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Can artificial grass be applied to a roof?

| Feb 12 8:06 AM

I would like to know if it is possible if I install the artificial grass on my roof.

2 Answers

Artificial grass is the only best solutions for rooftops as the real grass won't grow. If people want to have lawn settings and landscape on a rooftop, the artificial grass is the only way to go! For the rooftop artificial grass installations, since you can't do excavations to create and build a sub base for an effective drain system, you will need to use drain boards instead for your base so the water will drain properly, therefore installation of artificial grass on a rooftop requires special expertise and need to be performed by professionals with good experiences and skillsets. 

I won't recommend people to DIY on rooftop turf installation as you would want to have a beautiful installation yet not damage your roof which can be a big disaster.

We have experts can answer any of your specific questions regarding the rooftop artificial grass installations, you can reach us via phone, email or simply fill out this online form:

Feb 13
I will contact a professional then so that standing water will not damage or degrade my roof.
Feb 14
I totally agree. If you want to have it on your roof, better have an expert do it for you or else you'll end up having a dripping roof every rainy season.
Feb 16
Wouldn't it get too hot if you install it in a roof?

Artificial grass rooftop installations are very common in states of east coast, and it has proven a great landscape option.

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