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Can I lay artificial grass on soil?

| Jan 6 4:14 PM

I really don't want to make a base for the turf as it becomes expensive, wondering if I can simply put the grass on soil?

1 Answer

The answer is Yes and No. Here are my explanations:

1. Yes, our artificial grass can be laid directly on the soil, by doing so, you won't cause any harm to the turf product. However, you need to know why we don't recommend installing artificial grass directly on soil:

2. The reasons for us to recommend installing turf on a prepared base are mainly two: Turf won't look right if installed on an uneven and not compacted surface, you might have seen some very poor installations most of which are because of bad base preparations. In order to have a perfect turf installation, you need to have a perfect base to start with. The second reason for having a good base prepare is the drainage concern. In order for water to drain properly, a good base is required. Some types of soil can be very dense and sticky and won't drain well. The turf won't drain well if the bottom is solid, water will go through turf quickly and then has nowhere to go unless the area is properly sloped for drainage purposes. 

To summarize above, if your soil is perfectly smooth and even, not sticky, not too loose and your installation area has a certain slope for water to go, you can install turf on it directly. Otherwise, we always will recommend you prepare a good base for your artificial grass. Here is the link for how to install artificial grass properly:

Jan 7
Just answered a similar question above.
Jan 7
I live in the desert, not much of rain, and no concern of drain, plus my little yard has a slope to it. I simply put the turf right over the soil, so far so good.
Jan 15
Then the condition of the soil is what matters.

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