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How to Install Artificial Grass. Part 2.

Artificial grass installation can be a fun process to watch. After we prepare our base, it is time to roll out our synthetic turf. Thank you our unbelievable crew and our wonderful hosts, Shereen and Richard for their hospitality and support. Dave Maronic will walk you through every step of installation.

Base installation riding blue truck artificial grass

How to Install Artificial Grass? First Part - Base Preparation

The base preparation is the most important part in synthetic turf installation. Grass is as good as it is foundation. Learn with Dave Maronic and our amazing Ron's crew how much fun it can be to install artificial turf, especially when it's being installed in the most beautiful place in Northern California, Lake of the Pines.

Artificial Grass Installation. Seaming with Dave. Part 2

Straddle the seam with staples. The seam is gone. With EasySeam seaming machine you can not only put the seam together in seconds, you can also take the seam apart and reactivate areas that are a little bit apart. It is very easy.

Artificial Grass Installation. Seaming with Dave. Part 1

Start seaming with EasySeam - new seaming technology that glues your seams in seconds. With no mess. No problem. Just line up the specialty tape, click on the power button and the EasySeam machine activates the tape using Radio Frequency waves. And one person can do the seam.

Global Syn-Turf Grand Opening in Los Angeles, California

We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our new location in Los Angeles, California. As a manufacturer of the artificial grass in United States, we strive to bring our products closer to our customers. There is no secret in the industry that Global Syn-Turf, Inc. has the largest inventory in the country.

Bernhard Langer backyard putting greens golf

Exceptional Character of Golf Legend: Bernhard Langer

Discipline and perseverance play a vital role in Bernhard Langer' success as a golfer. A healthy lifestyle, everyday golf practice, and workouts, devotion to a higher cause, makes him an exceptional man and a golf legend as a consequence.

Artificial Grass in Cold Weather Conditions

There has never been a more critical time in history for environmental concern! The scale of damage to our environment from human-generated activities is at an all-time high - So high, in fact, that it could be too late to rectify some issues. Now more than ever before people are aware of the shortage of water and the damage caused by carbon dioxide emissions and pollution. They see the effects of climate change in their everyday lives.

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