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Is it possible to replace certain parts of artificial grass?

| Apr 29 10:27 AM

If a portion of my artificial lawn gets damaged or stained, is it possible to have only that portion replaced or will I have to replace the entire lawn?

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Yes, it is very easy to replace a section of artificial grass should you need to. The installation and repair on artificial grass are very similar to that of carpets. If you have a stain or damaged area of your carpet, all you need to do is to cut the bad section out as a perfect square then patch it up with a matching piece, for artificial grass, the process is the same. Three of things you need to make sure of:

1. At the initial installations of your artificial grass, you want to keep some leftover pieces for any possible future needs

2. When you are patching up a section of your turf using the leftovers, you might notice the difference between “new” and “used”, given time, the difference will be diminishing. 

3. You will need good carpet knife, seaming tape and glues to do the patching work. If you are not comfortable doing the work yourself, I will strongly recommend you to find a professional to do the job for you.

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