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Rinconada California

Nice product that looks and feels durable. I'm using it on top of some gravel to cover it, as I don't want my cats to use it as a bathroom anymore. Plus, it's easier to spot scorpions and other types of animals.

Jamacha California

I'm planning on purchasing a couple more. I need to cover a 10x10 area in my backyard, and this was perfect.

Robles Del Rio California

This worked great! It was much easier to install than I initially thought. There was no digging required, and it was easy to bend. I bought extra stakes but ended up not needing them. Highly recommend for an easy and effective installation!

Marina District California

The quality is good, and they provide plenty of anchors to hold it in place. It's a fair price for what you get! Would buy more!

Reward California

Excellent product. We have a gated courtyard area with two sections of 14' x 15' of grass. Our dogs and the northwest wet weather took their toll, so last year, I decided to invest in this turf. I tried it in one area first to see how it looked and performed. The look is excellent, and it withstood the first winter very well. Picking up dog poop is a breeze-way easier than with regular grass. Just make sure to prep the area well by packing down the dirt and using sand to level it, and it turns out great. We invested in the second section this spring and are very happy with the product's look and performance.

Paularino California

This was very easy to assemble and I was able to do it myself. Living in the California desert, I needed something that could withstand the wind, and these have held up perfectly after installation. I have them outdoors, and they don't seem to be fading at all. I absolutely love them-they look incredibly realistic.

Kenwood Estates California

⁦These last a lot longer than the wire steel staple option. Good thing about these is that when they corrode over several years, the corrosion build up anchors the stake even tighter in the soil.⁩

Quartz Point Mobile Home Park California

I used this turf for a pet run area, cutting it into 3-foot sections and staggering them for a perfect fit. It works wonderfully! The turf cleans off easily with a hose and shows no signs of fraying or falling apart. It's incredibly durable and maintains its quality despite frequent use by my pets. The installation process was straightforward, and the final result looks fantastic. I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out and highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable, easy-to-maintain solution for their pet areas.

Hammonton California

I used this turf for a pet run area and cut it into 3-foot sections, staggering them for a perfect fit. It works wonderfully! The turf cleans off easily with a hose and shows no signs of fraying or falling apart. It's durable and maintains its quality despite frequent use by my pets. The installation process was straightforward, and the end result looks great. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and highly recommend it for anyone needing a reliable and easy-to-maintain solution for their pet areas.

Bracken Brae California

This is a great product, especially for puppies. We use it to train new puppies where to potty, and it makes the process so much easier. Cleaning up is a breeze-we bleach it and wash it down with water daily, and it holds up wonderfully. The turf's durability and ease of maintenance have exceeded our expectations. It's also soft and comfortable for the puppies, which makes training them even easier. Highly recommended for anyone looking to potty train their new furry friends!

Gregg California

Looks like real turf. I've used this product at several properties I own. It's easy to care for-just sweep or use a leaf blower. It saves me time and money since there's no need to buy lawn care products or pay a gardener. Highly recommend!

Carthay Square California

It is great for pets as it can be hosed off easily. It looks nice and was easy to put down. It makes a big difference in the look of my yard.

Kingsville California

I ordered this turf, not for a lawn or a pet, but for my outdoor deck outside the dining room. I've already covered most of it with turf, but the stairs leading up were still bare. With this order, I covered the stairs. It was easy to cut with an X-Acto knife. I used an air compressor and a staple gun to secure it to the wooden stairs. I think it looks great, and the turf is very realistic looking.

Camp Connell California

My wife and I just installed 2 rolls of artificial turf in our front yard. The installation was straightforward and only required a utility knife to cut through the backing. We used Trafficmaster 5" x 1.2" turf staples, which worked nicely. After installation, we infilled with silica sand and swept it in. Then, we spread a 25 lb. tub of green Trafficmaster Envirofill lightly on top of the sand. It did a great job of disguising the seams and staple holes, as well as covering the tan color of the sand. Note: In the photo, I haven't yet finished the edge of the turf where it meets our dry creek bed.

Quincy Junction California

I created this potty area in the side yard for the dogs so I don’t have to go through the mud to pick up their mess. It went down pretty easily and lays nicely. I used a box cutter to trim it and got 6-inch stakes from an online retailer. I laid it over fine gravel (not quite sand, not quite PRA gravel) without a liner and added a pet-safe infill. I plan to use an eco spray every couple of days to eliminate urine smell. This way, the kids can play on the real grass with no more dead spots. Just have to train the dogs to use this area. My 9-year-old dog got it down in 2 days, but my 2-year-old is still a bit confused.

Westside California

I have a split fence, and my dogs used to go to the gate and bark at cars or people walking by. So, I bought a large panel of this fake grass and draped it over the gate. Now, from both sides, it just looks like a grass covering. It worked perfectly-the dogs can’t see out, and no one can see in. It's the perfect fence or gate covering.

Garden Park California

What a wonderful artificial turf rug for my backyard! My 7x10 piece is the perfect fit for an area next to my small patio, which helped increase the space for sitting chairs and enjoying our company outdoors. Thank you once again, Wayfair, for coming through for me. Shipping was free and the delivery was quick. It arrived safely in a box with no damage. Big thank you to Wayfair. I would recommend this grass turf to anyone. I even walked on it with my bare feet and it feels like real grass. My husband is very happy because he doesn't have to mow the grass!

Butte Street Junction California

We are a design company, and we used it for an exhibition for our client, who was very satisfied. The quality is good, and it looks like a vibrant plant.

Gravesboro California

I purchased 5 of these landscape panels to create the look of a living wall in the entry hall of my commercial building. Every single person who came in after we installed it asked how I was going to keep this wall alive, water, and care for it. It is so realistic that people think the plants are actually alive. I spent a lot of time researching the best landscape panels, and this choice exceeded my expectations. I'm glad I watched the installation video and tips for making the panels look better.

Sonora Hills California

I’ve had this for almost 4 months now, and it’s been outside the entire time in the sun and rain. It’s been great! It looks nice and provides a soft spot for my baby to play on instead of the hard concrete. No weird smell, no bugs-it's been perfect.

Hamburg Farms California

Love, love, love this! We've had it for about a year now, and it's still just as fluffy as when we first purchased it. I'm actually going to buy another one to replace the mat we use for our camping patio.

Robles Del Rio California

Perfect in every way! I waited 8 months before reviewing the grass to see its wear and tear results from the weather and elements-cold weather, rain, sun. This grass turf is everything you could ask for and more!

Results after owning for 8 months:

- Bright, pretty green

- Durable through snow, rain, and sun

- Thick and plush feel

- Pleasant to walk on with bare feet

We love it! We have another in our cart to purchase for the other half of our deck.

Buy it! You won’t be disappointed!

Douglas Park California

I haven't laid it down yet, but I could tell when I carried it into the house that it was made well. I'm going to put one piece on the side of my front porch to stop weed growth. The second strip will be laid out next to the side yard brick wall, and I'm excited to work with it. It cuts down on mowing and will look good behind two very nice ornamental shrubs. I'm planning to turn the area into a courtyard with some seating.

Cranmore California

Could not be happier with this! The dimensions were absolutely perfect, but you can conveniently trim it like a carpet if needed to fit around architectural details and spaces. It is wonderfully soft on the feet and has transformed the atmosphere on my deck from ugly, dirty roof slate to an inviting oasis to hang out in.

Stoneridge Mobile Home Park California

The Green leaf privacy screen has helped a bit to quiet my dogs' barking at our next-door neighbors. I'll need more to get it fully covered. There weren't enough zip ties to hold it in place on windy days, and three of the zip ties broke. Other than that, it was an easy install.

Lincoln Heights California

Quite impressive. Such a nice addition! I'm looking for more reasons to use this greenery beyond its intended purpose. I could even make a deer blind easily with this product. I was impressed by its durability-no leaves fell off while installing it. I've used similar products that shed, but this one had no shedding at all.

Calimesa Mobile Home Ranch California

This product is intended to provide privacy screening while looking natural in the process. When I ordered it, we were having Indian Summer-like conditions, but by the time the box arrived, there were 4 feet of snow outside where I intend to install it, making installation impossible right now.

The box came with the Garden Trellis privacy screen rolled up. It does look very natural, despite being synthetic. It comes with twist ties to enable attaching it to a surface.

I am going to use it to provide privacy for a backyard hot tub. I've attached pictures of where it will be installed this spring once the snow melts, as well as pictures of the product and the zip ties that came with it.

Can't wait to put this up!

Whitley Manor Mobile Home Park California

I used this infill for a small, 120 square foot artificial turf lawn. Per the instructions, I applied about 1 pound per square foot. Instead of using a drop spreader, I drilled about 100 or so 1/4" holes in the bottom of a bucket and let the sand infill sift out across the turf. This process took about 20 minutes to cover the entire lawn with 11 buckets of fill. I followed up by raking the infill into the turf, and it looks great.

Trinity Alps California

I highly recommend this product. It does a great job helping your turf stand up tall and protects it. Make sure to apply an adequate amount as per the instructions to get the best results. Pro tip: use a bucket to spread the turf infill. Just drill large enough holes in the bottom for the infill to come out.

Bonadelle Ranchos Nine California

For context, I switched to artificial grass in '04, so I've tried many brands over the years. This grass is actually durable and didn’t tear when my husband and I tried to pull it apart. It doesn't have a weird smell in the first few days either, and it looks just like it does in the photo. Best of all, it feels nice to the touch!

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