gas to become smelly. ZeoFill pulls any gases towards itself and hold it until sodium ion (Na) in rain water releases the magnetivity and the force of heavy rainfall will flush out the bacteria, forcing it through the turf into the ground making your turf virtually new again. The sodium forces the calcium ions out and recharges the ZeoFill when dry. However, ZeoFill will not remove bad bacteria. To remove bad bacteria, Global Syn-Turf, Inc. recommends nits very own Synthetic Grass Pet Odor Neutralizer, this enzyme products will not only neutralize the pet odor, but also remove bad bacteria and clean the turf, using this along with Zeofill will achieve the best possible results on pet's odor control!

To maximize the Benefits of ZeoFill, always install it on top of turf not under turf: When your dog urinates on the turf, the urine will instantly be consumed by the ZeoFill granules preventing ammonia bacteria particles from traveling through the turf. The ZeoFill granule will hold the ammonia water until it is cleaned with an enzyme solution or heavy rainwater flushes out the ZeoFill. The ZeoFill granules will be trapped inside the turf system and has a 5 year warranty on deterioration.

Artificial Grass Benefits

The idea of grass lawns being installed at a house' front and back yards initiated from England where the weather is very accommodating to grow and maintain natural grass. Here in certain dry states, such idea just won't fly! In cities located in desert areas such as Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, growing natural grass is almost impossible. People are tired of plain and boring cement or rockery look and a lot of desert landscape ideas won't satisfy most homeowners' desire for "green". Artificial grass provides a perfect solution in such situations. As an industry, artificial grass is not that new, it has been around for more than five decades. However, to the general public, synthetic grass seems very new. "What? Plastic grass? Give me a break!" Really? Fake grass, you say? Don't scoff. Synthetic turf is moving beyond football fields and golf courses to become more common in home landscapes. When Steve Wallace of Santa Monica, California went for synthetic, he opted for longer blades and a darker green color a look he could never achieve with his natural lawn, which on 100-plus-degree summer days turned to dust, and on rainy days a mud pit. Tired of re-sodding twice a year not to mention the endless mowing and watering the 43-year-old homeowner was more than happy to plunk down $5,000 to see installers peel away his old lawn. Now, he says, his two dogs and two small kids can romp and roll around without tearing up the turf, or suffering the plastic rug burn of yore. And perhaps best of all is how grassy it looks.

"People have to go up close to it," he says, before they say, Wow, this isnt real."

Manufacturers credit the new you coulda fooled me look to the marvels of science. Global Syn-Turf's Maronic, for one, tends to lapse into sports-car speak when describing the blend of aesthetics and performance offered by the companys latest creation, a dense grass it calls Double W series, which includes such space-agesounding features as Double W shaped blades and No-shine technology. The initial cost on artificial grass is higher than natural grass, but given the fact of most of synthetic grass will last at least 8-10 years, such investment still makes a lot of sense for most homeowners, especially those live in "desert cities".

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Baltimore Maryland Artificial Turf

Baltimore city in Maryland State is a beautiful place to live in and has been a devoted sports town. However, resident of the city are concern that some sports students will not have a place to play. According to the Baltimore news, high school football team near Baltimore city will be competing on the field of grass and soil that has been there for two years because the project to replace with modern artificial turf is still on hold. Artificial grass fields, which cut costs on maintenance and decrease risk of injuries, have already been installed at Wild Lake, Long Reach,

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