Brian Barrack
Joined: April 4, 2020

A  friend of mine had artificial turf installed in their yard and it looked amazing.  I literally did not know it was real until he told me.  I asked him if he would refer me the name of the company which he did.  Global Syn Turf picked up the phone on the first try and they girl who answered the phone was so nice and helpful.  She referred me to their artificial turf distributor in the Connecticut area.  When I called them they picked up on the first call as well.  As it turns out they were 10 minutes away from me so I drove down their and picked up some free samples.  I ended up buying a 15' x 30' piece of the Global Syn Turf grass.  I put half of it on my back patio and put my patio table and chairs on it and the other half on the side of the house for my dog.  Thank to my neighbor for referring me Global Syn Turf.


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