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As an installer, it's important to choose a reliable supplier for turf. GST proved to be the most consistent choice for my company due to their vast coverage across the nation and large inventory. They are always in stock with the turf models that I need for my jobs and I never have an issue with getting installation accessories as well. The turf itself is good quality but I am most impressed with how consistent the quality has been over the past few years. Very pleased my with choice to choose GST turf.

Newark New Jersey
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Now that school is out for the foreseeable future, A school district I landscape for has decided to take this opportunity to make some upgrades to their school fields so that they're ready to go once everyone goes back to normal. Most suppliers are a mess during this time and honestly aren't very reliable right now except for one, GST. They are always there for me and are still there for me even now. Reliable, professional, and always a partner I can trust.

Overland Park Kansas
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My company specializes in sports fields and training environments. The trainers turf from GST is my go to recommendation for anyone interested in artificial grass in sports related industries. Not only is the quality impeccable, but the color is pleasing to the eye as well. A lot of gyms and sports arenas request this turf specifically because of how incredible it is. I also love GST's customer service team. I think their warranty system is lenient and I am able to easily communicate with them to get any issues solved ASAP.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
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I help run a nursing home here in Akron, and we love having our seniors enjoy the outdoors. It helps with their physical and mental health, and overall just improves everyone's day. Having them go outside does run the risk of them slipping or falling,  which we absolutely do our best to avoid since safety is our number 1 concern. This is why we had GST artificial turf installed around our complex. Our landscaper recommended their products since they were highly praised by other businesses in being high quality, soft, and super safe when compared to natural grass. Our seniors absolutely love it, and we look forward to incorporating artificial grass inside the home soon!

Akron Ohio
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With everything that's happening, people are staying home and are turning a lot of their focus on renovating their properties. Our landscaping company is definitely experiencing a sharp increase in demand, and we need a supplier that's able to not only keep up with the demand but deliver on their promise of having artificial grass products in stock and delivered on time. GST has been second to none in that regard. Despite the challenges right now, GST has been fantastic in communicating, supplying, and shipping. 

Sioux Falls South Dakota
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Turf has been one of those growing industries and I'm seeing more and more homeowners make the switch. GST offers something for everybody whether you like the natural looking or faker looking turfs. A lot of my residential customers claim they love the quality of the grass and the feel as well. One thing that separates GST from the rest of the competition is that they offer a wide selection of turfs that they are always in stock for. It's common to find suppliers in the industry that either don't offer enough variety or frequently run out of turf. For these reasons, I will be sticking with GST!

Minneapolis Minnesota
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I've worked on and off with the sales reps over at GST these past few years. They are some of the most knowledgeable in the entire industry when it comes to turf, installation, irrigation, etc. Anytime I have questions about anything related to turf, they always take care of me and teach me exactly what I need to know. I then pass the information down to my own customers to make sure they know the product they are buying as well. The turf quality is top of the line and I'm surprised they can offer it at such low prices. The industry is lucky to have GST as a leading manufacturer, since they also have coverage all over the US.

Omaha Nebraska
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I'm seeing a lot of good reviews on here but a lot of them are missing the most important point. It's not just one component that separates GST from the rest of the competition. It's more of a combination of how well everything ties in together with each other. The products they offer are top of the line, their team is filled with great people that are easy to talk to, and doing business with them goes very smoothly. I see a lot of the reviews talking about pricing, but in my opinion that's really only a small part of what makes GST great as a supplier. Sure, everyone loves saving money but I let's not forget all the other reasons we choose GST over the rest of the industry. They simply care more and sometimes that's more valuable than saving a few cents per square foot.

Kansas City Missouri
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A good turf supplier on the East Coast is hard to come by. Fortunately for me, we found GST and my sales skyrocketed. The customer service is astounding and the GST team always helps me whenever there's any issues with shipping, defects, etc. I was telling my friend the other day, who owns a irrigation company like myself, that GST is definitely top tier when it comes to suppliers. There is a vast selection of turfs to choose from and the quality of them are solid as well.

Baltimore Maryland
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As a landscaper, it's not always easy to find suppliers to ship to where I'm at, let alone offer the same kind of products they would offer to bigger cities. Having said that, GST has never let me down. I'm treated just as important as any of their other clients and they give me service that's second to none. I'm amazed at how fast they're able to get all the kinds of different fake grass products my clients need, and there's never been an issue with getting it to where we are. That's what I love about GST. They treat you like you matter to them. And they definitely matter to me and my customers.

Olathe Kansas
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The landscaping and turf installation business is very competitive here in Bridgeport. Lots of unique residential homes and commercial projects always looking for the lowest price for the highest quality product. It's not easy to compete with everyone undercutting each other, but thankfully I found a supplier that's able to give me the edge and provide exactly what my customers need. That supplier is GST. I could not believe the range of products they had available, how quickly they were able to deliver, and how professional their team was. The quality has never disappointed, and when I explain to my customers the value they get from using GST turf, it no longer becomes a discussion about price, but about how pleased they are with what they're getting.

Bridgeport Connecticut
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I'm part of a condominium board here in Dayton. We have a common area on the rooftop of our complex that we regularly renovate and improve annually. Usually, we just add a couple of new tables or chairs, but this year we wanted to go all out and create a private area for our tenants, surrounded by grass and plants and everything. We brought in a landscaper and he provided the rundown of how much everything would cost. We were surprised at the amount and level of maintenance that was required to have natural grass installed. We asked if he had another option, and he instantly recommended GST artificial grass. We only ever thought synthetic turf was used for sports but he assured us that GST was different and that you had a wide variety of fake grass products that were designed for residential landscapes. And he was absolutely right. We had GST grass installed in our rooftop, and the process was so easy. It took very little time and cost us a lot less than natural grass. Our tenants love it and we've noticed more and more people coming to the roof just to sink their feet into the brand new, soft, green, and vibrant grass lawn. Thank you!
Dayton Ohio
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