Dry Rock Japanese Garden with Arching Bridge

Charleston South Carolina

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a stroll in your beautiful private garden filled with loads of green goodness. For a family living in the rush of city life and surrounded by concrete or grass, it is indeed a refreshing change of setting and pace. But crafting a stunning landscape while making it easy and not so expensive to maintain, can be done. Even you are not blessed to have a natural stream in your backyard; you can add a whimsical impression with a captivating garden bridge over a dried creek made out of river rocks.

Inspired by Japanese garden design, the place emphasizes tranquility and balance and is built to represent paradise. Arching wooden bridge, lanterns and cranes feel at home in this backyard. It introduces some man-made elements but keeps the lines smooth and organic, creating an inviting spot to escape and meditate in a tranquil and calm environment.

Super Natural 80 is an ideal choice if you have a Japanese garden in mind. The textures of the landscape are essential to creating a special non-man-made feel. Unlike more synthetic turf, Super Natural 80 is designed of five distinct colors; lush shades of emerald, field and lime green with an added benefits of beige to replicate the look and feel of natural grass. A double-color brown and green thatch adds a plushy, soft cushion to the field.

You may notice that the lines of the lawn are carefully defined. You need your lines and angles well rounded, rough, and organic. All elements in the garden work together as in nature. This is also why statues and figurines come in odd numbers. It helps with that natural asymmetry.

The small, enclosed structure of a backyard is perfect for Japanese garden as it must make an impression of a microcosm. Most Japanese gardens surrounded by walls that don't let the outside world upset the stunning, carefully designed balance.

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