Stemgrass Blade

Stem Blade Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Unique Blade Designs

The StemGrass Blade artificial grass fibers exhibit one vertical spine along their length which looks much like a natural grass blade. It is one of the most popular blade designs for its realistic look and feel. Inspired by the natural structure of grass blades, Stemgrass blades are wider than Diamond-shaped blades or flat blades. This blade design is recommended for residential and commercial lawns with medium traffic. The broad leaves of Stemgrass can reflect more light and can hold more heat than other types of artificial grass, and its realistic look puts Stemgrass in front of all different kinds of artificial turf.

Unlike concave turf fibers with multiple sections to reflect sunlight, Stem-shaped grass blades may look shinier, yet the small glow on the surface isn't as visible as with flat blades. Stem Grass offers resiliency and durability to endure medium wear and tear while providing an ultra-realistic look, perfect traction and along with Global Syn-Turf proprietary backing, excellent drainage for a variety of applications - from athletic fields, playgrounds to backyard artificial grass installations.

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