Emerald Super-100 Emerald Artificial Lawn
Emerald Super-100 Emerald Artificial Grass
Emerald Super-100 Emerald Artificial Turf
Emerald Super-100 Emerald Synthetic Grass
Emerald Super-100 Emerald Synthetic Turf
Emerald Super-100 Emerald Turf Grass
Emerald Super-100 Emerald Field Turf
Emerald Super-100 Emerald Artificial Lawn

Emerald Super-100

Lusciously dark green Emerald Super-100 is designed for residential and commercial landscapes including recreation areas and pet runs. Standing tall above its competition, Emerald Super-100 has a pile height of 2 5/8" and a face weight of 100 oz./yd2, making it the clear choice for an extra plush, gorgeously full lawn.

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More About Emerald Super-100

The soft, delicate blades of Emerald Super-100 inspire relaxation. Meditate and relax your cares away on the cushion of soft blades beneath you. The beautiful Emerald Green blade color with Brown and Green thatching is an alluring blend of natural color and beauty that complements any home or office building. Emerald Super-100 is a tranquil retreat from daily life and previous yard care woes; with this reliable, durable turf installed in your yard, you will wonder why wasted time mowing and watering for so long.

Global Syn-Turf's Emerald Super-100 allows you to have a pristinely manicured luxurious looking lawn for your home or business. High water bills and daily yard chores will practically disappear when you no longer water your lawn to keep it beautiful and lush. Your vivid yard featuring Emerald Super-100 is guaranteed to stay bright, cheerfully emerald green for twenty years or more.

Color: Emerald Green
Thatching: Brown | Green
Pile Height2 5/8"
Turf Gauge5/8"
Face Weight100 oz.yd2
Backing Weight28 oz.yd2
Total Weight128 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate21/10
SeriesEmerald Series
  • Landscape
  • Lawns
  • Playgrounds
  • Traffic Medians
  • Pet Areas
  • Commercial or Residential
  • Light-Heavy Traffic
  • PE Monofilament
  • PP Curled as Thatch

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Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality artificial grass in the United States and Canada. The company offers an extensive selection of products for commercial and residential landscapes, playgrounds, sports athletic fields, municipalities, golf putting greens and pet areas. Global Syn-Turf, Inc. provides innovative, environmentally friendly synthetic turf systems which require little maintenance, no water, pesticides, or fertilizers through multiple company-owned distribution centers across the United States. The state-of-the-art artificial grass offers realism, drainage, performance, safety, and durability. Global Syn-Turf is the exclusive artificial grass partner of San Francisco 49ers.

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