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Dec 1 6:46 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Can I use normal sand instead of turf infill?

The silica sand we carry for artificial grass installations is considered and “normal” sand. However, knowing there might be many other different type of sand products on the market,

Nov 21 12:24 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Is turf installation similar to carpet installation?

There is a big and important step for artificial grass installation which doesn’t apply to carpet: to build the sub base. Once the sub base is built, when it

Nov 11 1:36 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Does turf get slippery after rain?

Artificial grass can get slippery right after the rain, just like any other outdoor surfaces or real grass lawns. However, it won’t be too bad to walk on them,

Oct 22 2:10 PM
Fred Stone answered a question What if I need the width to be longer than 15 LF?

The biggest width for our artificial grass is 15’, for applications require more than 15’ width, you will need to seam two pieces together by using the turf from the

Oct 15 12:59 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Will pet grass get rid of my dog's urge to roll around outside?

Unfortunately we don’t have any research data regarding your questions currently. Different dogs can behave differently on either real grass or artificial turf surfaces, it is a very interesting

Oct 5 1:02 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Do I need put wire mesh during installation?

For artificial grass installations, the only time that you will need wired mesh is if you have a gopher problem in your area. Gopher can dig under the turf

Sep 22 1:08 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Do rabbits eat the artificial turf?

Artificial grass is made of plastic: Polyethylene and Polypropylene, therefore, generally speaking, animals such as rabbits won’t eat it. We haven’t heard any of claims of that animals eating

Sep 8 7:23 PM
Fred Stone answered a question How and when do I set up the gopher wire?

When it comes to gopher wire installed with artificial grass, people typically lay down the gopher wire after excavation. You will find this video link on YouTube to be

Aug 14 7:10 PM
Fred Stone answered a question How do I avoid glass burn for my artificial grass?

The sunlight reflections from a window will burn or melt your artificial grass. The best way to avoid such problem is to tint your windows. There is a

Aug 3 12:04 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Which turf do you recommend for child daycare?

Technically, you can use any of our artificial grass product for your daycare application. I would like to know a bit more of the usage of the to be

Jul 21 1:53 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Can I use Trainers turf for my front lawn if I like the look?

Absolutely, you can use the Trainers Turf for your regular lawn applications. The Trainers Turf is really a multi-purpose artificial grass, it is a bit shorter than other artificial

Jul 16 3:48 PM
Fred Stone answered a question How much does it cost to install artificial grass by myself?

This is a rather difficult question to answer. Prices for base materials and installations of artificial grass can vary from areas to areas. To look at a complete

Jul 7 3:37 PM
Fred Stone answered a question What are my options for lawn edging?

To finish off the edges of your artificial grass installation, you have several options:1. If your turf installation is next to pavers, concrete or driveway, you do not need

Jun 19 11:43 AM
Fred Stone answered a question What is the best way to get rid of old turf?

You can recycle the turf, but it can be a bit tricky: you need to find a recycling company who is able to separate the gras blades from the backing.

Jun 2 9:07 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Does the life span of artificial turf shorten from physical activity?

It is the law of physics, the more of the wear and tear, the less of the lifespan of artificial grass, there is no question about it. Artificial grass

May 18 1:31 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Is it possible to replace certain parts of artificial grass?

Yes, it is very easy to replace a section of artificial grass should you need to. The installation and repair on artificial grass are very similar to that of

Apr 29 1:07 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Can artificial grass be used for pets other than dogs and cats?

Our artificial grass is safe for all animals and human. We have to acknowledge that majority of homeowners’ artificial grass applications are for dogs, but it doesn’t mean the

Apr 22 4:23 PM
Fred Stone answered a question What is the process for purchasing turf from you?

Thank you for choosing our products, we really appreciate your business. As the manufacturer of artificial grass, we sell our products through your distributors and dealers nationwide.  The best

Apr 10 1:07 PM
Fred Stone answered a question What holds the grass in place?

Typically, there are two main components kept your artificial grass in place: nails and infills. At the installation of your artificial grass, you need to put nails along the

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Mar 21 12:45 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Im ready to get an artificial lawn installed at home, what's next?

Great! We have thousands of distributors and dealers nationwide who can provide you our very best artificial grass products along with all necessary accessories locally. And most of our

Mar 15 12:02 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Will it be okay if I park my car on top of artificial grass?

I won't recommend you parking your car on top of artificial grass. The tire spins will very likely to damage the turf. However, people have designs to use

Mar 6 9:53 AM
Fred Stone answered a question What are the four most common uses of artificial turf?

Well, the artificial grass applications can be many, not necessarily only limited to four. Here is my summary of artificial grass usages:1. Sports fields: Most of today’s sports

Mar 3 7:32 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Will odor be an issue when using artificial grass?

It is a good question. From time to time, dog urine odor can become a problem for pets owners, regardless for real grass or artificial grass. However, with

Feb 16 12:22 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Are infill surfaces better than non-infill surfaces?

In my own opinion, yes, all artificial turf needs to have proper infills and an installation with infills will perform better and last longer than any non-infill artificial grass surfaces

Feb 11 2:22 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Can Water Travel Through Artificial Lawn?

Our artificial grass products' drainage systems are designed and made with 1/4" punch holes in them for water to drain through easily and quickly.

Feb 7 5:25 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Does artificial turf kill trees?

This is a very good question! We have met with people with similar concerns. Our artificial grass is designed and made with excellent drainage system, so water will find

Feb 7 5:23 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Is artificial grass repairable?

The artificial grass itself is not repairable: for an example, if you damaged the fibers of the grass, you won't be able to fix it. However, the overall installation

Feb 4 8:23 AM
Fred Stone answered a question What I should do with the excess off cuts from my artificial grass?

Just like carpet leftovers, depending on the sizes of the leftovers, you can cut the artificial grass into a door mat or mat for your patio area. Or simply

Jan 29 5:32 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Can you use moss killer on artificial grass?

Yes, you can as long as the moss killer you are using is not abrasive. Artificial grass fibers are non porous and with a super smooth surface, typically moss

Jan 25 4:12 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Can I burn the edges of the artificial turf to avoid shedding?

We will never recommend you to burn the artificial grass or it edges regardless the reasons. It is very unsafe to burn any products, including artificial turf even though

Jan 20 8:34 AM
Jan 20 8:25 AM
Fred Stone answered a question Will it withstand snow in Utah?

I have answered a similar question before, generally speaking, our artificial grass can withstand snow anywhere across the country, please see my previous answers below:Artificial grass can be installed in

Jan 16 10:40 AM
Fred Stone answered a question Does artificial grass hold up to being snowed on?

Artificial grass can be installed in any kind of weather conditions, and will hold up really well even bing snowed on. We have our turf all over the county,

Jan 15 11:57 AM
Fred Stone answered a question Does artificial turf hold still on smooth surfaces?

it will hold still if there is no dramatic movements on it. But if you are talking about having significant sideway movements or actions on the artificial grass, I

Jan 15 11:50 AM
Fred Stone answered a question How many nails do I need for artificial grass?

We only recommend to use nails along the edges of artificial lawns at the installation, so you don't need to calculate on how many nails to be used by the

Jan 14 5:52 PM
Fred Stone answered a question How do you spread infill on artificial turf?

We always recommend to use a Drop Spreader to apply infills onto the artificial grass. You can find such spreader from most of home improvement centers or hardware stores

Jan 14 5:35 PM
Fred Stone answered a question What sand do you put under artificial grass?

You don't put any sand under artificial grass, as the sands are too loose, if you use sand in your sub base, you will lose the solid integrity. Instead,

Jan 14 10:58 AM
Fred Stone answered a question Do weeds grow through artificial grass?

Weed can grow almost anywhere, however, it is very rare for weed to grow on top of artificial grass as the turf surface itself won't have the inhabitants for weeds.

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Jan 10 8:45 AM
Fred Stone commented on answer What thickness of artificial grass is best?

Something in the mid-range will last you a long time, you shouldn't worry about the longevity of the turf because of the thickness of the fiber: all our products come with 15 year warranty.

Jan 6 5:33 PM
Fred Stone commented on answer How do you clean fake grass?

Some people keep their sprinklers instead of capping them off when replacing natural grass lawns with artificial grass. If that is the case, you can always turn on the sprinklers to rinse off turf as well.

Jan 6 5:31 PM
Fred Stone answered a question Can I lay artificial grass on soil?

The answer is Yes and No. Here are my explanations:1. Yes, our artificial grass can be laid directly on the soil, by doing so, you won't cause any

Jan 6 5:29 PM
Fred Stone commented on review Pet Turf

Look at the dog's expression!

Dec 24, 2019 3:25 PM
Fred Stone answered a question How much dose artificial turf cost?

The cost of artificial turf project normally includes three sections: turf materials, installation materials such as infills, base materials, pads and other accessories and installation labor. Depends on where

Dec 24, 2019 3:22 PM
Fred Stone commented on answer My HOA is asking for specs that are not on your spec sheet

Give us a ring, we can always provide personalized help if needed.

Dec 24, 2019 3:06 PM
Fred Stone commented on answer Should I install your artificial grass myself? And how?

I will always recommend professional installers for turf installations, not only the results will be professional, but also leave product liabilities in the installer's hands in case DIY ruins the products.

Dec 24, 2019 3:04 PM
Fred Stone commented on answer Can I install the artificial grass on a slope?

Turf installations on a slope are being done all the time, but takes pros to do them right.

Dec 24, 2019 3:01 PM
Fred Stone commented on answer Do you need a professional installer to attach turf to the concrete?

As a turf manufacturer, we always recommend installations to be done by professionals.

Dec 24, 2019 2:59 PM
Fred Stone commented on answer I need really cheap turf to cover a big area, any suggestions?

If you can live with the fact of all different colored turf pieced together, getting the liquidated remnants will be the cheapest way to go.

Dec 24, 2019 2:58 PM
Fred Stone commented on answer What is the turn around time for ordering your artificial turf?

We are the company has the biggest distributor networks and able to get products to our customers within the shortest time in the industry.

Dec 24, 2019 2:56 PM

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