San Diego Artificial Grass Backyard

San Diego Artificial Grass Backyard

San Diego, California

Oversized backyard in San Diego offers no-maintenance, always green, beautiful look and significantly lower surface temperatures for hot summer months of Southern California. We are on a mission to make beautiful lawns in San Diego greener by having them be more water efficient. Save water and time; our turf has a 15-year warranty.

Featuring Super Natural 80 Synthetic Turf
Complete Backyard Renovation with Artificial Grass
Backyard with Natural Stone Featuring Synthetic Grass
San Diego Artificial Grass Backyard
Backyard Landscape Complete Renovation

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Artificial Grass multi-color, multi-shapes blades and double thatch. Super Natural 80 Global Syn-Turf.

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Aug 6
The difference is in specs. Super Natural 60 has a shorte pile height of 1.77 inches compared to 1.97 inches for Super Natural 80. It's also less dense - 60 ounces per square yard. Super Natural 80 naturally has 80 ounces in face weight. Otherwise, the quality, colors, blades, and other characteristic are the same. You can ask our installers to bring samples so that you can feel and see a difference for yourself.

Thank you for your question.

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