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How is artificial grass a good investment?

| Mar 23 5:17 PM

Besides saving water, what other reasons are there to get artificial grass? Does it look better than normal grass? Is it family and pet friendly? What external factors are often overlooked before deciding to switch to artificial grass?

1 Answer

Artificial grass is a good investment for your property for this following reasons:

1. It saves water in the long run: the normal life span for artificial grass is between 15 and 25 years, and most of the homeowners can get their initial investment back within 3-4 years, and enjoy it for the rest of the lifespan. On average, sixty percent of a household's water bill goes to watering real grass lawns, and the long term savings can be tremendous in a long run.

2. Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free, the savings of all the maintenance costs for the time you are having artificial grass is also a big deal, not to mention the hassles of maintaining a real grass lawn.

3. More importantly, today's artificial grass has become almost exact the replica of real grass, so having artificial grass will not lose the beauty or landscape appearance of grass lawns. 

4. Artificial grass has huge environmental advantages over real grass: it eliminates the air pollution generated by lawn mower, it eliminates the soil and underground water contamination. And of course it saves our precious water resources.

5. Most of developers now days are having artificial grass as an upgrade option for new houses or properties. 

You will not regret with your decisions on switching to artificial grass from real grass, it will prove to be a great investment for you! Please feel free to reach us with any further questions or comments via phone, email or fill out this form online:

Mar 25
I would definitely say its a good investment. A lot of water and time saved on my part
Mar 26
My clients think its a great investment
Mar 26
My mom only bought artificial grass for one thing: water bill reduction!
Mar 27
Great investments and alternative for playgrounds

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