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Putting Green Installation Tips: Circle Cutter

Smooth circles around golf cups in your putting green installation is vital if you want your golf ball rolling smoothly into the hole. You can use a carpet knife to cut around the edges of a cup, but there is a better and safer tool that’s able to achieve professional results. The Circle Cutter is a tool that will enhance the luxury of having your private putting green. The installation can be tricky so let the Circle Cutter help you get it done properly to avoid any future problems.


How to cut circles for putting green cups? You can cut circles with the carpet or utility knife. Expert installers use the Global Syn-Turf's circle cutter. It makes putting greens look professional and clean, and saves you time on finishing touches.

On natural golf greens, golf holes are relocated regularly because the area around them is getting worn out quickly. With synthetic putting greens, you don't need to worry about the consistency nor performance. You install putting greens once in 20 or 25 years, and it makes sense the installation perfect from the start.

The Global Syn-Turf's circle cutter is adjustable to cut circles for a variety of golf cups' sizes. The standard golf cup size is 4 1/4 inches four inches deep, but there are also 6 inches cups available.

How to cut circles with a circle cutter?

  1. Adjust the radius size.
  2. Place a circle cutter on turf's surface.
  3. Holding it down firmly, start turning the wheel.
Artificial grass installation around trees

Big trees can harm natural grassroots growing on your property. This challenge puts homeowners in a difficult position, choosing between removing the tree entirely or taking an alternative approach and switching to artificial grass. Replacing natural lawn with synthetic is easy however, if you know how to wrap turf around the trunk to get a nice, clean-looking cut. You may also need to cut turf around mailboxes, fountains, water pumps, swinging sets, playground and training equipment and other features in your yard.

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