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Does the life span of artificial turf shorten from physical activity?

| May 18 12:45 PM

If your artificial grass is used for sports such as soccer or football, does this reduce the lifespan of it? By how much?

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It is the law of physics, the more of the wear and tear, the less of the lifespan of artificial grass, there is no question about it. Artificial grass made for sports or other heavily used applications should be more durable with the designs for such applications in mind. The fibers are thicker and more resilient. In the sports artificial grass world, most of the products are warranted by time of play or usage, the lifespan on an artificial turf surface being played on 24/7 will last much shorter than that of being played on 1-2 hours a day. So there is no absolute answer to your question, it is all depends on the average daily usage time of artificial grass surface also what specifically the wears and tears are. You will find that all the warranties on the sports applications will specify at what activists with what length of the playing time in certain intervals (day, week or month), and your grass will last how long. Very typical in the sports field world, an artificial grass will last at least 5-8 years with playing time of a few hours a day. Again, such averages can change due to the product designs, product costs along with other factors such as weather and maintenance. We will be more than happy to discuss further on details regarding your project and provide better estimates and guidelines, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or this online form to get connected with a GST expert:

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