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Harbin Springs Annex California

I got this for my mom's uncovered patio, and we've had it for almost a year. It still looks clean and vibrant. We don't walk on it much, but it has endured every element and still looks great. It's a great addition!

Declezville California

Amazing quality! It was super easy to install and flatten out, and it stays flat without moving around. Great price for the quality, and the shipping was easy. The thickness is perfect.

Manolith California

I was searching local sources for 4-foot wide hardware cloth but could only find 3-foot wide options. This hardware cloth is the width I need, and the price per foot is better than what I would pay for the 3-foot wide version. Even better, it arrived quickly and was delivered to my door. The quality is at least as good as the hardware cloth I can get locally, with welded intersections and 19-gauge thickness, which is heavier than the locally available options. I ordered 2 rolls and may need another. I know this will satisfy my needs.

Moreno Knolls California

Love this stuff! I use it on my artificial turf, which is frequented by multiple dogs. It started working on the first day. Due to the high saturation of urine, I needed to apply it several times, but I expected that.

Hammil California

It worked exactly as expected. Just be careful with it, as it doesn't wipe away easily. I got a little bit on a ledge, and luckily it didn't cause a few problems

Trimmer California

I love everything about my putting practice flag and hole combo! The ease of installation and sturdy materials make it a snap to get going. 👌

Crome California

It works, I just started golfing and bought this to practice. Hall goes in and it rolls back, that’s the job it is supposed to do and it does it.

Stanley California

I needed a quick artificial grass area for the side yard for my small dogs. The size was exactly 3'x8' as listed, and it fit perfectly in the area. It was very easy to use shears to cut around the drain and curve against the house and walkway. Although it was thinner than expected, it’s easy to clean with soap and a hose, and it has a good green color. I used the recommended stakes to secure it into the ground, and it stays in place well.

Spring Valley Lake California

When using pressure-treated 2x4 lumber for edging, I usually prefer the stakes sold at the big box store alongside the 1x4 recycled plastic bender board. However, they were almost cheap each, so I decided to give these a try. My only complaint is that there is a little "give" along the 12-inch length; they are not as stiff as a wooden stake or the bender board stakes. Despite that, they are very strong. I hit them into pretty hard ground with a 4-pound hammer, and they did not break or even "mushroom" from the pounding. The pre-drilled holes are a bonus and a time saver (I always pre-drill most everything). Placing them about 4 feet apart on centers, they do a great job holding the lumber securely. I'm pleased and saved several dollars.

Stevens California

I used a box cutter and a pair of turkey shears to cut these since that's what I had around. The drain holes are good, and it could probably be easily washed under the sink. I'm using it for a display for my crochet stuffed animals that I sell. It hasn't shed much since the initial cutting, but that was a mess, so be prepared to sweep.

Pacific Beach California

My apartment has a concrete patio, and I wanted something for my little dog to lay on while we are out there. This turf is very lightweight, so I had to anchor it down during recent storms. All in all, it was worth the money spent. Now, she loves going out there, knowing her paws won't have to step on hot concrete.

Newman Springs California

Looks beautiful and takes away an ugly bald spot on my lawn, turning it into a prize-winning area. It's easy to trim and adjust, covers ugly weeds, and is very reasonably priced. It holds up well in bad weather.

Greenleaf Mobile Home Park California

There's turf was one of the best looking turfs we can use on our flip property came out great thank you guys

Chemeketa Park California

I had to make a rounded side with it and it was very simple. Very easy for me to use and looks great

Desert Knolls California

It went down easily and looks great. I even gave my neighbor a piece as an example, and they are ordering it as well.

Marks Place California

My backyard is huge, and trying to grow grass was always a headache. It was patchy, full of weeds, and different types of grass made it bumpy and unattractive. I decided to look into turf so my daughter could play outside without getting poison ivy. I bought 2 rolls at a decent price, and for the price, it was worth it. It gave me 200 sq feet of worry-free grass.

The quality is okay, around 8/10. I know there are more plush and thicker turfs available, but this one isn't too bad. It looks like real grass and definitely gets the job done.

Longview California

This 70oz fake grass looks great, even better than I expected. We already had some 80oz fake grass installed, and they are quite similar, except the length of the 70oz grass is a bit shorter. This is actually a benefit, making it easier to clean up dog waste. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Trabuco Highlands California

I have tried multiple other spray products never got the odor out We put this product down and almost instantly the odor has been gone. I am so impressed. I highly recommend it.

San Francisco County California

I needed to create a trellis outside a window to block the view of an unsightly backyard next door. Knowing how long real plants would take to grow, I ordered the artificial hedge squares and I'm so happy with the result! They look incredibly realistic, and when I attached a couple of squares to my willow trellis, I was beyond pleased. The coverage is perfect for blocking what I don't want to see. You can ruffle the "leaves" to adjust the visibility as needed. I also added tiny lights to weave into the hedge, making it even more beautiful to look at from my window. I highly recommend this product! I've updated this review and attached before and after pictures... I absolutely love this product!

Peethill California

I thought I would need to use more but with the plastic plate you get more surface coverage. we have a huge garden and are very pleased.

Glen Frazer California

Bought this for my backyard so the dogs would have something to pee/play on. Very easy to install and clean. Would definitely recommend!

Harbor City California

It worked out perfectly for our 36'x6' deck, keeping it much cleaner than the original flooring. Now we can work out, relax, and enjoy our deck even more.

The grass was initially matted down due to tight rolling, but after a couple of days laid out and exposed, it raised up evenly and looks fantastic. The 20mm height is ideal for the deck, and the turf has excellent detail.

Mankas Corner California

I purchased two bags of this product for an area of grass that was installed in my yard during a recent renovation. Naturally my dogs started using the grass as their restroom prompting me to realize the need, for treating it to address the odors.

I opted for an enzyme spray specifically designed for grass to combat the smells resulting from pets using the turf. Despite applications I still detected strong whiffs of dog urine in the mornings while enjoying my coffee outside.

After conducting some research I decided to give this product a try to tackle the odors. After some time I can confirm that it indeed works as promised allowing me to now peacefully enjoy my morning coffee outdoors without being greeted by urine odors. I have even reduced the frequency of using the enzyme spray to once every week. Continue to remain odor free.

Red Corral California

We followed directions and got the needed quantity but ended up having to skim down big time and parts of the subfloor went without. Used on existing plywood on our pontoon after pulling up the old carpet. It's only been a week of no use, so I can't speak to longevity but I'll update in couple months.

Los Angeles City Center California

I crafted some tomato supports that had a habit of toppling over because of the uneven terrain gusts of wind and the hefty tomato vines. To remedy this I procured some stakes firmly anchored them in the soil and secured them to the cages with bolts. With one stake, per cage my structures remained upright throughout the growing season! These stakes have proven to be quite resilient.

San Francisco California

This was just was I was looking for. Easy to cut down to the size you need to make it fit where ever you want it.

Hilarita California

I'm really happy, with the privacy these dense Boxwood squares provide. I decided to swap out my ones since they were too see through. It only took 6 squares to cover the space I needed. I'm pleased I made the effort because now I love spending time on my patio more.

White Hall California

Fathers Day present. We have a 5 acre property and my husband and boys really enjoy spending time in the yard hitting golf balls ! The product is durable and of quality. I appreciate the reviews, from others that influenced my purchase decision. The price is reasonable well.

Pope Valley California

I initially used these as the decorations, for an Easter gathering. They looked really lovely! They weren't as dense as they appeared in the pictures; there were spaces that you could see through. They provide some leaf clusters for larger items but its definitely not sufficient to cover the entire setup! As a photographer I intend to incorporate them as a choice, for my clients.

Union California

The new grass, on my balcony has completely changed its look. It feels like a maintained lawn now. I've received compliments on it well.

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