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The modern generation of artificial turf is a grass-like outdoor carpet that imitates lush natural grass in function and appearance. When used on sports fields, it gives a steady year-round, all-weather playing exterior built to withstand prolonged use without downtime for regeneration. As a landscape surface, synthetic grass provides a low maintenance, weed-free lawn that doesn't require watering and fertilizing and is available in ways that look like the grass types that are common locally.

Today, synthetic grass installation includes a drainage layer, a special backing system, and resilient "grass" blades that are infilled with a natural filler to match natural lawn. "Infilled" means that the grass blades are covered with top sand, or organic infill to provide the required stability, uniformity, and resiliency. Each blade stands above the infill granules. The particular activity requirements determine the typical blade length and system properties. In some cases, the synthetic grass installation includes a pad or elastic layer beneath the grass, often in combination with lower height and less infill.

Synthetic turf is an intelligent solution for athletic fields and landscape that becomes unsafe and deformed from overuse or severe climate conditions. Real grass field just cannot remain resilient and green to support heavy traffic during a week, or when the game is played under the rain, or during the months when it's too hot or too cold for grass to grow. Most sports complexes need to serve multiple games and activities on the same field, and the cost of maintaining natural grass in combination with the need of conserving water leads to no-maintenance, waterless artificial grass solutions. Today's synthetic grass meet safety requirement, lead-free, and gives the experience of playing on the best sports fields.

Homeowners can have an entire lawn of artificial turf installed or apply it in distinct areas: between pavers in a courtyard, in a driveway, under swing sets., and around swimming pools. There are types of synthetic grass for pet owners that incorporate a drainage system to allow pet's urine drain quickly through the turf's backing to prevent the smell.

In the last five years, we have introduced fibers with a lower luster, thinner and softer blades to make the appearance and feel of the grass more realistic. While synthetic turf has been used heavily for professional sports fields applications since early 70th, artificial lawns grew more popular among homeowners as the quality synthetic products became more affordable.

Global Syn-Turf artificial grass can mimic the appearance, feel and performance of real grass in practically any industrial, business or home environment and under the most intense soil and weather conditions. Global Syn-Turf synthetic grass lawns for your home are remarkably durable and can withstand severe temperatures. Our artificial turf is designed to perform in cold, or hot, wet and dry climates. Our artificial grass is the perfect, durable option for grassy spaces that tired from heavy use, or area that are especially difficult to maintain under standard conditions.

Global Syn-Turf artificial grass is engineered for durability, performance and appearance in an extensive variety of uses. Playground synthetic grass offer a fabulous safe environment for children to play. Lawn grass can be a grand alternative to natural grass in any home setting. Maybe you live in an area with extreme weather conditions or need to support water conservation efforts. Or perhaps you have grassy areas that undergo heavy foot traffic. We offer a solution with our artificial turf products that can transform your ideas and dreams into reality. With Global Syn-Turf's artificial grass, you can enjoy the high-quality, low-maintenance lawn looking perfect year-round. Experience the softer feel, superior "spring-back", and low maintenance of our amazing synthetic grass products. Our artificial turf is so handy that is can be installed in roadway medians, outdoor areas in restaurants, horseshoe pits, backyard, playground and school recreation areas, bocce ball courts, athletic facilities, and commercial and municipal green areas.

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