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How do you remove debris from artificial grass?

| Jan 13 6:41 PM

Do you recommend calling a professional for thorough cleaning to prevent them from damage and keep it looking its best.

1 Answer

It is very easy to remove debris from artificial grass lawns, here are some of my suggestions: 

You can use garden brooms or rakes to remove leaves or light items.

You can use garden hose to rinse off dust or clean off the grass.

You can use blowers to blow items off the lawn, exactly the same way as your landscapers blowing debris off real grass lawns.

You also can use power washers to power spray the turf: an ultimate cleaning solution!

Keep in mind that when you are using your garden hose to rinse off the artificial grass, you can always attach detergent or pet neutralizer to better clean the turf or get rid of pet urine odors.

Jan 14
These are great suggestions. Saving these for later. Thank you!
Jan 14
I'll try to avoid using rakes, I'm afraid the artificial grass will shred.
Jan 15
Relief to know that I can vacuum it. My kids love eating at it and I'm afraid the falling tiny food will attract ants.
Jan 15
awesome tips!
Jan 15
Wow, this is very easy. Thanks

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