Artificial Grass Around Trees. Lakewood, California

Artificial Grass Around Trees. Lakewood, California

Lakewood, California

Big trees can be a big annoyance when it comes to surface roots. Once the roots of large trees attack your lawn surface, you can disregard the grass can grow. One solution is to eliminate the tree completely, but many home caretakers are reluctant to do that. Another answer is to stop trying to grow grass over the roots. A third, less known option, is to install the artificial turf.

Artificial grass has been used primarily on athletic fields in the past, where installing it over the roots of a tree was never an issue. Synthetic grass is popular with some home gardeners, however, due to its long-lasting quality and the reality that it requires less upkeep than natural lawn. Homeowners do not need to be too concerned about the consequences of large tree roots on artificial turf, but they must make sure that the tree roots are not damaged. Most companies believe that the fake grass can be placed directly over the roots of a large tree without harming them. Not only that, they think that unlike mulch or natural grass, synthetic turf can be installed right up to the tree's trunk. The results can be devastating. In most cases, synthetic grass does not harm the roots of a big tree, but there are a few exceptions.

Without water and air access, tree roots are not able to receive nutrition and oxygen, and after a couple of years, the trees dry up and die. Artificial grass does not work as mulch. It does stifle weed growth, but it insulates the roots and can hurt the tree roots. As the manufacturer of the artificial turf in the United States, we highly recommend taking one extra step to keep the roots moisturized and let it "breath."

If you choose the type of artificial grass that can get very hot, it can benefit tropical and subtropical trees. But for trees that prosper in cold climates, the ground can get too tropical - especially during unusually hot and dry seasons. Artificial turf is desirable to install over large trees that grow best in warm states, such as the southern oak.

One good way of installing synthetic grass on the landscape with trees is to leave a circle around trees instead of covering the trunk's base. It will help you to water, fertilize a tree as needed. Also, when leaves fall from a tree and a debris drops, you can work it into the circle rather than raking it our of the lawn.

Lukas Williams from Lakewood, California is a teacher, a writer, and the father of three girls. Raised on an organic farm, he is an avid gardener and believes that good growth starts with a supportive, rich foundation - a philosophy that serves him well in both gardening and teaching. It may shock some people that a devoted organic landscaper would suggest that the synthetic turf could have any advantages at all, in Lakewood, time is money. Lukas believes that artificial grass is helpful in certain situations. For example, we all know that side yards are not easy difficult to landscape since the hot sun can fluctuate with too much shade. In such a situation artificial grass can provide a surface that takes no upkeep, looks good year-round, and saves untold amounts of valuable irrigation water. A few colorful potted plants and vines can complete the look. You can even cover the entire area with a shade structure.

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