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This lush, natural looking turf is perfect for backyards, play area and commercial or residential landscapes. Emerald-80 is a top choice for homes and businesses that feature lawns with heavy foot traffic and versatile needs. Easy to clean blades made with resilient, top of the line fibers retain their original shape and position despite applied pressure and wear. This durable turf transforms your yard into an oasis of healthy green grass. Emerald Green colored blades mix with Brown and Green curled thatching to create a vivid masterpiece lawn.

With safety a top priority, Global Syn-Turf's Emerald-80 has a pile height of 2 3/8" and a face weight of 80 oz./yd2 creating a soft layer of grass between your feet and the hard ground. Children can play confidently knowing their stumbles and trips will be cushioned by Emerald-80. In addition to all the safety benefits of Emerald-80, you will also save money by not having to pay troublesome upkeep bills. Your lawn will stay meticulously green and plush day after day without any maintenance effort.

Emerald-80 is just what you need to complete the landscape of your dreams. Design the landscape you always wanted without the expectations of high maintenance grass; choose Emerald-80 and change your life!

Artificial Grass Emerald-80

About Emerald-80

With a pile height of 2 3/8" and face weight 80 oz.yd2, Emerald-80 is ideal for deck, patio, roof, pet turf, playgrounds, landscape. Its Emerald Green color with Brown and Green thatching looks natural and realistic.

Emerald-80 is the safest, most durable and beautiful alternative to the old playground surfaces. Often installed in public park’s playgrounds, kindergartens and schools, it can help to reduce a risk of injuries, and to provide safe and beautifully looking environment for children to enjoy while ensuring low maintenance cost. Perfect for backyard areas where young children may be playing or where you enjoy spending your leisure time.

An artificial grass has never looked so real.

Turn your lawn into a beautiful, lush and tranquil retreat and forget about monthly maintenance fees for the next twenty years. Eco-friendly and certified by independent laboratories, Emerald-80 can withstand a rough wear, tear and extreme weather conditions with 20 years of projected life expediency.

Emerald-80 is ideal for commercial and residential landscapes. If you desire to have a perfectly manicured, gorgeously looking lawn to be proud of and to eliminate monthly lawn maintenance expenses, GST Emerald-80 artificial grass is the answer. Utilizing the latest technology to create the ultimate in artificial grass luxury and comfort, Emerald-80 is outstanding for a surprisingly comfortable yet durable artificial grass product that feels great when you kick your shoes off.

There are many reasons, why Emerald-80 synthetic grass is loved by homeowners. One of them is safety. If you have children, you want them to stay protected while enjoying benefits of a fresh air and a sun light. No more nasty splinters, or head injuries. Installing Emerald-80 artificial grass significantly improves the safety of your outdoor environment.

Artificial Grass artificial-grass-emerald-80-1.pngArtificial Grass artificial-grass-emerald-80-2.pngArtificial Grass artificial-grass-emerald-80-3.pngArtificial Grass artificial-grass-emerald-80-4.pngArtificial Grass artificial-grass-emerald-80-1752.jpg


COLOR: Emerald Green with Brown and Green thatching
pile height2 3/8"
turf gauge5/8"
face weight80 oz.yd2
backing weight28.00 oz.yd2
total weight108 oz.yd2
stitch rate21/10 cm
Roll Size (feet)15' x 75'
Manufacturer:Global Syn-Turf
Brand:Global Syn-Turf

Customers Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars
Performace, Resilience
Easy Installation

Architect Library

Incorporate Emerald-80 in your next project. Download CAD drawings and specification files.

Certificate of Analysisemerald-80-certificate.pdf
Technical Data Sheetemerald-80-technical.pdf
CAD Detailsemerald-80-cad.pdf
15 Year Warrantyemerald-80-cad.pdf
Manufacturing Material Safety Data Sheetemerald-80-cad.pdf
Installation Guideemerald-80-cad.pdf

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