Can Artificial Grass Produce Enough Energy to Power Your Home?

The idea of decorating rooftops with solar panels has been around for a while, but an international team of scientists came up with a new concept of using artificial grass to generate energy. Apparently, synthetic fibers can work as a miniature wind turbine, producing power for the home with every breeze.

The turboelectric generator (TENG) uses strips of artificial grass to generate an electric current. One side of a fiber blade can be coated with nanowires while the other with indium tin oxide. As the wind blows, fibers come into a contact with each other. It allows electrons to pass from one piece of grass to the next, generating an electric flow.

The principle behind it called a triboelectric effect. It's a type of electrification in which different materials (a comb and hair, grass and fur) come into a frictional contact, and build up triboelectricity. It's almost like a chemical bond. Dissimilar molecules exchange electrons.

It can work extremely well in areas when the wind direction changes frequently, or location where windmills are ineffective.

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According to scientists at Georgia Tech, 60 strips of artificial grass produce enough electricity to power 60 LED lights. The aftermath predicts that the 3230 sq.ft. rooftop will generate approximately seven kilowatts of energy; enough to power an entire home independently.

The concept is promising, but first, the scientists need to find a cheaper and safer replacement of indium tin oxide, which is toxic and should not be inhaled sense it causes mild irritation in the respiratory tracts.

Another question is still in an open: how to capture free electrons produces by electrification of synthetic fibers? With the provolcanic cell technology (the direct conversion of light into electricity at the atomic level) getting more advanced every day, it's possible to combine synthetic grass with solar panels placed on rooftops. Imagine a green, beautiful rooftops that generate clean, affordable, infinite, renewable wind and solar energy to meet a power demand! Artificial grass can be an answer!

Artificial Grass Industry surfed through the recession unscathed aided by quickly growing demand due to cost reduction and quality advancements in sports venues, cities, commercial and residential property owners and schools. The continued weakness in construction markets and schools budget decrease, rapid adoption of artificial turf has kept the industry growing. According to Technavio, a global technology research and advisory company, the artificial grass market in the Americas will reach 440 million dollars by 2019, growing almost 13%.

ATT Fiber Upgrade Leaves Mess In Dixon Neighborhood

Some Dixon homeowners are demanding AT&T pay for repairs after a contractor damages lawns and sidewalks during fiber optic infrastructure installation.

While the state of California is experiencing the serious water drought, Beverly Hills residents are facing the reality of cutting down their water usage as much as by 35%, in light of the governor of California, Jerry Brown, mandate. The state promises to fine water wasters as much as $1,000 per day.

According to Areavibes, the medium housing values in Beverly Hills is $2,703,500 and is 604 percent higher than in California. The cost of living is twice higher than in the state on average. Beverly Hills has 2,481 backyard pools, which is the most pools per capita. It has one of the highest rates of water usage too, 216.6 gallons a day per resident (September, 2014), compared to 70 gallons in Los Angeles. Residents of Santa Ana, for example, use only 38 gallons of water a day.

Kids who complete the challenge receive a free lawn mower and T-shirt from Raising Men Lawn Care, which is a nonprofit in Huntsville, Alabama. “It sounded like a great idea,” Edwards says. “It was pretty easy to get our kids involved in it, and it was ...

Brown sport are not fun for something that must look attractive! Take a lawn, for example. Do you know how much water it needs a year to stay green? What can happen if your lawn turns brown? Hot South Western States such as California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma have no luxury in water abundance. With increasing temperature, we must cut our water use or we get fined! What a unpleasant reason to get brown spots!

GreenCare for Troops volunteers provided 700 military families with lawn care and landscape services as well as the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained property. Cindy Code, executive director of Project Evergreen, says “Nufarm's support of...

Traditional lawns are not just a style. It's a lifestyle. We use fertilizers to keep them green and beautiful, claiming we love all natural. We use chemicals and poison water, land and living organisms. It's time to change our approach to gardening.

Greenscapes of Southwest Florida plans to expand by building a 10,000 square foot warehouse and office complex in Fort Myers, Florida, according to The Business Observer newspaper. The new facility will be used to store and service lawn equipment, hold...

How much do natural and artificial lawns look alike? If you don't know the secret, you will never guess the truth. But there more to the story of sisterhood. We have more episodes coming next week.

You've probably laid out the plans for Labor Day sales, parties with family and friends and the start of the football season. Nice of a garden guy to stop by with a few timely tips of things that you really ought to get done in your lawn, landscape and ...

At Kemko Lawn Services in Loganville, Georgia, many employees have a strong tie to the military. Owner Michael Boyd is a veteran of the U.S. Army and served in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969. Now that he's done serving his country, his company sets aside...

Heat and humidity have dominated our weather for weeks with random thunderstorms providing only minimal relief to those gardeners fortunate enough to have them pass briefly over their thirsty lawns and gardens. It was shocking to return from a week ...

With hundreds of new products on display, GIE+EXPO is your opportunity to see the latest industry innovations. Here's a sneak peek at a few.

There is an abundance of supply. It can help save money and it can help the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District reduce its carbon footprint. After a decade's worth of testing and seeking regulatory approval, a new program to re-use a byproduct of the wastewater treatment process is finally online and could be coming to a garden or lawn near you.

While Rob Moon mows the grass on his lawn and his neighbor's on Dearborn Avenue, it's in the shadow of an eyesore just down the street.

Punch List: Garden needs extra care in the heat

Sunny hot days have been the norm, it seems the “dog days” have started early. Until or unless we get our usual mid-summer monsoon rains keep tending your garden and take frequent breaks to enjoy the fruits and blooms of the season. It’s county fair season--check out the fun, they’re in full swing throughout Colorado.Fair Get Away• Farm animal viewing, kid friendly tractor pulls and farm to table dinners-there’s something for everyone. Ride the Ferris wheel or sing along with the featured artist. Food fair can’t be beat-fried, dipped or battered, it all tastes better at the fair. Gardeners can give a try at exhibiting their best produce and flowers, you might be growing a blue ribbon.

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Can I mulch away lesser celandine? It's throughout my neighbor's lawn and now making its way into my beds. Their gardening service suggested this. Thick mulch may discourage celandine from emerging, but we find no research that shows this method is effective. Lesser celandine is a non-native invasive...

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What’s going on here? It’s like my lawn has chicken pox. Small patches turn light brown in winter, like zoysia grass does, and really look spotty against the normal green grass. But it’s not dead, because it turns green in the spring and blends in. More and more of my lawn is doing this. This is...

Before  After: A boring backyard is transformed with outdoor rooms for entertaining and play

When landscape designer Becky Bourdeau first visited Miriam Yoo and Ryan Cooper’s Mid-City backyard, it was like an empty void. With its swath of dead lawn and concrete pads, the barren yard was at odds with the warmth and charm of the 1928 Spanish bungalow. “You walked out there and there was...

Silver Lake Farms owner says goodbye

Grass no longer grows at Silver Lake Farms, a half-acre property that helped establish urban farming in Los Angeles. Farm founder Tara Kolla long ago banished that remnant of residential, pre-drought lawn fashion and replaced it with organically grown plants that were either edible, provided a...

The 5th generation of wireless transmission technology known as ‘5G' is one of the more interesting developments on the technology landscape.

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