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Artificial grass is the only best solutions for rooftops as the real grass won't grow. If people want to have lawn settings and landscape on a rooftop, the artificial grass is the only way to go! For the rooftop artificial grass installations, since you can't do excavations to create and build a sub base for an effective drain system, you will need to use drain boards instead for your base so the water will drain properly, therefore installation of artificial grass on a rooftop requires special expertise and need to be performed by professionals with good experiences and skillsets. 

I won't recommend people to DIY on rooftop turf installation as you would want to have a beautiful installation yet not damage your roof which can be a big disaster.

We have experts can answer any of your specific questions regarding the rooftop artificial grass installations, you can reach us via phone, email or simply fill out this online form:


It depends on if your installation to be permanent or temporary. 

If your installation is permanent for indoors, you can use nails to secure the perimeters of your artificial grass, then use turf glues. 

If your artificial grass over hardwood floor installation is permanent for outdoors, besides using nails along the edges and turf glues, you should also add infills on the turf surface.

if your turf installation over hardwood floor is temporary, I will suggest you to use heavy duty double sided carpet tapes or Velcro to hold the turf in place.

You can always reach us directly by phone or email if you have further questions regarding your application.


This is a good question, the answer is NO: the sands infills on the artificial grass won't get in the house. On average, we suggest to use 2 lbs of infills per square foot on artificial turf, once infills applied onto the artificial grass surface with proper brushing, the sands will find its way to the bottom of the artificial grass, you will not see them or feel them once infill is done. So when you are walking on the infilled artificial grass surface, you will not make contacts with the infill sands, and they will get in the house. 


In my own opinion, yes, all artificial turf needs to have proper infills and an installation with infills will perform better and last longer than any non-infill artificial grass surfaces in general. The infilled artificial grass surfaces provide the following benefits:

1. Hold the turf in place with extra weight to minimize the expansions and contractions of the grass surface due to the temperature change. In a long run, infills will help to prevent the failure of edges or joint seams as the turf won't move as much as temperature changes.

2. For putting green artificial grass surfaces, infills will help to increase the ball speed, the rule of thumb is the more of the infill, the faster the ball travels (stimpmeter).

3. Infilled grass will also help artificial grass to stand up better.

You might see some marketing promotions out of there saying some of the artificial grass requires no infills, do not fall to it. Such products will not be able to provide the benefits of above for you.


Yes, with a lot of consistent heavy traffic and use, the artificial grass will get flattened over time. Even though our turf are all engineered with the best resilience possible, but you simply can't overcome the law of physics. You can prevent such issues by adding more infills which will help the fibers standing up better and longer, or brushing/raking the turf periodically after use. However, most people will leave it alone as the integrity of the artificial grass is in tact and you might not want to spend much time to keep up with it, all the functions and benefits of artificial grass will not be compromised even though the fibers flattened during time....


Yes, all our artificial grass is covered with 15 year limited warranty and you can find the detailed warranty information on this link by clicking on each product:


Yes, you are not going to damage the turf by simply walking on it during snowy winter days. Actually nothing different than your walking on the artificial turf surface during a regular summer day. Like any other surfaces such as your driveways, you will need to be careful when walking on a snow covered artificial turf surface or any other surface as it can get slippery.


If you are allergic to airborne grass pollens, artificial grass will be your solution! Our artificial grass is not known of having any allergic concerns or at least we have not had any complains regarding artificial grass causing allergic problems for people or pet. The simply way of explaining this is that as long as you are not allergic to plastic, you wouldn't be allergic to artificial grass. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have further concerns by phone or email regarding this topic.

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Yes, we can provide you the samples you requested, please give us a call at 1 877 796 8873 or fill out this online form so we can get back to you ASAP:


Your artificial grass will be super easy to clean. Anything goes on it, you can simply wipe it off or rinse them off, very easy! Depends on how big of your artificial lawn and how big of the spilled area, of your spilled area is small, all you need to do is to spray some detergent and use a paper towel to wipe it off. If the spilled area is big, you can use your garden hose to simply rinse it off, if you want to clean it better, you should use some detergent to do so. You can do the same practice to clean your artificial lawns in general.


Most our artificial grass come in a width oa 15’ and the length can be either 75’ or 100’ generally speaking, we do not into the width, but custom cut the length based on the orders. So you can order the turf at 1 foot incremental by 15’, such as 15’ x 1’, 15’ x 2’ all the way to 15’x75’ or 15x100’. You can always reach us by toll free 1 877 796 8897 or fill out this online form if you have any further questions:

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Artificial grass is very durable and can be washed by any type of detergents that not abrasive. If you feel that simply using water is not going to do a thorough clean for your turf, I will suggest you to try with some mild detergent to see how the result will be, it regular mild detergent can do the job, you don't have to use more heavy duty type. Depending on the size of your artificial turf, I will always suggest you to use a garden hose, and get a hose attached bottle to fill with detergent, then simply spray! If you want to sanitize the turf or get rid of any smells, you can vinegar in the attached bottle and spray down the artificial grass! 

Please always feel free to reach us on any other concerns or questions you might have by phone, email or our online form:


Infills are always important for artificial grass installations as it will not only help turf fibers standing up but also minimize the expansions and contractions of the grass to prevent wrinkles, seam and edge failures. To your specific question, in my opinion, sand is not the best infill, but the most expensive option. Most of people choose sand infills as it does the job without breaking the budget, there is nothing wrong with sand being an infill product, all other options such as green color and antimicrobial coated products will give you extra upgrades and also cost more.  

It will be perfectly fine for you to use sand as infills as it will get the job done. However, if your budget allows, you can go with upgraded version of infills such as green sand, antimicrobial coated sand, zeolite or TCool. Here is the link to all our infill products:

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Well, this is a very tough question to answer. Extreme climates such as extreme hot weather can damage the artificial grass. Give the fact of artificial turf is made of plastic components, extreme hot will ultimately get turf melted. But artificial turf can withstand pretty well in colder climates only that the fibers will get a bit stiffer in the cold environment. I remember seeing a picture of trash can got melted by the heat in Arizona, think about the fact of artificial grass fiber compare to a heavy duty trash can, if the trash bin can be melted, the chances of the turf getting melted also can be true. Just a reminder, our warranty doesn't cover any melting damages on the turf.

Here is the link for the garbage bin melting news:


This is a very good question! We have met with people with similar concerns. Our artificial grass is designed and made with excellent drainage system, so water will find its very easily to get through and into the ground to feed the trees without any problems. However, as most landscapers will done when installing regular grass lawns, they leave a big circle or square around the tree and simply have either soil or mulch inside the box: not only for design but also help with tree watering purpose. You can do exactly the same with artificial lawn installations: you can use either wonderedge or bender board to finish off the box, that's it! Here are the links to the edging materials available on our website:

If you need further help, please fill out this online form and one of our experts will reach out to you directly:


Yes, you can lay artificial grass on decking. If you are doing this because your decking is getting old, I would suggest you to make sure that your decking is structural sound. Once covered with artificial turf, you won't see the decking surface and you need to be cautious about it if your decking is getting old. Other than that, all you need is either the turf glue or nails to install the turf over decking. If you are dealing with a large decking area, I will recommend you to have professional installers to help out. Here are the links for our turf glue and nails, and please feel free to reach to us if you have any other questions:


All our artificial grass products are designed and manufactured with excellent drainage capabilities. On average, our turf can drain 50-100 inches per hour, such capacity can handle the biggest rain pours with an ease. Some specialty products such as Pet Turf can drain even more and faster to take care of dog urine in a fast and effective way. You can find the permeability report for each of our product at the following link, and always feel free to reach us if you need personal assistance by phone or email:


Artificial grass itself is not abrasive and won't hurt skins, however, when motions get involved such as sliding on an artificial grass surface, frictions can be a problem. Like any surfaces regardless the materials, when people slide on them, there will be frictions and depends on people weight and distance of the slide, harm might happen to skins, again such concerns can be for any type of surfaces. Therefore, I strongly suggest to have your kids wear proper protections such as elbow and knee wraps while playing fierce sports on artificial grass. 

For general soft plays and use of artificial turf, the lawn surface will be perfectly safe for you and your kids, and you won't need to worry much about "artificial lawn being abrasive to skin".

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us via phone or email so we can offer more expert insides to you. Or fill out this online form:


Our artificial grass requires very minimum maintenances if any. Here are some of scenarios when it comes to artificial turf maintenances:

If you are installing the artificial grass in a busy area with a lot of traffic and usage, you will need to periodically brush or rake up the grass as they fibers will lay down faster than less traffic areas. However, if fibers laying down doesn't bother you, you can leave them as it without worrying about it. 

If you have your artificial grass installed in slope areas or your turf with short blades, from time to time you might want to add some infills as after a long while, your original infills might get wash away.

In most of cases that there is limited traffic and minimum usages such as most people's front yard, there is almost nothing to be done on your artificial grass once installed. We have so many customers that never have done any maintenance on their artificial grass lawns years after they were installed. Maybe just to blow off the leaves on it and that is it.

For more information regarding your question, you can always visit this link on our website, under each product there is maintenance page on it;


We have a great answer to a same question of yours in the previous post, please look into this link for details and always feel free to reach out to us should you have any further questions or concerns:

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