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Lily Florida

We have used these on our deck at the apartments we live in, and they really help with privacy. The first set lasted for 6 years before they started to fade and the wind began taking off leaves. For the price, 6 years is really good, especially in a harsh environment. I love the new ones and look forward to another 6 years.

Florida Beach Florida

They fit perfectly onto both standard golf flag poles and the miniature putting flag sticks pictured. If your poles have the standard screw-off caps, simply unscrew them, slide off the old ones, and replace them with these. They have nice bright colors and accent the putting/chipping green beautifully. Six come in a pack at a great price, so when the Florida sun fades them, I have replacements on hand.

Legends Pass Florida

We used this to line our dog's outdoor pen. It has stood up to all kinds of weather, including heat and cold, numerous cleanings, and our Havanese really seems to love it.

Jean Place Florida

Although the sides of my house are narrow, they are often overgrown with weeds. I always spend a lot of time pulling them out in the spring and summer. During the rainy season, my dog always comes back muddy after going outside. When I saw this green artificial grass mat, I ordered it immediately. It has small holes in the middle, so water doesn't accumulate, and weeds don't grow through it. It is easy to cut to the size I need, and I laid it next to the house. It looks very nice, and I like it a lot. Unfortunately, it is a bit too short for my house.

Solana Bay Florida

The artificial grass is decent. I was content, with it enough to retain it. However it does have a feel underfoot. On the side animals mistake it for grass. On the side a baby bunny. My dog seem to use it as their personal restroom! 🤣

Jane Terrace Florida

The size is right, for covering the cup holes when not using the pins. We thought they would be a bit flatter. They function well. We would suggest them.

Yates Estates Florida

Worked very well underneath the turf I installed for a playground. No injuries or complaints so far. Doesn't hurt to fall on.

Babbitts Mobile Home Park Florida

We utilized these items, for our grass. My husband is thrilled about not having to mow the lawn. The stakes are strong. Theres a kind of washer component that fits between the grass and the stakes. It's a method, for setting up the turf.

Dames Point Florida

The product is perfect for what I needed it for. Using it in an outdoor dog kennel. It seems to drain well. The turf is very thin, so it is hard to achieve a smooth look. But overall good quality for the price.

Michaelangelo Florida

It was great! My previous one got chewed up by the dogs so I decided to get this one. It turned out to be just the right size. I had to trim it a bit. It has holes at the bottom, for the liquid to drain through which's really convenient. If needed I would buy this again in the future. Hopefully not because my dogs won't chew on it this time! Haha

Florida Avenue Florida

great flags. Makes my green look really cool. i have no problems with them so far. they look great for about a month

West Lake Wales Florida

Installing our own grass was a big project that we used lawn pads for. They provided excellent support and cushioning, making the turf feel more comfortable and natural underfoot. The installation process was straightforward, and the pads have held up well, even in our Florida heat and humidity. They’ve helped our lawn look and feel professionally done, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Memphis Florida

To achieve results when using zeolite infill it's important to conduct research on the entire process ranging from installing the turf to managing drainage and ongoing upkeep.

I began by setting up a 9x26ft dog run. Initially I dug out 3 yards of soil to create a defined area enclosed with 2x6 pressure treated wood (you can refer to the images, for visuals). Subsequently, I. Compacted the soil. Following this I laid down two layers of weed barrier. Then I added 5 inches of recycled concrete for better drainage support topped with crushed blue stone to fill any gaps in the recycled concrete. Using either a power tamper or hand tamper I pressed down on the surface to ensure it was flat and even.

Next came laying down the turf. It was essential to invest in specific turf from GST that comes equipped with built in drainage holes for proper water flow. Regular cheap outdoor carpet wouldn't suffice for pets as its primarily for appearance purposes.

Since it was my time working with this material I was excited to give it a try. After laying out the turf I utilized my Ryobi power brush to lift up the turf fibers making way, for application of infill material.I used a drop spreader to spread the product and then used a power brush to work it into the turf. After that I sprayed a deodorant liquid using a hose sprayer. I follow this routine every three months. During the months of July and August I do it monthly.

For this product to be effective you need to have an installed turf system. Putting in some effort upfront makes maintenance much simpler. The process of applying this product from start to finish takes around 45 minutes with the drop spreader and power brush. I own three dogs weighing, between 85 and 120 pounds.

Negative feedback often arises from installation methods like using low quality turf without drainage or neglecting regular maintenance. There's no secret thoughtful planning ahead. Take your time to get it right. This product will deliver results! The only drawback is the cost. Its definitely worth the investment. Best of luck, to everyone!

Elizabeth Acres Florida

I recently switched my yard to GST's Sierra Super 94, and I'm so impressed! It's incredibly lush and realistic, making my outdoor space look pristine all year long. It stands up to weather and wear without a hitch, and the low maintenance is a total win for my busy lifestyle. This turf has definitely taken my backyard to the next level of comfort and style!

Joels Landing Florida

Global SynTurf's High Sierra turf brings the feel of the great outdoors right to your backyard. It's rugged yet comfortable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas or lively outdoor activities. The turf stands up well to various weather conditions, keeping its rich green hue without fading. It’s easy to install and even easier to maintain, so you can spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time worrying about upkeep. Perfect for families looking to create a durable yet attractive outdoor space!

Jules Verne Park Florida

GST Star Grass 35 transforms your outdoor space with its vibrant green hue and exceptional resilience. This turf offers a balance of aesthetic appeal and practicality, standing up to daily wear while maintaining its lively color. Its low maintenance nature means less work and more time enjoying your beautiful lawn.

Perfect for those looking for a durable yet attractive lawn solution, GST Star Grass 35 is an easy choice for creating a bright, inviting outdoor area with minimal upkeep.

Micanopy Junction Florida

Been using Global Syn-Turf (GST) products for my playground projects for over 3 years now, and their 5-gallon turf super glue has become a staple in my toolkit. Honestly, it's a beast. When you're laying down turf that's gonna see a lot of little feet running and playing, you need something that sticks and stays. This glue does exactly that. Easy to apply, sets quickly, and it’s incredibly durable - I mean, it withstands all the jumping, running, and whatever else kids throw at it. Plus, in the California climate where I work, it’s crucial to have something that can handle the heat and the occasional rain without a hitch. It’s been a real game-changer for the durability and longevity of my installations. Bottom line? If you're in the playground business, this glue's worth every penny. Keeps my clients happy and the playgrounds safe and looking great.

Miami Florida

Hi my name is Todd and I live in Miami Florida and I just bought a new house and installed artificial turf in the backyard. I was under a deadline that I needed to get the artificial turf installed before a big housewarming party I was having at my house. I found Global Syn Turf online and inquired about getting artificial turf ASAP deliver to my house so my gardeners could install the turf. The tear out and the base work was all done and all I needed was the artificial turf in the installation accessories. Global Syn Turf was a great help in helping me get the turf delivered to my house in a timely manner. Apparently they have Distributors located in all 50 states and they referred me to one of their Distributors right here in Miami. The distributor called me right away and I came over to their office and looked at some samples and made my purchase right there on the spot. The artificial turf was installed within the next few days and I made the deadline of my housewarming party. All of this thing's to Global Syn Turf for being a great manufacturer of artificial turf with a very best distribution Network in the country.


Tampa Florida

 Global Syn Turf help me with a large putting green my backyard. I am a semi pro golfer and I golf three to four times a week and I was looking to get a very professional putting green in my backyard. When I called them they referred me to the vice president and Golf's cell. They called me back and gave me an extensive background their installation and knowledge. Even though Global Syn Turf does not install Dave told me that he knows of installers that could help me with this project. I asked Dave a lot of questions about being able to hold a shot on the putting green from from fifty to a hundred yards away they are sure that any shot would be able to stick on the putting green. He showed me pictures and get the addresses of other properties that had this system installed. He even gave me the names and numbers of the homeowner that have the system involved I trusted Dave and ask him to refer me to an installer who could handle this project. He had one guy in mind in my area that also installed Bernhard Landers putting green in Florida. I had the installer come out to my house and give me a quote and help me design the Putting Green the way I wanted. Once that was finalized the installer started about three weeks later and it took them about three weeks to complete the project. It was not an easy project and like all construction nothing ever goes smoothly however just went about as good as you could possibly ask. Now that I've been playing on the putting green for a few months now I honestly had no idea that artificial turf would be this great. I want to thank Dave and Global Syn Turf for making my vision come true in my backyard. If you were interested in a professional putting green in your backyard I recommend you call Global Syn Turf today. 


Tampa Florida

Big shoutout to Greg for helping my wife and I get our hands on GST's turf! I know you guys don't sell direct but he told us to go to Site One and they had a lot of different GST grasses in their store to look at and choose from. Our neighbors have your turf too so we knew we only wanted GST grass!


Tampa Florida

 I am a single mother of two young children and I don't have time to do yard maintenance and I was considering doing artificial grass. I spoke with a company called Global Syn Turf and they were very kind, educational and user-friendly in teaching me what I really needed to know when shopping for an artificial turf installation company. As it turns out Global Syn Turf is a manufacturer of artificial turf and does not do installation however they have a vast network of installer's across the country. Not just any installer's but installers that have been certified and trained by the manufacturer. I feel very comfortable knowing that or my children. 


Ormond Beach Florida
We had a local installer do our new soccer field with GST's grass and it looks fantastic. Great job overall by the installers but the grass itself is lush and feels really nice to play on. We got the trainers turf 63, infills, and some shockpads from Ewing and they handled all the installation for us. 5/5 would recommend GST grass if you're looking for a good sports field turf.

Fort Lauderdale Florida

The grass is not always greener on the other side. Let me tell you why, I used to use Global Syn Turf for years and I ended up going to buy Turf from another manufacturer because I thought the grass was greener on the other side. However, I found out the hard way that not all companies are built the same. The other manufacturer I bought Turf from was so unorganized and never had inventory and their deliveries were always late. I had to fill it up with that company that never answered his phone and I finally said enough is enough and I sent them a long email telling them all of the reasons why I was leaving them. Unfortunately sometimes you have to learn things the hard way in life and that's what I did. I will never leave Global Syn Turf again for another manufacturer who's waving a flashy new piece of turf in front of me or saying they have better pricing. Even though it may or may not exist it is not worth the consistency I need in my manufacturer for my business and to make my customers happy. I had too many times were the old manufacturer could not get me the turf in time or they ran out and I was stuck with my crew on a job losing mine and it will never happen to me again. I want to thank Global Syn Turf and their whole team and Greg for always being there for me 7 days a week. If you want to work with the best company out there you want to call Global Syn Turf today. 


Miami Florida

I want to say a few good words about Global Syn Turf.  I ordered my first order from them last week and when I receive the roll it was short and not the length it was supposed to longer.  The company sent us a replacement piece at no cost to me and let me keep the piece of turf that was cut short.  I want to thank you for your service.


Miami Florida
Many turf vendors to choose from in Florida but there's a reason we go with global syn turf. Amazing turf selection, they basically carry everything available on the market at any given time. Never have to worry about not being able to get the turf I need for any projects or future projects. 100% reliable and a great partner.

Jacksonville Florida

GST has been there for us for over a decade now. They've scaled to become to biggest turf supplier out there and it's for good reason. They are consistent and reliable and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good turf supplier.


Boca Raton Florida

The Global Syn Turf team is always professional, quick and efficient. It doesn't matter if we send 1 or 10 orders a day, I know they'll get the turf to us asap with no issues. Not to mention the grass is the best quality out there. There are a few other suppliers that have similar quality but what wins us over is the speed and consistency that GST offers.


Tallahassee Florida
I'm a contractor for installing artificial turf for the last 25 years and I just started using the Global Syn Turf products. Another contractor referred me to this company and I received some of their samples and I was very impressed. I just finished my first job using Global Syn Turf products and I was amazed at the ease of installation and seeming. Some artificial turf are not easy to seem but the Global Syn Turf product was amazing. The product looks very realistic and it's soft to the touch and you literally cannot see the seams when you install it. There's something about how the blades of grass are omnidirectional they almost look like different heights and it covers up Annie imperfections of the installation process. From a contractor standpoint you can't beat this cuz you want to get the job done and you want to get it done fast but you wanted to look good. Realistically that's the only way to make money is to get in and out and keep your labor costs down. I want to thank globalsynturf and my cell representative Dave and I could not be happier with the turf products. 

Oakland Park Florida

The team at Global Syn Turf helped me tremendously throughout the turf buying process. I knew what I wanted for my lawn to look like but I just didn't know what kind of turf or accessories to get. I also had no idea about anything installation related. I gave them a call and told them what I wanted and the situation and was catered to fast and efficiently. The communication was on point, the rep knew exactly what I wanted and got me the turf I needed. Very grateful for the service you guys have provided, thank you.


Naples Florida

 I needed turf for my backyard and found Global Syn Turf online.  I called and spoke with Dave and he taught me everything I needed to know about the artificial turf on one call.  He referred me to an installer in my area named Mario that helped me out.  He installed the best looking S Blade 50 grass in my backyard.  Thanks Dave and Mario and Global Syn Turf for your help.


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