Customer Reviews: Bombay Woods Delaware

5 stars based on 4 customer reviews

Wellington Hills Delaware

I really enjoy the grass I bought for my backyard patio. It was a breeze to lay down covering a 40 foot area effortlessly.

Bombay Woods Delaware

Golf Cups worked great. Already had 1 and wanted 3 more. I like the color a lot and it fits my putting green perfectly

Hedgerow Hollow Mobile Home Park Delaware

I really love having this in my room! It's so adorable. It gives me a touch of nature while I'm indoors all day working.. Putting it up on my wall was a breeze, which made it super convenient.

Wilmington Delaware

Where I live, there aren't many good turf suppliers. I can think of a couple off the top of my head but they are a bit smaller and not reliable at all. I feel like the turf industry hasn't boomed here yet and is up and coming. I chose GST because they were consistent enough for my needs. They offer some of the best on the market and their team is super friendly whenever I place orders by phone. Will continue to support you guys down the road and hope you do the same for my company as well.


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