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Backyard Putting Green: Practice Golf

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What is more comfortable than having a putting green right in your backyard? The game of golf is won on the putting greens. Golfer interested in improving their game, focus heavily on the short game. Finding time to spend at the country club or driving range is desirable but not always possible, so maybe putting would be a less of a challenge if we had a daily access to putting greens.

A Global Syn-Turf Putting Green makes practicing a short game much easier and much more convenient. Even 10 minutes a day practice can significantly improve your results over time. With synthetic putting greens you can use any space available in your backyard without compromising your entertainment area.

Artificial grass fibers "grow" anywhere without maintenance or watering; in shady spots under the stairs, on your patio, deck or under the trees. Artificial grass can take any form to fit your landscape and create a personal golf course you can use in hot summer months or in freezing temperatures. Putting greens drain well, do not fade or discolor, looks like natural putting greens, and last for up to 20 years.

Does artificial putting greens offer a ball speed similar to the green of a professional golf course? Yes, it does. In fact, you can control it by adding or deleting the infill. With the real putting greens no matter how big or small it is, the largest expense is a regular upkeep. Mowing, fertilizing, watering, keeping off weeds can be tiring. It is almost impossible to maintain private golf course without professional lawn care team.

In old times, they say if you are not Scottish, you can't maintain a golf course. Since Scotland had the most golf courses in Europe, they had a monopoly in the art of greenskeeping. The putting greens upkeeping is a meticulous business. The daily mowing to the correct height, precise adjustments of mowers, cleaning, and sharpening of blades take a lot of time, experience and dedication. Brushing, verticutting, and rolling must be used to increase the speed of greens. For some types of grass, too frequent mowing can put a grass under stress and reduce root growth for several years. Overwatering of greens lead to poor playing conditions and infestations of weeds and algae. Excess fertilization can affect density, rate, color, disease activity and the putting quality of golf greens. While natural putting greens can be the only choice for professional golf courses, for an average golf course and in residential settings, artificial putting green is a life saver. There are also environmental benefits that make artificial putting greens a better choice.

In areas where the use of water is limited by water authorities, putting greens becomes a luxury, not everyone can afford. The community effort in saving water resources in drought-sensitive states is threatening to the golf industry. Most golf courses' water conservation strategy is a mystery. Ideally, using a recycled water and measuring the moisture of greens with meters and computer technology, can solve a raising public concern, but the drought is making fairways rough. No one can expect to have a perfect golf anywhere.

In states where the climate is humid, and rain is frequent, the putting green becomes wet, muddy and unusable for extended periods. Golf seasons are dictated to a great extent by weather and turf conditions. After snowy and icy winters, the opening seasons are unpredictable. Processions of rain and heat can turn the golf season into a grim slog followed by extended maintenance and golfer's frustration.

There is some criticism of practicing on synthetic putting greens by golfers community. There is also an elevating interest in artificial putting greens among golf champions. Today, most professional golfers install synthetic putting green in their backyard. Becoming good or, better, the great in golf takes deliberate practice. It takes hours to master a skill. While golf courses are closed during the winter, not accessible in extreme weather conditions, synthetic greens provide practice anytime, anywhere.

Every Global Syn-Turf Putting Greens installation is built to exact blueprints producing the most attractive, high-performing practice surface available today. Our innovative infilled putting green system looks and reacts just like a genuine putting green grass but without the daily maintenance. Green speeds and outlines are engineered to your preference for challenging practice, providing feedback that will truly improve your game. Global Syn-Turf is the most realistic, functional, high performing artificial grass system on the market.

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