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Dalraida Alabama

Worked perfectly for what we needed in the garden to seal off the netting and keep pests out.

Jones Crossroads Alabama

I love the way it looks in my backyard! There was an area that just wouldn't grow grass, so I laid it down there, and it looks beautiful even with the leaves falling from the tree on it. I can't believe it's not real grass. I'm so happy! 😂

Barnett Chapel Alabama

This turf looks real and is easy to cut! We had an old fire pit that had become a rusted eyesore with no use. I decided to transform it into a cylindrical box shrub, like a topiary, and it's a bit comical but the eyesore is gone. The realistic look of the turf made a huge difference.

Dale County Alabama

I was working on a small area in my backyard, measuring 12 ft by 18 ft, and wanted to use good quality grass. I decided to go with this product sight unseen, based on the positive reviews and the fact that it was a bit more expensive for better quality. When I rolled out the grass, I was very impressed with its natural look. I really love the rich blue-green color. It's a low pile grass, so it looks like a well-fertilized lawn cut with a very low trim setting.

Evansville Alabama

PROS: It looks and feels real.

CONS: expensive.

It has holes in it for drainage so you can spray it down. Keep in mind, if you install it, pick an area that's more shady because it heats up a tad bit in sunlight but so far walking barefoot on it has been pretty comfortable

Schley Alabama

I have one that I bought in 2017, and it still looks like new. That's why I bought it again for another area in my backyard. As advertised, it is pet-friendly and has very good quality. Thank you.

Laney Alabama

Very nice. I used it to make a covered bathroom area outside for my bulldogs. They hate the rain, so I put drainage rocks and plastic plant holders from the hardware store with this turf over top of it. It works perfectly under the dog deck. My youngest dogs love it so much they stash all their toys there. Now it’s their condo.

Dallas Alabama

I looked around a lot before purchasing turf for my backyard, which couldn't grow grass because my neighbor's huge trees were blocking all the sun. I read many reviews on other turf options and decided on this one. One reason was that it came in a 15' width, which was perfect for my backyard without having to tape two sections together. It is really high-quality turf and looks like real grass. Some visitors don't realize it's fake until they touch it! I had to buy another small piece for my side yard, and I bought a different brand from another store. I was not happy with that one; you can certainly tell the difference in quality with this one. I highly recommend it. Getting it to the backyard was a challenge with just me and my wife, but we found a way. I had many reservations about how well it would hold up, but I couldn't be happier. Rain goes right through it, washing away pet urine, or you can rinse it yourself. My backyard used to have puddles of water when it rained, but now it doesn't with the turf! I'm very happy with this purchase. My backyard feels so clean and inviting now, and the best part is that I have no maintenance!

Incline Alabama

Looks great and offers good privacy 👍 I'm very happy to share that our beautiful panels withstood a prolonged 8-hour windstorm with gusts up to 50 MPH without losing a single leaf or flower! I added a video to show how well it held up. We initially ordered 3 panels and loved them so much that we decided to order a 4th! This is ALL you need to transform your patio into a garden! It is so simple to install; you literally just open the package and expand it to the width you want. Done! I love greenery in the springtime, but plants are expensive, high maintenance, and there’s no guarantee they will look the way you want them to. Now, I have the beautiful garden look with zero maintenance. Love that! Thanks for making a great product.

Cherokee Estates Alabama

It's wonderful how effective and quick this product worked for me! I have an older female Labrador that only goes out the dog door a short distance to urinate and then quickly hobbles back in. The urine flows right into the garden, and the ammonia stench was horrible. The odor could still breach the door and come inside, especially since we have another dog and several cats that use that door. Every time one went in or out, the smell came in. This had gone on for months.

I researched extensively to find a solution, either DIY or purchased, and found this Zeolite. I read that some people didn't like that it resembles cat litter, but I didn't care at this point. The moment I applied it to the soil, the smell stopped! I only applied a thin layer and was amazed at the breathable air! I ordered 2 more bags just to have on hand.

We've had rain, which has interfered with the Zeolite's performance, but after a day of the rain stopping, I just skim off the top drenched layer and sprinkle down another fresh layer. I am VERY PLEASED! It also appears that it doesn't affect my plantings, and I've been using this for about a month now. As long as our old girl is with us, I'll be using this Zeolite!

Jerusalem Heights Alabama

I was hesitant to buy at first because there weren't (and still aren't) many reviews. Luckily, the turf is exactly as described and it actually looks and feels real. A lot of companies make lofty claims without the product to back them up, but this turf really does look and feel that good. My dogs love it, and I plan on buying more for my balcony. Highly recommend!

Lee County Alabama

Excellent product. We have a gated courtyard area with two sections of 14' x 15' grass. Our dogs and the Northwest's wet weather took their toll. Last year, I decided to invest in this turf for one area to see how it looked and performed. The look is excellent, and it withstood the first winter very well. Picking up dog poop is a breeze-way easier than regular grass. Just make sure to prep the area well by packing down the dirt and using sand to level it, and it turns out great. We invested in the second section this spring and are very happy with this product's look and performance.

Maxine Alabama

This turf seems to be very long-lasting and will hold up for quite a while. It's a good choice for something low maintenance but also realistic-looking. It's "soft" like real grass, making it perfect and safe for children to play on, and I can also picture using it for a golf pad!

Cospers Bend Alabama

I don't have grass in my backyard anymore due to the drought, so I landscaped it without grass. My dog has been laying in the dirt, and I know he loves grass, so I decided to put down a 7x8 piece for him. HE LOVES IT. It's very plush and realistic looking. I can't speak to its durability for bathroom use since he goes elsewhere, but it's kind of expensive and worth the investment for his happiness. I highly recommend this product.

Foshee Alabama

I've used this brand of edging for years, and it stands up well to weather and line trimming. It's also available in a variety of lengths. Over the past few decades, I've purchased other GST outdoor products, and they are made to last.

Hawthorn Alabama

This artificial grass was the perfect solution to my problem. I have a very large birdbath, and when I empty it, a torrent of water spills onto the ground, creating a muddy mess. I initially thought of using seed and hay, but the frequent water and its force would wash anything planted away. The same goes for grass plugs; they would never take root.

This grass is absolutely beautiful. I was able to install it quickly and easily, and best of all, the water from the birdbath drains through the grass. No more muddy mess or bare dirt patch. The grass blends in well with the lawn. I also purchased metal spikes (with the green top) to secure it in place.

Very, very happy with my purchase. I even had some left over that my husband and I use as a practice putting green.

Jones Crossroads Alabama

It looks great, and my dog loves to lay on it during hot days. The neighbors have even stopped by to check it out, thinking it was real!

Kimbrough Crossroads Alabama

This turf worked out perfectly for our 36’x6’ deck. The deck will stay much cleaner than with the original flooring, allowing us to work out, relax, and enjoy the deck more

The grass was very matted down due to tight rolling, but after laying it out and letting it sit for a couple of days, it raised up evenly and looks really good. The 20mm height is ideal for the deck, and the turf has excellent detail.

Allsop Alabama

It fit my standard PGA golf flag perfectly. The bottom of the flag stick has a large round socket that fits nicely. The flag stands erectly and vertically, just the way it should.

Happy Acres Alabama

This works well for a bunny enclosure and is priced better than local stores. It's easy to use and seems like it will hold up against predators. I'm happy with my purchase.

Jonesboro Alabama

We have two large dogs, and this stuff works wonders! The smell is gone, and it leaves behind a clean, soapy, pleasant scent. I used it on an area with small landscaping rocks and dirt, and it worked perfectly. Very happy with this purchase.

Happy Hollow Alabama

These gorgeously colored squares were easy to put together. The medium weight of each 18-inch square proved to be strong and durable. The ease of installation with the enclosed zip ties made it suitable for one person to handle.

Jones Mill Alabama

I have two dogs, and our backyard is turf. I've tried many cleaners to control odor, and most only work for a short time. This is the best product I've tried so far. It's easy to apply and has a great scent. It does need to be used regularly, but that's true of all options.

Clarksville Alabama

Our patio turns into a mud pit whenever it rains, and I was tired of our dogs tracking it inside. I had previously purchased a similar product from Home Depot in the same price range, but this product is significantly better, so I'm happy. This grass looks real, is soft, and the longer grass blades make it look even more realistic. It was easy to cut to size, and I'm looking forward to seeing how well it withstands our dogs and performs after another heavy rain. Overall, it's a great product for the price. As others have mentioned, it doesn't shed, and I opened it up outside to avoid any issues.

Jena Alabama

We ordered the exact size we needed. It took about two days to install: one day for it to lay out and remove some of the folds, and the next day to install. My husband did it all by himself in one day. It came out fantastic. Yes, it does get a little hot after the sun has been on it, but the dogs love the heat. It is so easy to clean up dog poo, leaves, and sticks. So far, we love the grass. It has been worth every penny.

Bentley Hills Alabama

Looks great, and the quality is good. It doesn't fall apart like other turfs do. The color is bright and looks nice in photos. Just make sure to place it on a solid, even ground for the best results.

Loop Alabama

I must say, I had a fun time creating this wall. The grass panels are full and thick, and the installation was easy. The product is of good quality! I previously ordered some from a different seller but had to return them due to poor quality and dissatisfaction. Then, I came across these; I read the reviews, watched a few videos, and was sold on this product. They are everything I envisioned! These were a great find!

Union Crossroads Alabama

We ordered what seemed to be the same turf in two different orders. This one is a bit brighter in color, and the "grass" is slightly longer compared to the first one we received, but it still looks nice for what we used it for. It seems to hold up very well with our two bulldogs, and it has good drainage when it rains. However, it does get pretty hot in the summer.

Mexia Crossing Alabama

Bought this for my backyard so the dogs would have something to pee/play on. Very easy to install and clean. Would definitely recommend!

Pooles Crossroad Alabama

This is a great item for use as a home target for pitching and chipping. It's well-made and perfect for its intended use.

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