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Can Water Travel Through Artificial Lawn?

| Feb 7 4:25 AM

I hope there's a good drainage for the artificial grass.

2 Answers

All our artificial grass products are designed and manufactured with excellent drainage capabilities. On average, our turf can drain 50-100 inches per hour, such capacity can handle the biggest rain pours with an ease. Some specialty products such as Pet Turf can drain even more and faster to take care of dog urine in a fast and effective way. You can find the permeability report for each of our product at the following link, and always feel free to reach us if you need personal assistance by phone or email:

Feb 9
Yes they do. This is why it's perfectly okay for your grass to get wet.
Feb 10
That's good to know. I don't have to worry about stuck water since there's a possibility that mosquito will stay there.
Feb 10
Rain and my pet's pee will never be a problem then. This artificial grass' feature will save me a lot of time from cleaning.
Feb 18
I started potty training my dog this week on his artificial grass and this is very good to know! I will not need to worry about having too much mess.
Our artificial grass products' drainage systems are designed and made with 1/4" punch holes in them for water to drain through easily and quickly.

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