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Is artificial grass repairable?

| Feb 4 5:15 AM

My artificial grass has a hole because my uncle accidentally dropped his cigarette on it. Can I repair that?

1 Answer

The artificial grass itself is not repairable: for an example, if you damaged the fibers of the grass, you won't be able to fix it. However, the overall installation can be repaired. This is very much like carpet in your house, if you have your carpet stained, and not able to remove it, you can fix this problem by cutting out the stained piece and replace with a new piece: to patch it up. Artificial grass repairs can be done the same way, if you have an area of the turf damaged, you can cut it out and use a new piece to patch it up. One thing you need to make sure that it will be the best to use the leftover pieces from your original installations so the dye lot of the turf matching up perfectly, even so, if your original installation has been done for a long while, your new patched in piece probably won't look and feel the exact match as your original installed turf has already been weathered with wear and tear on them. 

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Feb 5
This happened to me before. My dog gnawed the blades of my artificial grass so what I did was cut the part that was damaged, then patched it with a new one. Good thing I kept the excess artificial grass before.
Feb 5
That does not sound like a problem to me since I can cut it anytime I like.
Feb 5
Absolutely! If there is a damaged area, I can cut it out, and replace it with a new piece.
Feb 6
I patched my artificial grass once too but the the color kinda mismatched a bit. It's not too noticeable unless you stare at it.
Feb 6
I don't think so. But considering its durability, I think it's not too bad. Besides, you can cut the damaged piece and it'll look great again.

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