Donald Clark
Joined: December 12, 2019

I saw many people chose the putting green 60 and 44, I personally like my 46 Bicolor! The color shade is lighter than both the 69 and 44. For some reason, I just like the lighter greens. The speed is great at 14. The installer used the green color sand to infill at about 2 lbs per sf. which also helped with the speed. I didn't have any pad underneath the greens as I am not sure if the extra cushion will make balls bump if I chip it from a distance onto the greens, with sands infills, it helps a bit for the green to absorb the ball. I would think the functions of their putting green products are all similar, the difference is mainly the color which can be people's own preference. I like my bicolor putting green 46, will recommend it to anyone. 

The putting green is so big, very nice!