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Putting Greens

Global Syn-Turf offers premier, professional grade putting greens designed for the perfect golf game. Global Syn-Turf products are designed and continuously improved by a highly skilled team of synthetic grass engineers; their combined expertise creates world-class golf greens that surpass all expectations for playability, durability, and overall aesthetic. The seven options are chosen to be in Global Syn-Turf’s Putting Greens Series provide the perfect choices for every complete putting green design. Global Syn-Turf features three distinct types of putting green blades in this series - polypropylene, nylon, and monofilament slit film - to ensure that you have multiple options available and can find the best artificial turf for your unique project. Each turf is rigorously tested and specially engineered to outperform and outlast natural grass greens and courses. With Global Syn-Turf putting greens you have the freedom to design your ideal putting green or golf course to your specifications; these putting greens can be tailored to suit any skill level and personal preference. Whether you are just beginning to play or are a seasoned champion, you will benefit from the top quality turf available in this Putting Green Series. In addition to the putting greens, this series offers an array of fringe turf options to add the finishing touch to any design you imagine, and our tee line products are highly sought after for commercial use and driving ranges.

Choose one of these Global Syn-Turf putting greens to create an oasis of fun for the whole family. With a personal putting green in your backyard, you can teach your kids how to play golf at an early age and improve focus and precision skills while you have a retreat from your hectic daily schedule. Surprise your friends on the golf course with your expertise and skills; they will be jealous of the time you can devote to practicing your game.

Zero maintenance synthetic turf adds luxury and value to both home practice putting greens and professional golf courses. Enjoy the quality of a professional golf course without the rigorous maintenance expectations many professional golf courses require. Ideal for every environment and application, each of the Global Syn-Turf putting greens remains vibrantly colored and perfectly manicured all year round. With several color combinations available to choose from, these putting greens are UV stabilized to fight against fading due to direct sunlight and wear. Play and practice as much or as little as you like, your putting green will maintain the same conditions as the day it was installed. The reliability and durability of Global Syn-Turf’s putting greens are unbeatable, and you can depend on the ten-year manufacturer warranty we offer on every turf. Global Syn-Turf’s Putting Green Series suits every budget and when you choose synthetic turf from Global Syn-Turf, you also have a full range of golf accessories to complete your green. The benefits of having your own personal practice putting green in your backyard are countless and Global Syn-Turf offers the best quality putting greens on the market – install yours today!



Field Green
Pile Height: 1 . Face weight: 38 oz.yd2
Pro Putt-44

Pro Putt-44

Bi-Color Green
Pile Height: 5/8". Face weight: 44 oz.yd2
Putt-60 Bicolor

Putt-60 Bicolor

BiColor Field Green
Pile Height: 3/4". Face weight: 60 oz.yd2

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