How is grass fixed to hard floors?

| Feb 12 4:11 AM

I know that it is being nailed on wood. How about on concrete?

2 Answers

It depends on if your installation to be permanent or temporary. 

If your installation is permanent for indoors, you can use nails to secure the perimeters of your artificial grass, then use turf glues. 

If your artificial grass over hardwood floor installation is permanent for outdoors, besides using nails along the edges and turf glues, you should also add infills on the turf surface.

if your turf installation over hardwood floor is temporary, I will suggest you to use heavy duty double sided carpet tapes or Velcro to hold the turf in place.

You can always reach us directly by phone or email if you have further questions regarding your application.

Feb 13
Our installer used nails and infills on our artificial grass. We installed it in our backyard so I want to be sure that it will be fixed permanently and will not tear off.
Feb 13
I am planning to have a mini garden inside my house and use artificial grass. I did not know how to secure the grass so thank you for this info!
Feb 16
My friend had her turf installed on a concrete. It still looks okay.

  Using some glue we were able to install it on our roof. Only ensure that the glue adheres to the base by using a broom to clear small debris and to ensure that the surface is dry before the artificial turf is installed.

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