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See all reviews in Kimbrough Crossroads Alabama

This turf worked out perfectly for our 36’x6’ deck. The deck will stay much cleaner than with the original flooring, allowing us to work out, relax, and enjoy the deck more

The grass was very matted down due to tight rolling, but after laying it out and letting it sit for a couple of days, it raised up evenly and looks really good. The 20mm height is ideal for the deck, and the turf has excellent detail.

See all reviews in Declezville California

Amazing quality! It was super easy to install and flatten out, and it stays flat without moving around. Great price for the quality, and the shipping was easy. The thickness is perfect.

See all reviews in Gholsonville Virginia

The quality, amount of footage, and included spikes can’t be beat. I’ve bought different brands and types of edging over the years, and this one blew them out of the water. I bought four rolls and will gladly buy it again in the future!

See all reviews in Allsop Alabama

It fit my standard PGA golf flag perfectly. The bottom of the flag stick has a large round socket that fits nicely. The flag stands erectly and vertically, just the way it should.

See all reviews in Happy Acres Alabama

This works well for a bunny enclosure and is priced better than local stores. It's easy to use and seems like it will hold up against predators. I'm happy with my purchase.

See all reviews in Manolith California

I was searching local sources for 4-foot wide hardware cloth but could only find 3-foot wide options. This hardware cloth is the width I need, and the price per foot is better than what I would pay for the 3-foot wide version. Even better, it arrived quickly and was delivered to my door. The quality is at least as good as the hardware cloth I can get locally, with welded intersections and 19-gauge thickness, which is heavier than the locally available options. I ordered 2 rolls and may need another. I know this will satisfy my needs.

See all reviews in Minards Mill Michigan

I'm very happy with how my backyard turned out. I used this for a mini golf course to draw lines.

See all reviews in Kiggin Colorado

Helped me fix my silica deficiency. I have used other greensand products before and this is comparable to any that I have used. No issues.

See all reviews in Moreno Knolls California

Love this stuff! I use it on my artificial turf, which is frequented by multiple dogs. It started working on the first day. Due to the high saturation of urine, I needed to apply it several times, but I expected that.

See all reviews in Jonesboro Alabama

We have two large dogs, and this stuff works wonders! The smell is gone, and it leaves behind a clean, soapy, pleasant scent. I used it on an area with small landscaping rocks and dirt, and it worked perfectly. Very happy with this purchase.

See all reviews in Hammil California

It worked exactly as expected. Just be careful with it, as it doesn't wipe away easily. I got a little bit on a ledge, and luckily it didn't cause a few problems

See all reviews in Trimmer California

I love everything about my putting practice flag and hole combo! The ease of installation and sturdy materials make it a snap to get going. 👌

See all reviews in Happy Hollow Alabama

These gorgeously colored squares were easy to put together. The medium weight of each 18-inch square proved to be strong and durable. The ease of installation with the enclosed zip ties made it suitable for one person to handle.

See all reviews in Crome California

It works, I just started golfing and bought this to practice. Hall goes in and it rolls back, that’s the job it is supposed to do and it does it.

See all reviews in Simmons Arkansas

We purchased a 10x18 piece, and it was fairly easy to lay. We knew we would need to trim it a little, and that wasn’t too hard to do either. I haven't tried cleaning it yet, so I'm not sure how that will go, especially with our four cats that love to hang out on the porch. It should be interesting to see how it handles cat hair. We get a good amount of rain during storms, and the grass seems to dry quickly afterward. We've received a ton of compliments so far. I would definitely recommend this product!

See all reviews in Annieville Arkansas

This turf was really easy to install and cut to the size we needed. We used it to fill in the side of the sidewalk where the grass hardly grows. I like it so much that I’m getting more for the backyard, and now my neighbor wants some for their side too.

See all reviews in Stanley California

I needed a quick artificial grass area for the side yard for my small dogs. The size was exactly 3'x8' as listed, and it fit perfectly in the area. It was very easy to use shears to cut around the drain and curve against the house and walkway. Although it was thinner than expected, it’s easy to clean with soap and a hose, and it has a good green color. I used the recommended stakes to secure it into the ground, and it stays in place well.

See all reviews in Lajitas Texas

I purchased two rolls of this artificial turf mainly to provide my cats with a comfortable place to lounge when they're in the garden. We always supervise them when they're outside, but we wanted them to enjoy the garden with us. While I can't yet attest to the product's durability, I found it to look fairly natural and easy to lay out. We cut a few patches to place in areas where we know the cats like to hang out, and they immediately took to lounging on it and using the turf as a scratching pad. So far, there have been no issues withstanding my cats' claws, but it has only been a couple of weeks. The thickness is decent, but you'll definitely want to secure it with spikes since it is light enough to be blown around by the wind a bit, even at full size.

See all reviews in Spring Valley Lake California

When using pressure-treated 2x4 lumber for edging, I usually prefer the stakes sold at the big box store alongside the 1x4 recycled plastic bender board. However, they were almost cheap each, so I decided to give these a try. My only complaint is that there is a little "give" along the 12-inch length; they are not as stiff as a wooden stake or the bender board stakes. Despite that, they are very strong. I hit them into pretty hard ground with a 4-pound hammer, and they did not break or even "mushroom" from the pounding. The pre-drilled holes are a bonus and a time saver (I always pre-drill most everything). Placing them about 4 feet apart on centers, they do a great job holding the lumber securely. I'm pleased and saved several dollars.

See all reviews in Stevens California

I used a box cutter and a pair of turkey shears to cut these since that's what I had around. The drain holes are good, and it could probably be easily washed under the sink. I'm using it for a display for my crochet stuffed animals that I sell. It hasn't shed much since the initial cutting, but that was a mess, so be prepared to sweep.

See all reviews in Pacific Beach California

My apartment has a concrete patio, and I wanted something for my little dog to lay on while we are out there. This turf is very lightweight, so I had to anchor it down during recent storms. All in all, it was worth the money spent. Now, she loves going out there, knowing her paws won't have to step on hot concrete.

See all reviews in Jones Mill Alabama

I have two dogs, and our backyard is turf. I've tried many cleaners to control odor, and most only work for a short time. This is the best product I've tried so far. It's easy to apply and has a great scent. It does need to be used regularly, but that's true of all options.

See all reviews in Hogan Arkansas

I bought this for my dog because we are in the mountains and real grass is not really an option, she loves it and rolls on it and spends most her time sitting on it waiting to see squirrels.

See all reviews in Clarksville Alabama

Our patio turns into a mud pit whenever it rains, and I was tired of our dogs tracking it inside. I had previously purchased a similar product from Home Depot in the same price range, but this product is significantly better, so I'm happy. This grass looks real, is soft, and the longer grass blades make it look even more realistic. It was easy to cut to size, and I'm looking forward to seeing how well it withstands our dogs and performs after another heavy rain. Overall, it's a great product for the price. As others have mentioned, it doesn't shed, and I opened it up outside to avoid any issues.

See all reviews in Obadiah Mississippi

I wanted something soft and easy to clean, and this is perfect. Very happy with the purchase!

See all reviews in Newman Springs California

Looks beautiful and takes away an ugly bald spot on my lawn, turning it into a prize-winning area. It's easy to trim and adjust, covers ugly weeds, and is very reasonably priced. It holds up well in bad weather.

See all reviews in Leprouse Idaho

The ivy is thick, which is exactly what we wanted. You can't see much through it. It was very easy to install and looks great with a neon sign on it! Definitely a great value.

See all reviews in Jena Alabama

We ordered the exact size we needed. It took about two days to install: one day for it to lay out and remove some of the folds, and the next day to install. My husband did it all by himself in one day. It came out fantastic. Yes, it does get a little hot after the sun has been on it, but the dogs love the heat. It is so easy to clean up dog poo, leaves, and sticks. So far, we love the grass. It has been worth every penny.

See all reviews in Bentley Hills Alabama

Looks great, and the quality is good. It doesn't fall apart like other turfs do. The color is bright and looks nice in photos. Just make sure to place it on a solid, even ground for the best results.

See all reviews in Nerva Utah

Very pleased with the quality. It is very thick and feels natural, just like real grass. My pup loves it, and it has added a nice touch to my backyard!

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