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Wonder Edge Lawns Gardening Supplies
Wonder Edge Lawn Green Grass artificial grass synthetic turf
The Wonder Edge How to Edge Synthetic Grass
The Wonder Edge Synthetic Grass Edger Product Wonder Edge
The Wonder Edge Artificial Grass Wonder Edger
Wonder Edge Lawns Gardening Supplies

The Wonder Edge

The Wonder Edge is a durable professional landscape and hardscape product designed specifically for artificial grass installation. It is used to secure edges of the synthetic lawn, ready to use for straight or curved sections.

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More About The Wonder Edge

Dimensions: 8' Length, 1'' Height, 2.5'' Base.

Color: Brown.

Edging gives the synthetic lawn a very finished and manicured look. The Wonder Edge is the result of years of experience in artificial grass installation. This simple, attractive edger makes artificial grass installation nice and easy, eliminating extra labor while providing beautiful, finished grade and durability to the entire project.

The key benefit of The Wonder Edge is the simple and easy installation of synthetic turf. The Wonder Edge simply sits down on the compacted sub-base. You don't need bender boards spikes or screws. Use your regular 6 or 8 inches nails or turf staples to secure the edger.

With the Wonder Edge, you don't have to worry about perfect edge cuts. You can make a rough cut, and simply jam turf into the gap which collects all the excess turf presenting an excellent finished, smooth, clean edge. That also allows speeding up an installation because now you're just making a quick cut and then moving on.

There is no digging or cementing along the edges required when you use the Wonder Edge. It's 1" height and a unique shape ensure that there would be no tripping hazard especially when an artificial grass happens to be slightly lower than the edge. It also reduces the possibility of chipping or cracking of the material.

Another nice handy little feature is the fact that The Wonder Edge is hollow. The little cavity inside is a nice little place you can use to run any wiring.

The Wonder Edge is versatile. It may be used on landscapes, but also on hardscapes. Glue it down to an asphalt or concrete using an outdoor adhesive, and you have a perfect edge. Since its ideal height, The Wonder Edge doesn't present a trip hazard as regular paver edgers, and more durable than bender boards.

With no bender spikes to purchase, and no screws to handle, and all the time and work you free, this product is a huge cost saver.

The Wonder Edge is ideal for pet areas. Pets love to pull out the edges of turf, which makes The Wonder Edge something you want to include in your project ensuring the premium quality and durability.

The Wonder Edge is a green product, made in the USA out of recycled polyethylene.

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