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Artificial Grass Phoenix, Arizona

Jessica and Kyle Williamson had a beautiful landscape plan to use artificial grass for their bare backyard in the Phoenix city of Arizona State. We are at the Global Syn-Turf, Inc. believe that every homeowner needs to have proper respect and a legit service, and it is essential to research the credentials before hiring a professional. Williamson's project started with hiring who they thought was a professional landscaper and contractor, but end up as a catastrophe.

Jessica and Kyle of Phoenix were planning to build their beautiful backyard for their kids, something that they all could use. "[To use] for the entire family. We wanted an [artificial grass] for our son to run and play [on it] in the backyard," Williamson's wife said pointing at the dried area where pavers supposed to be put along the edges and where the synthetic grass had to be laid wrapping around the yard. The Williamson family searched for a company that they thought would complete their dream. Their plan started with hiring who they thought was a professional landscaper and contractor. They found John Blaney, the owner of Mountain Pass Custom Landscaping. However, after hiring him, they later found out that the image from a previous job was warning others about his run-in with law enforcement. Regardless, Blaney is an unlicensed contractor who drew up a contract with the Williamson family and even presented them with a hand-drawn picture of some of what he could do and how the artificial turf would look nice on for their backyard. He also said that he would do their front yard as well with the synthetic grass. The landscaping project started and according to his reports; it was 90 percent completed.

But the backyard remained unfinished, and no work performed at all. The devastated family started to search for Blaney and wound up at the North Phoenix townhome listed on his driver's license, but he had already left the building. They also tried calling and emailing him, but he was not found anywhere. After the report had been aired on the Phoenix network, Blaney contacted the Williamson acknowledging that he accepted the job, but claimed the family fired him from the project, so he never returns to install synthetic turf with other landscaping materials. However, they denied his story. Regardless, Phoenix officials reminded him that he is currently unlicensed and that it's illegal to accept work over $1,000 without a license. With that, Blaney told that he would contact the Williamson and see if he could return most of their money.

Global Syn-Turf, Inc in Phoenix warns everyone when searching for reliable landscaping and contractor companies. Many should check the credentials before the hiring decision because there are a lot of different titles and certifications for professional. Find an Authorized Installer in Phoenix!

The best way to approach a new landscaper is to begin by asking what their business specializes in. Landscapers fall into so many different categories, such as maintenance of the yard, artificial grass installation, landscaping designers, patio builders, etc. Some other things to consider, you should have a clear vision of what you would want to achieve. Be clear with what you are comfortable paying for what you want. And be clear with a time frame that works for you.