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C-Shape Blade

C-Shape Blade: Artificial Grass synthetic blades technology unique blades by Global Syn-Turf

Designed in the shape of the letter C, C-shaped artificial grass blades have a high wear tolerance and ideal durability to withstand heavy traffic areas. This blade allows a perfect stand and a look that most synthetic turf fails to achieve. As a part of the Global Syn-Turf performance series, the C-shaped synthetic grass is more resilient to various degrees of foot traffic. It offers excellent durability and high wear tolerance, which makes them the best choice for high-traffic areas. Synthetic turf products with this blade shape tend to stand more erect under pressure than other lower-quality options.

The C-shaped synthetic fiber prevents the turf from matting under heavy use. Compared to more complex artificial fiber, C-shaped blades may show more sheen, which makes them more ideal for backyards. As all Global Syn-Turf's performance shapes enhance fiber memory, the ability of the filament to stand up after being trampled down, C-Blade Shape fibers are preferable to flat counterparts when your area requires more durable, traffic-resistant artificial grass.