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Artificial Grass Cost Calculator. Water and money you save

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

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Artificial Grass Calculator: Materials

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Swimming Pool Design with Synthetic Grass in Paradise, California

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For a fresh shot on designing your new swimming pool and patio area, consider synthetic lawn instead of traditional, high maintenance grass. A strip of green extending around your pool can provide a distinguished backyard setting along with compelling advantages for your lifestyle. Two key strategies to using grass are possible for your "deck" configuration. One is to forgo all hard-deck materials and make your swimming pool "deck" entirely from the grass.

Surrounded by greenery, your pool area will have a more relaxed, natural appearance. You can opt to include a stepping stone or a brick walkway that extends from the pool steps along a path that swimmers are most likely to take, such as to the home's back door or a grill area.

With this combination method, a common technique is to place the hardscape material in the area that receives the most use. Frequently, this is the stretch on one side of the pool - typically where the entry steps are located - and the back of the house.

Take a look at the backyard swimming pool with synthetic lawn around the area in Paradise, California, Butte County.

The non-slippery surface of artificial grass adds a benefit of safety to your swimming pool area. Water from rain and splashes drains immediately through the artificial grass backing and doesn't live water puddles - a hazard for kids, teenagers, and adult swimmers.

Synthetic grass doesn't fade under the sun and does not interfere with the chlorine's ability to sanitize your pool. There are no lawn care chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides needed to maintain your pool areas green and lush all year long.

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