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Synthetic Grass, Artificial Turf West Hollywood, California

West Hollywood, California

High-quality synthetic turf landscaping will provide you with much more than a lush green lawn and a means of conserving water. If installed properly, your new lawn is an investment in your property, improving your lifestyle by giving a beautiful and always available usable space for your home.

Our customers in West Hollywood, California are thrilled about how their lives have transformed for the better since they invested in a Global Syn-Turf artificial grass. They are astonished at the results and infinite benefits it presents, usually above their original expectations. Picture how much an attractive, problem-free, fresh landscape would enhance your family's lifestyle.

Global Syn-Turf installs artificial turf engineered with advanced space-age fibers, yarns, and backing to imitate the look and feel of luxurious, natural grass. Unlike native grass, our synthetic turf stays green year round and is not sensitive to brown spots, muddy patches, weeds, and holes.

Global Syn-Turf artificial grass of Los Angeles County is easy to install. It requires minimal watering, completely no mowing, and zero fertilizing. The best part is that it still stays green all year long without time and money a natural grass landscape requires.

Safety is everything when we speak about people we love. The beauty of Global Syn-Turf is that our fake grass is not just a beautiful appearance. It offers a forgiving and long-lasting lawn for children to play, explore, and grow on. That makes Global Syn-Turf perfect for homes, schools, playgrounds, and parks. Our turf surface does not include any harmful traces of chemicals such as lead so that you can experience more peace of mind.

Dogs and other pets give our artificial pet grass pet two paws up! It's easy to clean and won't be riddle with hideous holes or urine spots. Most of all, our pet turf is odor resistant and a quick to clean, requiring the rare rinsing with a hose. Animal hospitals, dog boarding kennels, breeders, and pet owners are enjoying the benefits that artificial turf offers them and their furry friends!

Artificial grass helps to reduce water use, to eliminate the need for lawn mowers and requires zero pesticides. Those are key environmental benefits of installing artificial grass in West Hollywood, California.

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