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Can synthetic turf withstand extreme climates?

| Feb 8 1:40 PM

Will it stay cool as natural grass in extreme heat conditions?

1 Answer

Well, this is a very tough question to answer. Extreme climates such as extreme hot weather can damage the artificial grass. Give the fact of artificial turf is made of plastic components, extreme hot will ultimately get turf melted. But artificial turf can withstand pretty well in colder climates only that the fibers will get a bit stiffer in the cold environment. I remember seeing a picture of trash can got melted by the heat in Arizona, think about the fact of artificial grass fiber compare to a heavy duty trash can, if the trash bin can be melted, the chances of the turf getting melted also can be true. Just a reminder, our warranty doesn't cover any melting damages on the turf.

Here is the link for the garbage bin melting news:

Feb 9
Artificial grass is perfect for extremely cold areas. You don't have to waste so much money in getting your beautiful lawn back as well because as the snow melts, it will drain right through the turf. On the other hand, when it comes to extremely hot areas, I would seek professionals to inspect the area first before installing it.
Feb 10
I agree. Extreme hotness can damage almost everything but as long as we are not living 100 feet away from the sun, your artificial grass will be okay. :D

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