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Artificial Grass San Diego, Fake Grass, Synthetic Turf

San Diego, California

In their desire to escape routine yard work and save water, many San Diego, California homeowners replacing their water-thirsty lawns with artificial grass. Synthetic grass helps to create outdoor spaces safe for children and enjoyable for families to spend invaluable time together.

Artificial grass industry has been growing 20 percent every each for the past seven years.

Most homeowners who consider synthetic lawn realize that this move will save them a lot of time, money, and also it will help the environment. They also find it beautiful and more attractive than their old natural lawns.

Most of us are spending hours in the yard, trimming and mowing the natural lawn, and it's never perfect. To keep it healthy insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers are used, and it is not environmentally sound and safe solution. Lawn mowers run on gas increasing fumes in the air.

With synthetic lawns in San Diego, you say "No" to the drudgery of lawn maintenance, significantly cut off water bills, and reduce contamination of underground water.

Artificial Grass San Diego provides lead-free, environmentally save solution for all budgets. We have more than 75 types of grass of different shape, size, and colors. The infills we recommend are organic and include special types of sands, and organic materials as, for example, volcano ash, introduced in Zeoflll, the infill that helps to control odors. Zeofill is the best solution if you have dogs. It is 100% Clinoptilolite Zeolite which doesn't contain quarts, which provides safety for children and pets. We do not recommend rubber infill, which is commonly used by other companies.

Local water districts in San Diego, California view artificial grass as a solution to cut the water use in San Diego County. One square foot of natural lawn can absorb 46 gallons of water every year, and it accounts for large savings of water statewide.

Artificial Grass San Diego gives the 10-year manufacturer warranty, and the grass lasts 15 to 20 years in average. With the rapidly growing demand in San Diego, local companies can't provide a sufficient amount of synthetic turf for everyone, and in most cases, you need to wait for the product to be manufactured which can take months before the installer can start working on your project.

Global Syn-Turf in San Diego has the largest manufacturing capacity than anyone else in the San Diego County, and across the United States. We have the largest inventory of artificial grass in the country, and with our warehouse in San Diego, California, you will receive synthetic turf in a matter of days. Our motto is "Best Products, Best Service, Best Prices." We are paying the great attention to details, and deliver the highest quality artificial grass that looks and feels like a real grass.

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