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Global Syn-Turf is the leading manufacturer and supplier in the artificial grass industry in New Mexico. We offer exclusive, top quality synthetic turf, cutting-edge technologies, durability and the best, 15 years guarantee on all our products. From our warehouses in New Mexico, we can deliver products faster than any other supplier of synthetic grass.

Global Syn-Turf is not a one-size-fits-all synthetic turf company. We’ll help you create a plan for your residential or commercial project that works for your timeframe, budget, and design needs.

Ever since we rolled out the first Global Syn-Turf artificial grass, we've built quality into every product we make. We continue that tradition today with revolutionary product innovation, award-winning design, and a talented team dedicated to outstanding service. We're proud to lead the industry as a trusted brand in alternative landscaping products in New Mexico.

We're dedicated to running our business in the best way we can, and to make a positive impact in our communities in New Mexico. It's all part of our mission to create innovative products that make life better… and to bring you the best lawn possible.

Call us today (877) 796-8873 and get a FREE quote for your project immediately. We have more than fifty different types of the finest artificial grass New Mexico in stock today. Order today - we'll ship tomorrow!

Synthetic Lawn Installation in New Mexico

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In the past decade, the use of "new generation" artificial turf is becoming fairly common through the USA. Synthetic grass applications are receiving extremely popular in western states including Arizona, California and Nevada. Such states are areas where outdoor water use is low or limited care is wanted. Common uses include residential lawns, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, golf practice ranges, school yards, and low water use landscapes.

The marketplace of residential yards has been growing at the average yearly speed of thirty five percent even during the economy declines. As marketplace grows, costs are coming down drastically which in turn to fuel additional market increase! Alvin Balahadia used to benefit an artificial grass installation firm in San Jose, California, he recalls the way the selling of synthetic grass for residential lawn applications fifteen years ago: You walked in a house as a salesman, the first question to the homeowners was: "Do you understand the artificial grass is a high-end thing, only the top ten percent of the family can afford it?" This might sound authentic although humiliating. Such price range is still much higher than natural grass. If you can get your investment back within first five years by saving cash on care and water, then you enjoy the beautiful lawn for the next 10 years without any water bills and the hassles and trimming, will you do it? The understand I will." Said Alvin Balahadia :"it's a superb investment in your house as houses with synthetic grass lawns are considered with upgraded premium options in San Francisco Bay Area and other dry states like Arizona and Nevada."

On average, a home in San Francisco Bay Area can save between $600.00 and $1,200.00 per year on water bill along if they get rid of the natural grass lawns.

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Pet Grass Installation in New Mexico

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Artificial Turf for Dog Running Areas
Artificial Grass For Commercial Pet's Facilities
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There are so many artificial grass companies out there claiming they offer pet grass products, which make people believe they have many choices for different quality and styles of artificial dog grass. The reality is they do not. Because 90% of all artificial, synthetic grass or turf is made in or near Dalton, Georgia by carpet manufacturers, the machines that make carpet also make artificial synthetic turf using a "tufting machine." The only difference between artificial turf and carpet is the yarn that is used and the rubber backing. Artificial grass companies that advertise pet turf, dog grass, dog turf, pooch grass, potty grass, and many other names that appeal to dog owners are merely selling an existing grass product that they renamed to appeal to pet owners. Global Syn-Turf's petgrass is a real deal. Their petgrass features unique Flo-Rite-Thru technology with integrated antimicrobials and a proprietary backing that is 100% permeable, GST petgrass drains 50 times faster and requires less water for cleaning.

When referring to Pet's turf, most people tend to focus on the grass products itself too much and ignore the fact and benefit of a Pet's turf system. Obviously the synthetic grass is the center piece of the system, in order to make Pet's grass effective, other components also need to be seriously considered. ZeoFill, a natural mineral powdery particles need to be used as an "infill" to be blend into the Pet's turf, which will act as a neutralizing agent to minimize the smell of urine. A well prepared 3-4" base with compacted crushed rocks and decomposed granite is absolutely required to allow proper drainage. Global Syn-Turf's Synthetic Grass Pet Odor Neutralizer should be used to eliminate any pet's smells. From time to time, pets owners need to broom up the Pet's turf by using such product as Global Syn-Turf's Turf Groom.

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Artificial Grass Installation in Camp Verde, Arizona
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Putting Greens in New Mexico

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Residential Putting Greens
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Backyard putting greens are fantastic way of bringing together friends and family to enjoy the outdoors. Its kind of like having a pool table. When you have people over, theres always something to do, says Richard Stoltz of New Mexico Synthetic Turf in Albuquerque, NM. I the past, people have been trying to install real grass putting greens in their backyards, turned out that no matter how hard you try, it is just impossible to maintain it! Today, most backyard putting greens are created with artificial turf, mounds, sand pits, and interesting shapes can be easily created and maintained. Artificial turf also has an even surface thats ideal for putting. Synthetic greens are virtually maintenance free. They're able to withstand hot or cold temperatures, as well as wet conditions, and are just about always ready for play.

A backyard putting green has such a great social element to it that youll use it a lot more if its close to patios or other entertaining areas. A flat one-hole putting green gets boring fast. However, if you make it challenging, friends and family will enjoy the putting green for years to come. Using a few undulations, mounds, a sand pit, and about three holes will help to keep it interesting and more playable. With the pressures of school, work, and other activities, oftentimes family members dont get home until after dark. Incorporate low-voltage landscape lighting into backyard putting greens to extend the number of hours each day that people can use it, in a nice mood.

Artificial Grass In Albuquerque, New Mexico
Artificial Grass In Albuquerque, New Mexico
Artificial Grass, Fake Grass in El Paso, Texas
Artificial Grass, Fake Grass in El Paso, Texas
Artificial Grass Installation in Catalina Foothills, Arizona
Artificial Grass Installation in Catalina Foothills, Arizona
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Synthetic Turf For Recreational Areas in New Mexico

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Artificial Grass for Playgrounds
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Playgrounds and neighborhood parks made of synthetic grass provide accessible, versatile perform surfaces because of its youth and folks of all ages and abilities. Many public spaces are embracing synthetic turf for attractive water -saving landscape options that reduce maintenance and operating expenditures. Programs for recreational synthetic lawn include: parklands and playgrounds, cities, freeway medians, airport grounds, closed landfills, golf courses, tennis courts, and much more. Endorsed with canines for use by the American Kennel Club, synthetic turf can also be successfully used, when combined with a regular grooming routine, for public and private dog parks. Grooming might contain regular "pet-owner responsibilities" including removing debris and refreshing the floors, with cleansing agents, from time to time.

New York State's Division of Parks & Recreation (DPR) is now increasingly reliant on artificial lawn as a substitute for concrete and organic grass sports fields across the town. Through the installation of the "new generation" of synthetic turf, DPR seeks to increase community access to areas together with to fix the care challenges of grass and the esthetic and safety issues associated with concrete. This surface gives all weather playability and lower maintenance costs than turf. The NYC Department of Parks has been installing artificial grass extensively throughout the parks system. As of 2007, 118 synthetic turf installments were completed and an added 91 under-construction!

Artificial Grass Installation In Douglas, Arizona
Artificial Grass Installation In Douglas, Arizona
Artificial Grass Installation In Eloy, Arizona
Artificial Grass Installation In Eloy, Arizona
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Synthetic Turf For Sports Fields in New Mexico

Global Syn-Turf is an exclusive artificial grass partner of San Francisco 49ers.

Artificial Grass for Sport Fields
Synthetic Turf Installation at Stadiums
Artificial Grass Installation for Outdoor and Indoor Sports Activities

Artificial grass is stronger than grass that is normal and can be utilized with no relaxation intervals that grass that is normal needs to maintain the grass healthy. The Nyc Division of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR) quotes that yearly, let use (hours annually) for artificial turf sports fields is 28-percent greater than for grass areas that are normal. Synthetic turf's care prices may change with respect to the use and layout of the area, but are generally believed to be lower as opposed to upkeep prices of grass that is organic. Organic grass needs perhaps sprinkling, insect control and standard cutting, fertilizer use. Artificial grass needs fixing stitches, changing in-fill materials and eliminating weeds. Specific equipment, that might or might not be a part of the buy value of the area, is needed for these tasks.

With regards to the synthetic turf areas setups, most of contractors happen to be using rubber as the primary infills as well as silica sands. The blades of activity industry artificial turf products are a minimum of 2-1/4" high which supply room enough for infills. Of having infills insport areas the purpose will be to provide enough padding for the fields so to minimize the dangers of human anatomy harms. Sand mixture and crumb rubber may function such function perfectly. Crumb rubber is made by grinding wheels that were used. Fibre and metal exhaust parts are eliminated throughout the procedure and dimension sorts the plastic pellets. Pellet dimensions including about one sixteenth to one quarter inch in size are applied to artificial grass. Crumb rubber is usually used at a speed of 2-3 lbs per-square feet of area area. Both studies figured health threats to children caused by the uptake of crumb rubber are not high.

But you can still find not little folks do not enjoy the thought to make use of the crumb rubber in artificial turf sport areas, it may get real popular to degrees of distress, as well as the rubber go on and off the area and may get on people's physique. Several parents have complained after enjoying on the areas their children were covered with black rubbers. Again, despite the fact that the accessible info on crumb rubber and crumb rubber in-filled turf fields suggests that intake, skin or inhalation exposures to substances in or discharged from crumb rubber tend not to present an important public-health issue, leading artificial lawn firms like Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is operating on new technologies and methods to eliminate rubbers and consider the artificial grass sport areas uses to a fresh "All-Green" amount.

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Synthetic Turf Infills and Accessories in New Mexico

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Infills for Synthetic Turf Installation
Tools and Accessories for Synthetic Turf Installation
Seaming Glue, Seaming Tape, Nails, Staples and more

Most requires infills which to be installed onto the grass to help the blades of grass stand up and also hold the turf down. The grass backing is also protected by it from uv rays which may cause damage and void guarantees. Some artificial grass infill alternatives are ZeoFill, Green sand, Copper slag, Silica Sand and Rubber. Among all, ZeoFill is the #1 choice for synthetic turf infill for pet owners and playgrounds. Dog owners with artificial grass lawns have been struggled with pee smells for years.. A lot of people are trying to water down their turf one time a week to remove the odor but never worked properly because water from a hose doesn't have sufficient power to push bacteria deep into the earth. ZeoFill is made from a natural resource in the earth which is a negatively charged honey combed molecular structure that prevents the ammonia from forming a gas and absorbs the urine. ZeoFill pulls any gases towards itself and hold it until sodium ion (Na ) in rain water discharges the magnetivity and the force of significant rainfall will flush out the bacteria, driving it through the turf into the ground making your turf virtually new again. However, ZeoFill will not remove bad bacteria. To remove awful bacteria, Global Syn-Turf, Inc. recommends nits quite own Synthetic Grass Pet Odor Neutralizer, this enzyme products are not only going to neutralize the pet scent, but also remove poor bacteria and clean the turf, using this along with Zeofill will achieve the best possible results on pet's scent control!

To maximize the Benefits of ZeoFill, always install it on top of turf not under turf: When your dog urinates on the turf, the pee will immediately be consumed by the ZeoFill granules preventing ammonia bacteria particles from traveling through the turf. The ZeoFill granule will hold the ammonia water until it's cleaned with an enzyme solution or heavy rainwater flushes out the ZeoFill. The ZeoFill granules will be trapped inside the turf system and has a 5 year warranty on deterioration.

Artificial Turf: No More List

As artificial grass getting popular now days, an increasing number of people that consider to replace their natural grass lawns with synthetic grass ask: "What are the pros of artificial grass?" To answer such question, let us take a look at the "No More List".

No more watering, say "bye bye" to high-priced water statements.

Forget about mowing, either you're slack or you need to spend more time with your children and family, throw away your lawn mower, lay back and have fun.

No further substances, substances including fertilizers for natural lawn will eventually wind up in subterranean water and our ground, present great health threats to human life.

No more air pollution, as stated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a new gasoline powered lawn mower creates volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides emissions air pollution in in in one hour of operation as 11 new cars each being driven for one hour.

No neighbor lawn envy...

Forget about noise that is unneeded

No pet pee spots

No moles or gophers

Certainly, both economy and environmental issues work in artificial grass's favor.. Though still more costly than real grass install and to buy -- it can cost as much as several times as much or about $6,000 to $8,000 for a typical yard -- but the life savings add up. In drought-prone regions, municipalities like La County have even provided tax rebates for residents who remove areas of yard that was natural.

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