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Artificial Grass, Fake Grass Installation in Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Artificial Grass | Synthetic Turf Sister Bay Wisconsin

Installing artificial grass in Sister Bay, Wisconsin is a great solution if you have an area where grass simply will not grow because conditions are too acidic, shady, wet, or overused. You can use it successfully for a bocci court, under redwoods, and for dog runs (pet turf is made specifically for dogs). It does heat up under the bright sun though some types of synthetic turf have been developed to mitigate that problem. Unique KoolMax technology, for example, keep artificial grass 15% cooler than any other type of grass. Hollow Blade has been invented to keep the temperature of the lawn stable.

An artificial lawn has the benefit over the natural grass of not needing water (not to mention fertilizing, weeding, or mowing ), but it still needs to be sprayed clean with the hose. If you have dogs, it can cleaned more often. Artificial grass requires no continuous maintenance or water to look good. Since you don't need to mow or water, you can create thin strips or tight curves that might be hard to maintain using natural grass. Fake grass comes on a roll, so circles and curves cost more since you are still paying for the corners you cut off.

Global Syn-Turf fake grass comes with a warranty of 10 years and lasts up to twenty years.

Artificial turf has many advantages, especially if you live in Door County. It doesn't require mowing, watering, or feeding; it's always green; and it's as soft as natural grass. From a distance, it's impossible to tell the real from the fake.

Lawns can take a real battering in the garden when children regularly play and may often need patching or repairing. By using artificial turf instead, this garden looks fun and enticing for adults and children yet will be sturdy to stand up to sports, games, and general wear and tear. Another great benefit is that the surface won't get muddy, so you are less likely to bring dirt into the house.

In this design, the artificial grass looks vibrant and natural, and is an attractive alternative to real grass. Artificial turf is ideal if you're short on a place; you don't need a space to store a mower.

Eliminating a major expense, such as watering and maintaining a lawn, is a novel opportunity that completely pays for itself. Rising costs of fueling lawn maintenance equipment and watering your lawn make it difficult to keep your lawn looking its best. Now is the ideal time to take advantage of all the benefits Global Syn-Turf has to offer. All this while producing beautiful, earth-friendly landscape to help you do your part for the environment.

Living in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, it's no surprise that most people turn to artificial grass landscaping. It's perfect when you have to garden and landscape and save water. It simply makes sense. And there's a lot of room for creativity in the field of landscape design. There are plethora of reasons why getting live grass for your lawn wouldn't be a good idea, but the use of synthetic grass may give your backyard/patio the look and feel that you've wished for.

There are many varieties of artificial grass (more than 75 types of artificial grass produced by Global Syn-Turf), coming in different colors, lengths, shades, and designs. Our artificial grass simulates well-known grass varieties in such a manner that few will notice them until they're up close.

Seeding, fertilizing, sodding, and mowing can all be a hassle, and considerably expensive. Watering the grass will also prove a huge expense, particularly given the weather in the state of Wisconsin. Rather than pay excessive water bills to have natural grass in the backyard, why not have realistic fake grass instead that won't cost a fortune to keep looking good?

Our intention is always to encourage you make the best decisions based on your imagination. We will work closely with you, helping to make refinements to your ideas.

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